A rare choco treat

IMG_8850Z who recently visited Perth/ Margaret River shared some of her must-go places with me. So we checked out Gabriel Chocolate on our trip. It’s a small artisanal chocolate place unlike the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.


Upon arrival, we were given a short briefing about the different types of cocoa beans that Gabriel Chocolate sources to make its chocolate.

IMG_8852As a super rare treat for Bubba, we decided to give her her very first taste of chocolate. Might as well expose to the good stuff rather than the commercial ones.

She took the chocolate bit from the Man’s hand and then put the piece into her mouth. Seconds later, her face lit up as the choc melted into a gooey mess inside her little mouth and left her with a happy smile. Check it out!

IMG_8854-0That’s about all the chocolate you will get for now, Baby Girl! When you are much older, then let’s talk about increasing the quota!

Cafe-hopping in Perth with Bubba: Sixteen Ounces

Lovely coffee joint that I stumbled upon online that’s near the hood, so before setting off to Margaret River, we decided to load up on a cuppa for breakfast.

IMG_8747 The Bub after her morning breakie of cereal and cheese. She managed to sit in this high-chair for a bit playing with the gluten-free bread we ordered for her while we ate our food.


Little hand wanting to grab a sip of my morning Skinny Latte. Soon my dear, babycinno for you coming up!

IMG_8752 IMG_8754

Lighting here is quite poor so the pictures I took look sad. We didn’t think the food was any great. Portion wise, it’s manageable and can be easily finished by one. The Man had the omelette with grilled haloumi (our new fave cheese) and I had this baked eggs with potatoes and chirozo.

This place is a little larger than Harvest Espresso and again extremely baby-friendly! Come for the coffee!

We are now in Margaret River with limited wifi access so will try to update where possible!

Sixteen Ounces
Address: 6100, 257 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixteenounces

Snacking on cheese! 


Mama friends have shared some of the brands of cheese that they have been giving their babies/ toddlers. Bega Cheese came recommended for being 100% natural. I tried looking for it in Singapore but couldn’t find it. Imagine my somewhat happiness when I found it in the aisle of the cheese section at Woolworths here in Perth. Popped a pack to let Bubba try.

IMG_8734Love the packaging for its compact and easy to bring out.

IMG_8735Bubba took a bite of the cheese cautiously and then decided she quite liked it. So she proceeded to nibble on it more.

Well, before leaving a trail of cheese crumbs on the bed. I don’t usually let her eat on the bed but we are checking out and I figured it’s probably cleaner than letting her crawl around the room.

I’m tempted to let her try yogurt again for its seems so natural and fresh here. But not sure what brands I should check out. What would u recommend?

Cafe-hopping with Bubba in Perth: Harvest Espresso

IMG_8666-0Calendar Gal plus another friend recommended Harvest Espresso for breakfast. It was pretty close to our hotel except that it wasn’t exactly accessible easily via public transport. Because it was kind of a logistical challenge, we decided to cab there.

Upon arrival, I was surprised at its size. It was tiny! The hole-in-the-wall sort of cafe that I would avoid with Bubba in tow. But since we already made our way there, we decided to brave it. The server who saw us actually didn’t turn us away. In fact, despite the size of the cafe, there were 2 baby-chairs tucked away in the corner which meant that tiny people are welcomed here.


The place was full but we waited about 10-15 minutes before we got a tiny table which originally could not fit the baby chair. Once the table beside us freed up, the server joined the tables and gave us a baby chair.

IMG_8679 Matcha Latte with a serving of Espresso was quite the bomb! Interesting..

IMG_8682Food wise? It was lovely and the portions were huge!! I had the squid with chicken pate and chicken liver sausage served on a sourdough toast.

IMG_8684The Man had this roasted cauliflower dish with eggs and  rice crisps. Boy, not only was it huge but it was tasty as well for a solely vegetarian dish.

IMG_8685Since we arrived in Perth, Bubba’s meals have been interrupted. She hasn’t been taking to her cereals well but thankfully still loves her bread and fruits. I also try not to overfeed her with biscuits for I’m worried that she may get a sore throat. So I try to look for alternatives at cafés/ restaurants that we dine at. Thank goodness for avocado served at Harvest Espresso which Bubba finished almost half on her own.

IMG_8663After her meal, she proceeded to take a huge dump which stained her pretty outfit for the day. Well, we rushed off to do a spot of shopping and from a girly outfit, it became a casual chic one!

IMG_8699-0Am having a lovely time here with the Man and Bubba, heading to Margaret River tomorrow and staying for 3 days before heading back to Singers where a huge pile of work awaits. Yikes! Shall try not to think about it and enjoy the present!

Day 2 in Perth

We started the day kinda slow. Bubba woke us up at about 7ish with her impish smiles and our little family of 3 rolled around in bed for a bit before getting up to head into the city.

IMG_8585Weather today was about 20degrees so dressed Bubba up in a light body hugging bodysuit over knit leggings and a denim skirt overall.

The last time I was in Perth was like 2 decades ago!! So completely forgotten how the place looked like. We took the morning to walk around the city for a bit and to look for food! We settled for a morning cuppa at Milk and Honey while Bubba took her morning nap. Unsure of where to eat, we decided to settle for PappaRich. I know right?! But we figured, you can’t really go wrong with that. Plus!! They had this Roti Canai Bom that I’ve been wanting to try but this is not available in Sing. Was it good? It sure was! Worth the 15minute wait in my opinion. Love the icing sugar doused with carnation milk. Talk about sinfulness!

After Bubba woke up from her nap, we loaded up on some groceries for her and put together an impromptu picnic with the intention of heading to King’s Park. Well, that didn’t really happen. We ended up taking a walk close to the Bell Tower and got confused by all the construction going on in the area.

But we managed to catch some lovely pictures before heading to the famed Blue House.

That in itself is another adventure! Will share that with pictures when we head back to Singers!

Can’t believe it’s our last day in the city tomorrow! Feels like we got more to do!! Planning to head to Harbour Town for a spot of shopping and Fremantle to soak up the weekend market vibe. Do you think it would be too adventurous to do both in a day?

Dining with Bubba in Perth: Nobu

Our friends recommended that we stay at the Crown Burswood for it has almost all the good restaurants under the same roof. So we did just that. It’s a little further from the city centre but having to just dine in restaurants a stone’s throw away from our hotel room kinda makes up for it.

Our first night in Perth saw us dining at Nobu which came highly recommended by reader Fen as well as our friends. We’ve dined in Nobu previously and were familiar with its style of food. I was really worried about fine dining restaurants rejecting us because we have a baby so I was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant emailed back to confirm our reservation and to affirm us that they are baby-friendly. Phew!

We brought some bottled porridge from Singers and fed that to Bubba while we sipped our alcoholic-laced cocktails and munched our starters which were really good. Somehow the food in Nobu Perth surpassed the dining experience we had at Nobu Malibu and that of Nobu Tokyo.

IMG_8574Highlight of the meal? This juicy rib-eye which was done just right! Medium rare and best dunked with the yuzu mushroom butter sauce. Yumz!


How did our littlest fare? Well, she did manage to sit her high-chair for a good hour or so. After finishing her porridge, she was a tad bit restless so we ordered her a serving of Nashi Pear for her to munch on while we continued our meal. That kept her occupied for a bit before she protested in tears wanting to be picked up. Guess that about signaled the end of the meal for us but one that we really enjoyed.

Overall, Nobu in Perth – a lovely dining experience and if you are a foodie like us, highly recommend it! Plus point? Baby-friendly!

Hello from Perth

Yeah.. We made it in one piece down under and it has been a flurry of activity since we got up this morning at 5.15am! (Flight was at 7.40am.) The Man and I thought we would get ready first before fussing over Bubba but guess who was all excited and got up the same time as we did. We definitely had our hands full then.

Thankfully, Bubba was all smiles! Refused to sit in her stroller but was super pleased to be in this Combi stroller for babies that was provided free at Changi Airport, so we decided to check in her stroller instead.

Since we are officially on holiday, we decided to let loose a little with her meal. A mini hotcake for her to munch on while we stuff our faces silly with local food. We are prob either #coolestparents for feeding our child with junk food at 10.5 months or the #bochup sort of parents depending on which school of thought you belong.

 Just before we got on the plane, Bubba fell asleep on the Man. She’s such a Daddy’s girl! We tried putting her into the bassinet the moment it was safe to do so but she just whined and the Man decided to hold her while she sleeps. Not too bad for me! I got to catch up on my movies and tv shows! Caught Mockingjay Part 1 and because almost everyone that watched the show said it was so bad, my expectations weren’t very high to begin with. So I thought the show was pretty decent. I even got to watch Glee and 2 Broke Girls! Whee!

IMG_8544And how did Bubba fare on the flight? Well, she was quite a star! Dishing out the brightest smiles to the cabin crew which resulted in us going off with a couple of freebies and to the passengers seated near us. She was curious about her surroundings and was more interested in being held so that she could fuss with the knobs and what-nots. We only managed to put her in the bassinet for a bit before she wriggled her way out and into our arms.

As for clearing on Immigration over at Perth, a couple of lessons learned. We thought we would change Bubba’s diaper first before clearing immigration for there was a lovely changing room for kids upon arrival. Big mistake! We ended up waiting quite far in the line to clear immigration and that just spiraled further – clearing customs for baggage.

In other news, it wasn’t all that bad bringing baby food into Australia which I heard can be quite painful. We had to declare to the customs officer that the baby food that we are bringing are all pre-packed and dried with no fresh meat/vegetables/produce. We got through with the verbal declaration. Phew!

Alright, gonna close my eyes for a bit and rest up before dinner. Bubba’s down for her mid-afternoon nap too so I better catch up on my 40 winks.


Stay tuned for more of our travel tales in Perth!