Packing Bubba’s bag for school (a handy checklist)

img_5635A couple of Mama friends were asking what they should be packing for their toddlers when they head off to school. To be honest, I thought I knew, having put Bubba through school when she was 9 months old. But as the days inched closer to her first week at Toddler class, I found myself panicking and at a loss on what to pack.

img_3196A quick check with the teacher and I decided to compile this list which may come in handy if you ever found yourself to be in a pickle like me. FYI: Bubba goes to a full-day of childcare meant for 18 month olds and above.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Milk bottle with 2 milk feeds in a separate container
  3. Snack items (I usually go through the weekly menu and if I think she doesn’t like what the school serves for breakfast or for her tea-break, I would pack some snacks ranging from apple puffs, cornflakes, raisins, peanut butter cookies, etc from home for Bubba)
  4. Wet bag containing a towel, a change of clothes for the afternoon and a pair of anti-slip socks, diaper cream
  5. A separate tote where I would place her bedsheet cover and pillow (we would need to bring this on Monday and then bring it back home on Friday)


Here are items that we can leave in Bubba’s cubby-hole. When the items are running out, Bubba’s teacher will inform us so that we can replenish:

img_3197-1I also went on a labelling frenzy after I got all of the above-mentioned items ready for Bubba. For her snack containers and water bottles, I purchased labels from Sticker Kid as well as Stuck on You.

1455235858016The starter kit I got from Sticker Kid had labels of various sizes including labels for the shoes and iron-on labels that were super handy for labelling her towels, her wet bag and her uniform. The labels are of a smaller size and come in various cute designs, fonts and colours. It did take a while for us to get the iron-on label fixed on to her clothes/ towels but once we figured how that was done, it was pretty secure.

img_3195The other set of labels which I purchased from Stuck on You were in designs that were so pretty and cute at the same time. They run a little larger than the one we got for Sticker Kid so it made it slightly harder to stick them on smaller surfaces. I also had some problems trying to order the labels when I tried to include Bubba’s mandarin name on the sticker. Somehow whatever software I used, the Chinese character of Bubba’s name just could not be recognised. Super strange!

Alright, after you have prepared and labelled all the items, it’s time to pack all of it into a school bag for the little one. The irony is that the little one will not be the tiny person carrying the bag most of the time. The parents end up lugging the bag. You know where this is headed right? More shopping for this Mama!


I had purchased a couple of mini bags for Bubba and had thought that they probably could fit the bill to be used for Bubba’s school. Unfortunately, they ended up becoming a little too tiny for me to squeeze everything in. So I went in search of another school bag. These are the criteria it needed to fulfill – lightweight, not too expensive (because it’s probably going to be thrown around at school), needed to have drink bottle sleeves. Colour-wise, I reckoned Bubba probably won’t end up carrying it (unlike the above pic) so I decided to choose something that I could carry.


I managed to find a Junior Razzle Dazzle backpack from Smiggle. The best part had to be that it was on sale. The backpack had the features that I had wanted and could fit majority of Bubba’s daily items for school. I practically dumped or forced all the different shaped mini bags into the main bag. The bag also has features such as different compartments for me to stuff Bubba’s communication book from the school and her little knick knacks. It was such a steal and absolutely no regrets on getting it. That said, ain’t going to stop me from shopping/ looking around for more back-packs for the Bub.

Shopping with Upsy Daisy + Giveaway!

[Sponsored Review + Giveaway]

Hello everyone. My name is J and I’m a shopaholic!

Wait! You already know that! That was pre-Bubba days where I would go nuts over clothes, shoes, bags and beauty products. Post-Bubba days, shopping for myself have somewhat been reduced. That doesn’t mean that I am saving more money. I’m just channeling my limited financial resources to my mini-me who I find playing dress-up with absolutely a joy.

I do majority of my shopping for Bubba online. Well because, I really don’t have the time to hit the shops much these days and shop at leisure. It’s a lot easier to do it online when it’s late at night, in the comfort of my own home. Plus, there’s this whole anticipation and excitement of receiving packages. Well, if it doesn’t fit now, I usually just keep it aside and wait for Bubba to slowly grow into it.

While I like to share the pluses on online shopping, I’ve also had the experience of items which  never turned up and retailers not honoring their word. So I do take it with a pinch of salt and only shop at e-retailers that are reputable or highly recommended by friends.

UpsyDaisy1Today, I’m excited to share with you all a new online shopping site – Upsy Daisy – that recently opened its doors on the www here in Singapore. When Aud approached me and asked if I would consider working with them, I was beyond thrilled. Shopping? Check! I would practically ace this! Shopping for Bubba? Yes! And shopping to support small businesses? Definitely a YES of course! We love supporting Mama-preneurs for they know just what Mamas need.

Borne out of a love for shopping only the quality stuff for young ones, the ladies behind Upsy Daisy curate the coolest stuff for apparel, toys, nursery décor and gift ideas. You will also be pleased to know that by shopping with them, you are assured that the products that you purchase from them will go towards one or more of the following:

  • Made of natural fibres and/or non toxic materials as far as possible
  • Made in an ethical work environment
  • Support the labour of love of artisan mums and/or artisan families

Diving straight into the shopping now! It was pretty easy to navigate and shop on Upsy Daisy’s site as well. Items are neatly categorised under Dress Up, Play + Learn, Nursery, Gift Ideas and Brands, so I know just what to zoom into for what I needed.

UpsyDaisy2I’m familiar with some of the brands such as Sapling, Hello Apparel and This Kid Clothing Co that are available on Upsy Daisy’s site having owned pieces from these brands previously. I actually do like the fact that they offer different brands under the same roof, this means that I can just buy what I like instead of being obligated to buy more so as to meet the minimum spend for the free shipping. I also don’t have to worry about my overseas packages being lost because all these stock available on Upsy Daisy’s site are already in Singapore. Phew for that!

I did have trouble trying to pick out the items for this review for there were so many things that I was interested to pop into the cart such as this cute hand-made Oskar & Ellen: Doctor’s Bag which I think the Bubba will have fun playing. Well, she does like her paed and maybe has visited him once too often (oops)! If we didn’t already own a musical table and a piano, I would have popped this Stephen Joseph: Musical Band Dino Table into our cart. It’s so cute and Bubba would have a blast banging and clanging on those musical keys.

There are also many cute decor items on my shopping list, like this Le Sac En Papier: Storage Sacks that I’ve been lemming for the longest time to store Bubba’s toys or perhaps my junk far from the Man’s view plus this Heart on a String: Love you to the moon and back (pink and gold) which would be so lovely if Bubba has a room of her own. Well, I we still can’t bear to kick her out of our room yet. It’s nice to wake up to a smiling Bub 99% of the time.

l1030335I spent a good 15-30 minutes surfing the web putting and removing items from my cart before narrowing down to these items which I sent off to Aud. Just a few days later, I came home one evening to a pretty box filled with the goodies that I had picked out from Upsy Daisy and couldn’t wait to peel open the packaging.

Here are the items that I picked out for Bubba:l1030337


My Tiny Wardrobe: Flutter Butterfly Top in Ocean Blue

Made from 100% organic cotton, I really like this crisp white top with flutter sleeves that comes with ocean blue nautical striped trimming. The top is lightweight and perfect for our humid weather. I paired the top with a simple denim bloomer and tucked her hair in this cute Bear hat that I bought when she was smaller (it still fits!). L1030425Don’t you think Bubba actually looks like a little sailor girl in this ensemble?

img_3534Jolly Jelly Bean: Sweet Treats Short Sleeve Dress

The Jolly Jelly Bean’s range really appealed to me as the designs were all so colourful, bright and fun. It’s new range is also 100% GOTS Certified Organic Babywear. Designs are printed using vegetable dyes on organic cotton that’s safe for babies skin.

img_8872-1Pre-Bubba days, I would flinch when I saw the price-tag for an organic cotton item that cost more than what one would normally pay for major brands. But there really is a difference. The fabric used is so much softer and the little ones can really tell the difference as they are able to  move more comfortably.

Sizes for this Jolly Jelly Bean item start from 0 to 2. As Bubba is about 19.5 months, I decided to just get the dress in size 2 for that would mean that it’s meant for kids from 2 years of age onwards. When I put on the dress on Bubba, it did run a little big on her. Only 1 way to see this, she can definitely wear this for a longer time.

L1030359That said, I really love the dress on her. The design is so colourful and fun. Bubba had a good time pointing at the ice-cream and saying it out loud all the same. The dress is very well-made with a snap-bottom fastening that acts like a romper on the inside. That’s a thoughtful feature which I really like because I don’t have to let Bubba wear an additional bottom under the dress.

In fact, I liked this dress by Jolly Jelly Bean so much that I decided to get the Bananas one for her in size 1 so that she can wear it now. I think the dress is perfect for our weather and great for her to put on for mornings when she has playground time in school. Hehe..

img_3554Two Little Ducklings: Letters to my child

Designed by hot Aussie graphic label – Two Little Ducklings – and currently one of the best-selling items on Upsy Daisy (even backorders fly off the shelves), Aud recommended that I should get this as a keepsake to pass on to Bubba given that I enjoy writing letters to her on my blog. I’m glad I did.

Letters to my child is a stationery pack, comprising 13 sets of notepaper, where you are able to write a letter to your child from birth to age 12. Each year has four sheets of notepaper, three pages to write the letter, the sets for baby and your one year old has a sheet where you can write wishes you have for your child and the sets from age 2 to 12 has interview questions you can ask them each year. Each set comes with 13 envelopes so you can store the letters each year and pop it away for when they are older.

img_3556I really love the idea behind this. Such a wonderful keepsake for both the parents and Bubba. I had grand plans to write to Bubba a birthday card and keep it for her till she’s much older to read all my special thoughts and wishes for her. The Man did that when she turned one and when she’s older, we would probably bundle these up and give them to her. With this gift set, everything is neatly packaged and so beautifully designed. I don’t have to worry if all my items match for they will and I can pack everything into one box and present it to her when she’s much older. I only wished I had known about this much earlier but I guess it’s not too late. Bubba is going to turn 2 and I can start right away.

img_3555This is definitely a lovely gift for a new Mom-to-be or for new parents. Or if you enjoy writing and wish to share those precious thoughts (not meant to be shared with anyone else) with your little Bub, this is one item you have to get! And if you think about it, the entire set is really cost-effective. Divided over 13 sets, its only about $3 for each letter a year. Steal!

That’s not all, surfing the gift section side of Upsy Daisy, I really like that they offer gift combinations and everything that is purchased can have a greeting card added to the purchase. I really love those fun and whimsical gift cards that’s ideal for birthdays and any special occasions designed by Two Little Ducklings. This makes shopping a breeze at Upsy Daisy with a one-stop experience for you would have settled both the present and the card! Yay for that for I’ve been stuck in situations where I had to run to a special gift shop just to get a card and we know how rare physical gifts shops are now becoming given the high rental in Singapore.
Thanks Aud for sending all these lovely items to us! I certainly had a great time reviewing not only the site but testing the goods/products out on my little muse. 🙂

img_3559Now here’s what you  have been waiting for! A special offer for all my readers plus a give-away (Thank you team Upsy Daisy for this).

Special offer for readers of Lady J’s Musings:

Quote ‘LADYJ5’ to enjoy 5% store-wide discount
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Offer till 15 March 2016.


Want to win S$30 shopping credit from Upsy Daisy to start you off your shopping journey? Simply enter this RaffleCopter link below, and fulfill all the conditions (more chances awarded if you fulfill more conditions). Good luck! Contest is now closed.

S$30 shopping credit from Upsy Daisy



Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received 3 products from Upsy Daisy for the purpose of this review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries should be verified with the provider or party in question.

Shopping for Bubba in Japan

Remember this post?  Our first trip with Bubba to Tokyo where we nearly felt helpless when we realised we couldn’t get diapers that readily. Thankfully, we learn. After this incident, we decided not to be too ‘gung-ho’ about essentials for Bubba. This includes, diapers and milk powder.

So for this trip, we brought sufficient diapers to last us for at least 4-5 days and milk powder. Had to make a mental note to try and get us at least one pack of diapers in the event that we run out. Our stop at Yufuin saw us picking up a pack of Moony Diapers from a supermarket cahin called Max Value. Moony Diapers are priced reasonably lower than what you would get in Singapore, I wished we had bought back cartons but the Man restrained me.

We didn’t get much shopping done for Bubba given that our stay in Fukuoka was pretty short but the Man found Don Quijote (think upscale Mustafa) a stone’s throw away from our hotel so we squeezed in a quick trip. Didn’t get too much because our luggage was bursting at the seams!

img_0844So if you are heading to Fukuoka with a toddler, this might either be your first stop to stock up supplies for the trip or your last to bring stuff back home. 🙂

img_0843Japanese snacks, electrolyte drinks, milk powder! There was also another section of milk bottles and baby toiletries. We didn’t get any because Bubba has sufficient toiletries for now. What I did get was a pair of nail clippers for babies/ toddlers. It came equipped with a pair of magnifying lens which I thought was pretty cool for ‘old folks’ like us. We also grabbed a box of Meiji milk powder (been wanting to try this out for the packaging looks way too convenient) and also a toothbrush for Bubba.

Here are some other items that the Man bought back:
img_0847Tucked in this cute box are diapers in Hello Kitty print. How cute are they?!

img_0848 Slightly more expensive as each diaper cost almost a $1 so we got one box to try just for fun. Can’t be too sure of the quality for we have not come across of this brand yet but if you did, do share if it’s any good!

img_0846We also grabbed these electrolyte flavoured water for Bubba as she was suffering from diarrhoea on New Year’s Eve. We weren’t able to find soy milk at the supermarket and according to a Japanese friend, it’s almost unheard of – powdered soy milk. So we got these and fed Bubba some to keep her hydrated and hoped that her diarrhoea would go away. 😦

img_0785-1We also spent a fair amount of time checking out the shelves of the supermarket store whenever we saw one. Love the variety of cheeses and the food available for the young kids. So bummed because we bought like 5 packs of the cheese that Bubba loves but we completely forgot to take it out of the hotel fridge for we were rushing to the hotel. Argh!!!

Other stuff that we managed to get while going window-shopping was a My Melody water bottle, a Hummingbird candy caddy that can double-up as a school bag for Bubba and a My Melody capelet (pictured above) for Bubba. Making a mental note that if we were ever to go Japan again, I need a day to slowly shop for Bubba. Hehe..

Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, Cyber Monday…

This weekend has just been bad for the pocket.. started off with Black Friday where I went a little berserk carting stuff from these shops that I had been eyeing for a bit. The IG pals were all oogling over this pair of Jeremy Scott’s wing tips for their kiddos and I decided to pop them into the cart as Adidas was having a special 15% discount (Code: ADI-CM-PUB; valid till 30 Nov, 11.59pm). Well, couldn’t resist.

AdidasAnd down the rabbit hole I fell accumulating more purchases along the way.

IMG_8398Supported small shops locally as well as from around the world as part of the weekend first by customising a cute kimono flutter romper from Urban Lil that will be perfect for Chinese New Year (next year). I even got myself a some-what similar print dress from ASOS that could match with her (if I dare to go with the whole twinning route). Picked up another pair of BLOCH shoes for the Bub as well as these adorable leotards from The Little Bow Company. Bubba has been picked as a Brand Rep for The Little Bow Company and friends can also enjoy 5% off your purchase using our special code SOPHL5.

 IMG_8399Leotards seem to be all the rage this season among my mama friends and despite my initial thought about ‘So inconvenient to change the Bub if there are no snaps at the bottom!’ Yes, I am a ‘snap button’ fiend. Most of the rompers I go purchasing for Bubba have to have snaps. And then I found out those uber comfy rompers from Rags (without snaps) and how easy it is to change the Bub, there was no turning back. Same with these leotards. So soft and comfy to touch and easy to put on as well. Well, I guess if the Bub decides to do a major poo, then I probably would think twice, but for now, they look super cute on her! So much so, I went on to get another 3/4 flutter sleeve leotard from This Tribe of Three.


Bubba is also out-growing her onesies, so I got her these super cool slogan tees from B Gatsby  at a cool 30% off (and they had better discounts thereafter..zzz…) to be paired with her sleek faux leather leggings from Lulu and Milly or her black skull-printed tights from Baby Bandits. I’ve decided to do away with light coloured leggings for a bit for Bubba ends up either spilling or dirtying her pants. So I’m sticking with dark coloured bottoms for now! Plus, they do look pretty swag for her. What do you think?

I’m all shopped out for abit now. Will share the haul when everything arrives with my little model-in-tow. Going to try and rest the pocket for Christmas buys. How about you? What are some of your awesome weekend buys? Share them with me if the offer is still valid! Hehe..

Raiding Bubba’s pre-loved stuff

It’s no secret I love to shop and with Bubba’s arrival, I channeled all shopping energies to the tiny human instead. Just the other day, I packed up the clothes that she could no longer fit. Some, I gave away, some – I stared long and hard at it wondering if I should hoard it. In the end, I decided to separate them into different bags – the ‘must-keeps’ and the ‘it can go to another home’ bag.

Not sure if anyone is interested but you can check out the Sophie’s Pre-Loved Items tab under Sophie’s Star Buys and click on some of the items that I’m selling. Page will be updated as I go along but here’s some of the star buys that I’m really letting go at an unbelievable price!

IMG_7558 IMG_7452-0 IMG_7451

IMG_7453Go on, start shopping today! Must clear out wardrobe space for more buys that I’ve accumulated for Black Friday.. YIKES!!!


Restocked: Zwitsal Hair Lotion

IMG_5335Thanks for the fantastic support that you have given for the Zwitsal Hair Lotion. The first batch that I had was sold out within weeks. Some have also dropped me emails requesting for some so here’s some good news to share! I managed to get more of the Zwitsal Hair Lotion in 200ml up for sale! Thanks to my Dad who helped lugged these back.

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion (200 ml): S$6.00 [SOLD OUT!]

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion : Read our review

Take gentle care of your baby’s hair with Zwitsal Hair Lotion. This exceptionally mild hair lotion leaves your baby’s hair smelling fresh and clean all day long. That’s not all, it’s hypoallergenic, pH-skin neutral and dermatologically tested. It’s suitable not only for babies but also children of all ages.


  • Tested Hypo-Allergenic: can be used for sensitive skin
  • Aloe Vera, Candlenut and Celery: help in the growth of black and thick hair
  • Aloe Vera: helps protect scalp from dryness
  • Nourishes hair and scalp
  • With fresh long lasting fragrance

Zwistal is a brand under the Unilever Group.

IMG_1688Bubba is about 15 months now and is still using the Zwitsal Hair Lotion daily, once in the day and at night. I don’t think that she has a thick bed of hair but we still like using it nonetheless. It did promote hair growth when she was much younger. But now, we use it because she’s always on-the-move and spritzing the hair lotion helps keep her head smelling nice most of the time.

IMG_1529If you are interested to get your hands on some of them. Please email to let me know how many bottles of the Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion you would like to order. I decided to just bring back the 200ml bottles for they seemed to move a lot faster compared to the smaller bottle. Note, price not inclusive of local postage and while supplies last!


Note: Lady J’s Musings did not receive any monetary rewards for this post. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products. Results may vary for individuals using the product. I’m in no way affiliated to the brand, but would like to share some of these products to interested parties. 

Perky Toki Jujube BFF

img_1638-1The diaper bag to end all diaper bags? I think this phrase is definitely familiar. Afterall, I said it once here and here. Then the Mama pals all went on to purchase the Jujube BFF and down the rabbit hole, I fell hard once again when they released this uber cute Perky Toki design that I felt that I could hardly resist.

So presenting my Perky Toki BFF diaper bag that has been our trusty buddy for a bit before I move on to another new bag. Hehe!

IMG_1639The boxy structured look of the diaper bag is a departure from the other soft structured bag that I had. I actually like that this bag can be carried 2 ways – backpack as well as a sling. It does help to keep my hands free and use it as a backpack so that I can carry or hold on to Bubba.

Love that the BFF is also very roomy with loads of compartments for me to organise Bubba’s things. The Man who’s actually a neat freak does like the bag. When I haphazardly stuff Bubba’s stuff into the bag in a hurry, the Man will actually grumble and then pack all her stuff neatly into the bag (the way he likes it to be organised).

IMG_1641I obviously couldn’t resist getting the matching Paci Pod not for storing of pacifiers but instead, we use this to store her hair-clips and her small hair accessories.

IMG_1649 This post has been in my draft folder for a bit but essentially, not much different from what I bring/ pack for Bubba when I head out with her. She’s about 18 months now, so an extra change of clothes – in case of spills, 3-4 diapers kept in the Jujube Be Quick, wet wipes stored in the Butipod and a soft muslin blanket stashed in the BFF in case she falls asleep in her stroller while we are out.

IMG_1652These Jujube Be Quicks are such handy bags to have around! I ended up getting another one in this King Court’s design. Love that it’s black with cute cartoon characters on it, it’s super versatile too so even if it gets dirty, I’m not too fussed about it.

IMG_1654Along with diapering and changing necessities, if we are out for a long time or for a long meal, I would also pop in her fave book, some stickers and a messy bag – courtesy of Aunty Mag who very thoughtfully made this for the bub to keep her tiny hands occupied.

IMG_1656These are some of the feeding essentials that we will bring along when we head out with Bubba. Our fave Elodie Details polka dot bib from The Little Bow Co which we really love using because of it’s fancy details. We also bring along a bibdana for Bubba when she drinks from her water bottle. Sometimes she likes to spit the water out and end up wetting her clothes, so the bibdana to the rescue to prevent any major water spills. We also bring along a pack of disposable bibs if we are heading out the whole day and don’t have enough time to wash the other soiled bib. Disposable bibs are a must when we travel too! So convenient to just pop it around Bubba’s neck and then trash it when she’s done with eating her meal. No need for me to go back to the hotel to wash her bib after a long day out.

Along with the bibs, I would also bring along her feeding spoon, 3M Scotch portable food scissors (again recommended by Mama Mag and Libby). This is our 3rd pair of food scissors already! Although it’s a little pricier compared to other brand of food scissors in the market, but it’s really one of the best around for it’s sharp plus resistant to rust – unlike others that I’ve used and trust me, you don’t want rust on your toddler’s food!

IMG_1657Snacks and milk feeds are also a must when we head out with Bubba. Snack catchers are a brilliant way to keep your toddler’s tiny hands occupied and for them to practice self-feeding. Oh and to prevent them from over-stuffing their faces with too much of the puffs at any one time too! For variety, I sometimes like to bring along this GoStak Portable Containers. It’s a handy device that keeps Bubba’s snacks organised and more importantly keeping them fresh.

We used to take along these food packages from Wakodo or Pigeon out (more for comfort actually in case Bubba doesn’t eat what we order). But we ended up dumping them because turned out Bubba didn’t really enjoy eating them either despite us putting them on top of rice. So instead of wasting food, we decided to either bring her home-cooked soup out or now that she’s older, she simply just eat what we eat when we head out as an occasional treat!

Okay, a lengthy review for the Jujube BFF but what do we really like and not like about it? Here goes my honest opinion:

What I like about the Jujube BFF:

  • It’s boxy structured look with the many compartments that allows me to stuff different things in them – talk about organising, the number of compartments you get in this bag is really amazing!
  • The cute cartoon print, need I say more?! It was one of the first things that drew me to get the bag. I even got a manicure in these yummy candilicious colours.
  • The bag doubles up as a tote bag as well as a messenger bag (2-in-1 function : Checked!). The backpack function is useful when I carry Bubba and wish to keep my hands free of carrying another  bag. While the messenger strap is useful for times when I just need to get to somewhere real quickly and don’t have time to use it as a backpack.
  • The Mommy Pocket is a thoughtful feature to have! I throw in my sunnies and other knick-knacks into the front compartment. I must add though, the front pocket is not sufficient for my big, bulky wallet. Plus I get rather paranoid about my wallet being nicked if I’m not able to see it, so I prefer to stash my wallet hidden in the back compartment instead.

IMG_4157What we didn’t quite like about the Jujube BFF:

  • We realised that the bag is not big enough to fit all the things that we need if we were to head out with Bubba the full day. That said, the Man always manages to efficiently pack and utilise all the compartments.
  • While I liked the boxy structured look of the bag, I also felt that it’s structure also is a double-edged sword, I usually end up hitting people in crowded places resulting in dagger stares being thrown along my way.
  • The weight of the bag! Funnily, the bag with all its straps tend to be on the heavier side. After stuffing the bag with our stuff, it actually was quite heavy to carry. When we hung it on our Zen Yoyo, it actually toppled our stroller. In such cases, the Man to the rescue then!
  • The print! While it’s very cute and colourful but it also made it difficult for me to match my clothes. I often have to plan in advance what I want to wear (muted or pastel one-tone colour outfits) in order for me not to look like a clown when carrying the bag. So over time, the practical side of me won over.

IMG_4428That said, it made for a really hardy bag that even the Man doesn’t mind carrying along! 🙂

Next, looking at getting the King Court BRB as the black and white characters would be more ideal for our lifestyle.. stay tuned for the review!