Spending the morning at 705 Craft with KSisters

Recently won a contest that was organised by KSisters (one of my fave Korean brands here in Singapore for women’s fashion and mama + daughter twinning outfits) and was treated to a bracelet making workshop by 705 Craft one Saturday morning with a few moms who are all fans of KSisters. 🙂

The leather bracelet making workshop was supposed to be for 3 hours but we took 4 hours to complete 2 twinning bracelets in total, from picking of the leather, to cutting, glueing and then putting the finishes touches for both the bracelets. One for me and one for the Bub with our names customised on the bracelets.

I have to add that I now have the utmost respect plus appreciation for the amount of work that goes into making these hand-crafted pieces. I guess there’s a reason why the brands charge the amount that they do, especially if it’s handmade and not churned out from a machine. That said, this is a memorable keepsake, one that I will cherish for I made it on my own. The Bub also loves her mini bracelet that I made for her and she proudly shares that her bracelet is made by Mama. Aww…she definitely knows what to say to pull my heart-strings.

Here’s a close-up shot of the “Kelly Double Tour” bracelet that I made. I chose a beige calfskin leather with a pink inner leather lining and gold hardware. For the Bub’s bracelet, she specifically asked for pink, so I decided to fulfill her heart’s desire.

I’ve been shopping with KSisters for over a year now and I love how Mama Jungmin (founder of KSisters) connect with her customers. This little gathering that she kindly hosted was a lovely way to get to know other Mamas who all share a common bond for fashion and style. In our case, shopping at KSisters! That’s not all, us Mamas received the star treatment with a video-shoot as well as a photoshoot.

Shopping still remains as one of my fave activities to do. With a young toddler, shopping in the shops does feel like a luxury so I turn to online shopping for a quick fix. So glad to have found KSisters for Jungmin curates the collection and brings in only the best labels in Korean fashion. Love that the fabrics are ideal for the Singapore weather with the styles being very current and aligned with what’s trending in the world of K-fashion.

Be warned though, you might end up falling into a deep rabbit hole. Well, that’s bascially how I ended up being such a fan with repeat purchases back at KSisters because I would be cursing under my breath if I missed out on one of the lovely dresses. ;p This was a group shot with other Mamas who also attended the workshop. Loved how natural all of us looked here in our lovely outfits.

Thanks again Jungmin for organising this lovely gathering with the Mamas… look how happy we all are decked in our fave KSisters outfits!

Prepping for Chinese New Year.. goodies and shopping!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and it does seem like a mad rush to get everything in order. The house, our clothes, the red packets.. well, you get the drift! Thankfully, the reunion dinner prep is often handled by the Man and the MIL, so I don’t have to worry that much about that. I’m often tasked to do the stocking up of our new year goodies which I also had help with gifts very kindly given by our family and friends.

Here’s a simple list of what we stocked up for the New Year, including a guide to what we will be wearing this Chinese New Year season. I know this is pretty late, but there’s still 3-4 more days to the festival, so there’s still that last burst that I’m sure might either give you a headache or an adrenaline rush!

Shopping for New Year Goodies:img_7030

There’s a mind-boggling selection of New Year goodies to choose from and what we usually have on our snack tray would include Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit (we love this thin, crispy ones that we buy in bulk from a home-based baker recommended by my friend, S about 6-7 years ago), Lychee Rose cookies from Home Favourites and Bak Kwa. This year, we tried Pineapple Bak Kwa at Kim Peng Hiang and I must say that it’s really pretty good. The bak kwa is slightly thicker than what you will get out there and the meat has juicy pineapple bits sandwiched in between. It’s sweet plus slightly savory all in one bite.

While we love our pineapple tarts, I do not have a brand that we will particularly buy from. Most of the pineapple tarts that we have acquired/ purchased over the years are usually either gifted or purchased from home-bakers. This year, we were gifted with a box of Pineapple Tarts from Bakerzin. I was pleasantly surprised first by the packaging as each tart was shaped in an adorable yet auspicious ingot shape and best part, individually wrapped. I thought this was great as it ensured freshness of the tart plus having it wrapped individually made it easier to snack-on-the-go. I don’t have to worry about taking the tarts out of it’s original bottle and into a small tupperware. Thanks again Bakerzin and Touch PR & Events for thinking of us and sending a box of these yummy treats to fill our bellies ahead of the festive season. 🙂

Shopping for New Year Clothes for Bubba:

Coming to my fave topic – Shopping – which I think I did pretty well in acquiring outfits for both the Bub and myself. 🙂 Hehe..

Before I became a Mum,  I was adamant about putting my child into a cheongsam for  Chinese New Year. “Why go with tradition? So boring! And those cheongsams that you get in bazaars and so uncomfortable?!” This was before discovering home-grown labels that offer stylish cheongsams with a modern twist for little ones.  This year, I think I have bought as well as received enough Cheongsams to fill her wardrobe for a good part of Chinese New Year. Am pretty excited for these little outfits are so cute and not to mention, they really look good for dinner/ occasion dressing when I’m too lazy to think which evening gown/ dress looks good on her. The cheongsam immediately comes to mind plus you know what, the older folks actually like for younger kids to be dressed in traditional outfits too. So win-win for us all.

Here are our choice-picks on where to shop for outfits this Chinese New Year. Psst.. best part is that you don’t even need to leave home to get the outfits!

img_6855Our fave brand for cheongsams this CNY has gotta be Sea Apple. We fell in love with the brand in 2016 and Bubba was dressed in her very first Liberty printed Cheongsam them. The fit was gorgeous and the print was outstanding without being too much in your face. So my first port-of-call was Sea Apple for this year and we loved most of the collection that we popped 3 dresses into our shopping cart (pictured above: the Spring Petal Ruffle Cheongsam). Sizing wise, gotta add that the Bub is 2.5 years old but can still fit majority of their size 2 outfits. I did get a size 4 for the Misted Dew Flutter Sleeve dress which is still a little too big for her for now but I guess, it’s a hoard!

Next, I’ve been a fan of Liberty Art Fabric prints for the longest time and when I discovered local brand – Elizabeth Little Co – which designs and makes outfits using Liberty prints, I was really excited about getting an outfit for Bubba. Originally, I had planned on getting the Chiyo Berry Cheongsam for I thought the tulle skirt would be a cute addition to her outfit but when I laid my eyes on the  Hanami Wonderland Cheongsam with cute prints from Alice in Wonderland peppered on the skirt, I was sold on the design and got that for the Bub instead. I think the outfit might also come in handy for our upcoming trips to Disneyland, Disney on Ice and perhaps, a princess themed event. Now, that’s killing possibly 3 birds with one stone with this outfit!

img_6918Apart from dresses, it’s also important for your child to be comfortable, so I also got a couple of rompers adorned with cute vegetable digital prints from Leia + Lauren shop.  Mama Libby and I first chanced upon the brand at a Mothersworks event but I didn’t examine the item in detail until more recently when we both looked at the collection more carefully and we both purchased the long carrot romper each for our Sophies because they are pretty darn cute.

img_6952Verdict? Super comfy rompers that are great for home wear and outdoor play. Since Bubba’s homewear needed updating, I decided to get the Leeks and Butternut Squash rompers as well. I’m guessing that the Leeks romper would be a hit with the older folks for Leek (韭菜, jiu cai ) represents everlasting relationship as the pronunciation of the letter – jiu (), sounds like long (久),  or 长长久久. I’m saving the leek romper for our reunion dinner later this week for it’s probably going to be hot and I want the Bub to feel comfortable during the hour-long dinner so this outfit will be great for our family reunion dinners. Hehe…

 Twinning outfits for Momma and Bubba:

Before twinning with my child gets too tacky and she can actually verbalise, “Mom, please get your own clothes! Or, dress me separately!”. I decided to milk it for what it’s worth.

Here are 2 online stores that we thought aced it in terms of twinning! Mixon Minis for cheongsams – I got the Amethyst Purple Swing Dress with the lace detail for myself. Love that the it’s actually loose (in case I get a belly from over-eating) and that it comes with a belt (to avoid friends/relatives from asking me “Are you pregnant?” when actually I’m just fat). I got Bubba the matching dress and we tried it on for size the other day and she enjoyed twirling in the chiffon dress.

img_7031And KSisters! We’ve been fans of KSisters for a while now, when we first added the navy Skorts which is our fave twinning outfit for the weekends. The red skort is a perfect one to add for CNY that will surely get the approval from the older generation. If you are fan of all things lace, you should definitely check out the Momma and Bubba lace dress twinning outift. We were tempted to get that but I don’t think I could pull off the look given my height plus the Bub is quite messy most of the time, I think I would be more stressed up ensuring that she doesn’t stain the dress then have fun in the outfit. But that said, KSisters did send us a twinning outfit in the Twirly Dress which is a style more up our alley, so we can’t wait to show that off once we wear them.

Prepping for CNY always does get me quite excited and I recall fondly when I was much younger, I would tag along with my parents to Chinatown to help them with their shopping. I would want to bring Bubba to Chinatown at some point to soak up the festive spirit and of course, indulge in the different types of shopping available at the New Year bazaar but of course, the crowds are a huge deterrent for us now. Perhaps when she’s older and when we summon sufficient courage to brace the crowds, we will go there next time.

Alright, that concludes what we have done for CNY to-date. I can’t wait for the feasting and catching up with family and friends come this weekend! Hope you are as excited as we are about the impending holiday! 🙂 Have a fab week ahead!


Note: We were gifted a box of Original Pineapple Tarts by Bakerzin on behalf of Touch PR & Events to share on our Instagram account. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own.

Jujube Hobobe Black Out

Man… I can’t believe I fell in another rabbit hole of never-ending diaper bags. Like do I really need one now that Bubba is 2? Well, the answer is yes. I don’t know why but I tried using my tote bags (pre-Mummy days) and putting the Bub’s stuff in different bags but I find it difficult to dig for stuff when I need them. Plus there’s a danger in putting her water bottles in my bag for they end up rolling around the bag and if they are not capped properly, I end up with a wet bag. Not pleased at all when that happens.

So what does this shopaholic Mama do? Buy.another.bag!

I’ve blogged about the Jujube Perky Toki BFF previously. While it fulfilled our needs when Bubba was much younger, it didn’t quite fulfill our needs now when we bring her out for a short trip. Plus, I think I’m done with cute bags for now as bulk of my wardrobe is made up of colours. So I decided to stick with monochrome tones instead. We went to acquire the King Court BRB (also from Jujube) which I think is the perfect bag for our travels. I should do up a blog-post of what we pack for Bubba when we travel. Another time then.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday, I wanted to share on what I pack for Bubba when we head out (say between 3-5 hours) using the Jujube Hobobe.

It did take me a while before I eventually decided on this style. For a long time, I deliberated as I wasn’t quite sure of the size as it functioned like a sling bag which bothered me for a while as I was afraid it would be quite difficult to carry the bag and Bubba on one side (I usually favour carrying both my bags and Bubba on my left hand). But when Jujube launched the Black Onyx range recently, I couldn’t quite resist. Well, it’s black so it could virtually match my outfits. Secondly, I was lemming over the bag because it looked functional with so many useful pockets that’s perfect for organising my stuff.

Who says black bags are boring? I managed to dress up my bag with these accessories – JJB Paci Pod – and a customised key fob.

The lining of the bag.. not your boring black. Kinda like how Jujube jazzed it up the bag by adding stripes for the lining. Beyond that, can you check out just how many compartments the HBB has? Super love that I can stuff various stuff in the mesh lining pockets instead of having to dig for my stuff in the bag. The Man thinks I can pack my bags properly. Hmph!

And sharing what can go into the HBB for a 4-5 hours outing with the Bub:

  • 3 pieces of diapers plus wipes and diaper cream packed neatly in the Lucky Stars Be Set pouch
  • The Butipod carrying about 20 piece of wet wipes
  • A change of clothes packed nicely in a transparent pouch
  • Babyganics Hand Sanitise
  • Tiger Balm Insect Repellent (super handy for trips)
  • Disposable Bibs and snacks
  • Not pictured here, I will also include Bubba’s water bottle, milk bottle, 1 milk feed and her utensils for dining out.
  • The Mummy pocket holds most of my essentials such as wallet, mobile phone and keys. I even managed to squeeze in my digital camera in this bag!

At first glance, the HBB may not look like much but I say it definitely packs a punch given how much I do manage to pack inside the bag. A great bag for a short trip out with the Bub!




Zwitsal items – restocked


My dad returned from his business trip recently and helped lugged back all these Zwitsal goodies. Here’s the price-list again:

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion (200 ml): S$6.00

Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion : Read our review

Take gentle care of your baby’s hair with Zwitsal Hair Lotion. This exceptionally mild hair lotion leaves your baby’s hair smelling fresh and clean all day long. That’s not all, it’s hypoallergenic, pH-skin neutral and dermatologically tested. It’s suitable not only for babies but also children of all ages.


  • Tested Hypo-Allergenic: can be used for sensitive skin
  • Aloe Vera, Candlenut and Celery: help in the growth of black and thick hair
  • Aloe Vera: helps protect scalp from dryness
  • Nourishes hair and scalp
  • With fresh long lasting fragrance

Zwistal is a brand under the Unilever Group.


This item is a must-have in Bubba’s daily shower regime. In fact, she knows after applying her face cream, body lotion, the Zwitsal hair lotion will come next. It helps to keep her hair soft, smooth with a fresh scent for a good part of the day.

Also new in stock is the Zwitsal Minyak Telon which I’ve decided to bring in to try.

Minyak Telon (60ml) : $3.50

Purpose: Helps relieve flatulence and provide a sense of warmth on the baby’s body

Ingredients: Oleum Cajuputi 42 % , Oleum Anisi 8 % , 50 % Oleum Cocos

How to use: Put a few drops of oil into your hands and rub them before massaging baby. Warm hands are more soothing; cold hands may startle her and make her cry. Rub oil on baby’s stomach, chest and back after shower to help keep baby warm. We also love to rub the oil on Bubba’s feet just to keep her feet warm too. So you can do the same if you are interested.

If you are interested to get your hands on some of them. Please email ladyj_musings@rocketmail.com to let me know how many bottles of the Zwitsal Baby Hair Lotion / Zwitsal Minyak Telon you would like to order. Note, prices indicated above are not inclusive of local postage and while supplies last!

I won’t be bringing these items any time soon so if you wish to build a supply of the items, do order more. 🙂


Note: Lady J’s Musings did not receive any monetary rewards for this post. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products. Results may vary for individuals using the product. I’m in no way affiliated to the brand, but would like to share some of these products to interested parties. 


Of sippy cups, straw cups and the Reflo Cup

When we first received a DM over on Instagram from J over Shop Little One on wanting to send us a Reflo Smart Cup to test and review, I was a little apprehensive but yet excited because Bubba looked like she was ready to move on from Straw Cups to an actual cup which we call the Big Girl Cup around here.

img_6636Just a little background on when we started Bubba on training cups. When she’s was about 6 to 7 months, we started her on the Pigeon Mag Mag Cup (Step 3). We skipped Step 1 and 2 because we thought just let her go straight to the straw cup. It didn’t take her very long to figure how to sip from the straw. Of course, the first few times, she would end up spilling the contents on her clothes or gag a little when she takes in too much liquid at a go but all it took was some practice and she was sipping her little straw cup like a pro. When she started taking more liquids, we transited her to the Petite Straw Cup which allowed us to store more water for longer trips out with the Bub.

img_4462There are 4 colours (Pink, Green, Blue and Clear) to choose from which are all so pretty and I couldn’t decide between the Pink or the Blue. In the end, we went with the Blue as most of the Bub’s snacks accessories are in blue so it would somewhat match.

img_4464What makes the Reflo Smart Cup so special and different from the other training cups available in the market? Well, the Reflo Smart Cup is an open cup with a flow control insert that slows and redirect liquid to your little one’s mouth from whichever portion of the rim that they are drinking from.

Had to get the little one to test the cup while Mama here makes the observation for the review. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATiming was just right as well! Bubba had been telling us that she wants to drink from the big girl cup and we try to encourage that so we usually fill her melamine cup with some juice or water. But we always had to be around to supervise her when she’s drinking from the cup for she would end up spilling the contents on her clothes. I would get real upset for I would have to change her. In the end, we basically just let Bubba use the straw cup.


With the Reflo Smart Cup, I was amazed when Bubba picked it up and intuitively drew the rim of the cup to her lips. When the liquid gently touched her lips allowing her to swallow it to her pace, she pulled the cup and gave me a big smile. That to me is a huge testament that the product works!


We are not saying this because we are sponsored but having used the Reflo Smart Cup for the past couple of weeks, we really think that it’s one of the best training cups available in the market. If you are looking around for a training cup for your little one, I think you should just skip the straw cups and just head for the Reflo Smart Cup.


What do we like about it?

  • It’s so easy to wash the cup! I used to have to worry if Bubba’s straw cup is clean enough and would replace the straw parts regularly after couple of months because gawd knows what kind of dirt or grime gets stuck in the straw especially for the areas where you can’t get your brush into or see. The Reflo Smart Cup comes with an insert that’s super easy to wash. Saves water and great for busy parents!
  • Raising a confident drinker! This one trumps it all. Bubba is so much more confident in drinking from this cup as she is able to control the flow of the liquid. Initially, I was worried that she may get choked if she held the cup way too high. But my worries were unfounded as just the right amount of  liquid goes into her mouth, thanks to the smart flow control insert. Bubba has been quite curious to pull the insert out, but I always try to stop her from doing so. I’m sure she will figure it out one day but for now, I don’t want her to because she’s getting so good at drinking from a normal cup thanks to the Reflo Smart Cup.

Well, there you have it. Our honest review of the Reflo Smart Cup. You could get your hands on one of these from Shop Little One.  Thanks J from Shop Litte One for sending one of these along our way. 🙂

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the Reflo Smart Cup for a review on our Instagram account. No additional monetary rewards were given.  I was not obligated to review this on my blog but because I really think this cup is pretty amazing, so I wanted to do an in-depth review of this. All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Dressed for Sakura viewing


We are heading up to Tokyo in about a week’s time and we just bought the perfect outfit for Bubba to don when we head up to Shinjuku Park to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. Just crossing our fingers and all of our toes that we will be just in time to catch those blooms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Bub was recently made a Brand Enthusiast to Haha no yume | 母の夢 and we picked out this gorgeous blue dressed named Tamako for our upcoming trip. Given that it’s going to be a lot cooler when we head to Tokyo, I probably will pair this with leggings. But for now, this dress can also double-up as a funky top paired with a tutu skirt for those fun occasions.


Because we thought the first kimono dress was really quite well-made and we couldn’t resist the cute prints plus the kimono baby-style romper, we decided Bubba could do with another outfit from there! Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail and we are hoping that Bubba fits into it so that we can pack it along for our holiday!

If you wish to get your hands on one of these gorgeous handmade pieces, here’s a discount code for you! Enjoy a 10% discount on full-priced items at Hahanoyume when you check out with SOPHIE10.

Note: This is not a sponsored post but a discount code that I get to share with my readers as a Brand Enthusiast of Hahanoyume! 🙂

Choosing schools

Of late, one of the ‘hot’ topics that I chat with my mama friends or to come up during a convo with mama friends are ‘Which school do you send your child to?

This article has been circulating among my circle and on our Facebook feeds. The Man read it with interest and eyes widened when he saw how much the school fees were for some of the schools.

To be honest, we haven’t stepped foot into one of those mentioned schools placed among the list. The usual schools that friends shared about like Pat Schoolhouse, Brighton, Chiltern or Eaton, nope, we didn’t step foot. Ok, I did do a short tour of ChildFirst accompanied by a friend whose child goes there and was suitably impressed with the sprawling grounds and the set-up for the toys.

But we are happy with the school that we had selected for Bubba when she was in infant-care and it felt like a natural progression for her to move up the levels in the school. The school has a sound programme and at her age, I like the ‘kampong’ environment where I know that my nephew is just in the next class and that my siblings/ parents can pop in to visit her and pick her up if we are busy.

Will we rock the ship and jump to somewhere else? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a question of is the grass really greener on the other side? Maybe? Maybe one day, we may just find ourselves checking out other schools.

But for now, I’m just celebrating little achievements like Bubba not crying during drop-off in school! 🙂