Dressing the bump at 38 weeks

Figuring out what to wear to work has been rather challenging of late.  Bump is definitely way bigger and I’ve rotated most of my maternity wear.  To be really honest, I don’t think anyone but me really cares about what I’m wearing to work.  Well, dressing up has always been the thing I do look forward to in the day and since I’m preggers, it does take a little more work trying to figure out what to put together since unlike others, being effortlessly chic doesn’t come quite easy.  There are hits and misses but trust me, make-up does wonders!!  Hehe…

Here’s what I’ve been decked out in: IMG_6008Really conscious of my underarms after I discovered the gross pigmentation so my outfits are now geared towards covering up the pits.  😦  Sill loving Asos dress with Pucci prints even though it’s a struggle to take it out.  Haha..

IMG_5984This was a dress that I got at a massive sale that Spring Maternity was organising.  The dress cost like S$20 after the sale so I got it because it was rather comfy and the design was simple.  Threw on a pink cardi to cover my arms and the checks design on the side of the cardi actually popped out.

IMG_6007Another jersey maternity dress that I picked out at Maternity Exchange on a huge discount, this was under S$30 because they were clearing their rental outfits.  Again, conscious of my arms and not wanted to throw on just a plain cardi, I dug on this H&M for Marni cardi which I got and threw it over the outfit.  The double zipper on the cardi which allows me to unzip the bottom for Bump’s comfort was really handy.  Why oh why had I not discovered this before?? IMG_6081Last but not least, took Friday off to see the doc and check on Bun’s progress.  This is my casual outfit for waddling out and about town,  In case, you don’t already know, we are expecting a little girl.  🙂  Love this tee that I got from Asos which tells the whole world the gender of Bub.  Hehe…  So, doc says all looks good and apparently, she’s all set to come and rock our world anytime now… Woo… whee…


Lean mean eating machine…

Counting down the days where Bun would finally make her appearance in our world, what have we been doing as soon-to-be new parents?  Eating!!

IMG_5995The Man has been very sweet, telling me that I should eat to my heart’s content the food that I want to eat before the 28 – 30 day confinement rule kicks in.  The MIL is pretty strict about that and I see many bottles of sesame oil with deep-fried old ginger bits all stocked up.  She’s also told me that I can’t be drinking water during this period and the only liquid I have to take is longan water with red dates, “It’s for my own good!” she said.  The Mom has also bought bottles of home-made rice wine that’s supposed to be beneficial to me during the confinement period with tons of ginseng, red dates and longan all waiting to be brewed.  This all scared me to bits cos this confinement business is a tricky one.  It’s like your body is not really your own and will be subjected to all sorts of other ‘nourishing’ food to build up your energy levels.  Unlike pregnancy where I pretty much defied all rules and proud to be called the ‘Pregno Rebel’, this confinement business, I may just have to quietly play the submissive role.  Will the eating in moderation rule apply here? ;| ‘Dear Lord, please help me!’

So yes, given that we have about less than 2 weeks before I hit the 40-week mark.  We’ve pretty much been planning what kind of food I should be eating by the day.  I guess all weight-watching plans should be thrown out of the window at this point in time.  The doctor will definitely not be pleased to hear about it, but I did pretty well for a good part of the pregnancy, keeping my weight in check.  Plus, everything in moderation right?  I won’t go overboard!  After all, I do have the Man who’s willing to stand by me and share half of whatever I’m eating.

IMG_5931So here’s the checklist of food-items to eat before the big day and I will check them off if we manage to eat them all:

  • Wanton Mee (from Amoy Street Market): According to the Man, it’s the best!  [Update: went on 13 Jun and it was closed!!]
  • Bak Chor Mee from Hill Street or Tiong Bahru Market
  • Mee Sua Pork Noodle from Circular Road
  • Beach Road Prawn Mee
  • Yakitori from Tori-Tama
  • Nasi Padang with sedap and spicy sambal belachan pls!
  • Beef kway teow from Geylang
  • Seremban beef noodles from Marine Parade Market
  • Prata
  • Satay

Things I managed to eat before Bun’s arrival since drawing up the list:

IMG_6044Yazawa Yakiniku

IMG_6079Luke’s Oyster Bar and Chop House – the chocolate chip cookie!

IMG_5842I obviously am being ambitious with the whole list.  I doubt we will get to checking them all off.  But hey, no harm just listing down right?  🙂

Did I set off any of your cravings now?  If yes, what exactly would you add to the list?  Hehe..

Week 38

IMG_4935Dear Baby Girl,

38 weeks!  Whoa… almost there as some will say.  The clock is fast ticking and yet deep down inside, I want it to slow down.  Don’t get Momma wrong, it’s not that we are not ready to welcome you into this world, but I’m also selfish, I’m not ready to share you with the rest of the world yet.  I know everyone especially your Dad is so excited to meet you but I still love these moments with you in Camp Womb.

Just the other night I was sharing with Daddy about how nice life is right now.  Yup, even though I’m heavily pregnant and the weight has taken a toil on my back, but I love carrying you inside of me, running around to do our things.  I don’t have to worry about schedules, bottles and whether you are ok.  I know that you are doing fine inside my belly with your knobs and kicks to reassure me and with me nourishing you with the different types of foods that I ingest.

I will really miss being pregnant, the strong bond that only you and I share – the weeks / the months of bearing you exclusively in Camp Womb and protecting you to the best of my ability.  My joys and my fears that only you and I share –  I will miss this dearly.  But these will all be a loving memory that I will forever hold dear to my heart and with you in the world, we will create new memories.  Our little family of four.  🙂

Ever since you were formed in my womb, you are loved dearly and I will continue to protect you with the best of my abilities.  I know the journey as a Mother will not be easy and honestly, I’m so scared of failing, of not being able to withstand the pressures that not only come with nurturing you but also the external factors.  But you can be certain I will try my best and pray to God for strength through it all!

Not long more Baby Girl, not long more!

Love: Momma

Shopping for baby stuff in a jiffy..

With just about 2 weeks before we hit the full 40 weeks term, the nesting instinct has been very strong.  Friends asked if we are ready.  I honestly don’t know if we will ever fully be ready but we got almost everything there.  We are as prepared as we possibly can but I guess there could be some stuff that we may have left out so if need be, we will just run off to get them.  Thankfully, in a country like Singapore, almost everything is within reach or could be purchased with the click of the button.

Case in point was this Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream  that I came across. I’ve been searching for a sunscreen for Bun and haven’t come across any ideal ones that I thought maybe suitable.  Is sunscreen even necessary for babies?  Well, yes for me for the sun in Singapore is really harsh and I don’t really want to expose Bun to those harsh UVA and UVB rays, so the least I can do is to protect her with a baby-safe lotion/ cream.  I’ve also shared previously that I’ve been an avid reader of Little Bow Girl – a gorgeous young mummy to a beautiful baby – when I was doing research on the baby cot to get.  On one of her recent posts, she talked about the Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream that she had used on her baby and had worked pretty well.  So I decided to stock one up for Bun.

But the question was where can I get my hands on them fast and without heading out to town to physically get them?  I obviously turned to Google immediately this morning when I woke up and decided ‘Yes, sunscreen for Bun!‘  Within minutes, I found that the item was stocked on SoSoon.  Had a couple of clicks here and there, the site checked out and looked relatively reliable, placed an order along for the Sophie la Giraffe Protection Cream with this Dream Baby Push Light 3D Star (a night lamp that I’ve been trying to get for Bun’s room) and stocked up on this Earth Friendly Baby Friendly Detergent with Chamomile and Lavender.

IMG_5855Talk about speedy delivery!  Placed an order for these items at about 9.30am on a Sunday morning and by the time I got home at 4pm, the box of items were already at home waiting for it to be unpacked.  Wow!  That’s not all!  You get a S$10 credit when you sign up with them which means more savings for the items purchased.  The Man couldn’t fault me for that.. hehe!  I was truly impressed with the overall shopping experience and wondered why  I haven’t known about their existence until today.  Sheesh! Oh and they don’t just sell kids and baby stuff, loads of other stuff is available on the SoSoon site, so check them out if you need to scratch a shopping itch without leaving the home.  🙂

Have you come across any other sites that offer such efficient service and delivery?  If yes, please share.  Will be happy to check them out and keep them bookmarked for a rainy day.


iHerb haul

K shared with me a recipe for lactation cookies and I decided to try make them if I have the time within the next week or two to kick-start or boost my breast milk supply.  Headed to iHerb to get the ingredients for the ‘boob-milk cookies’ since some of these ingredients are significantly cheaper there.  The best part is that I don’t have to lug all these groceries home.  All I need to do is to pop them into a shopping basket, check them out and off they go in a box to Singapore.  Simple and easy!  🙂

IMG_5757Healthy and hearty ingredients needed to bake up my ‘boob-milk cookies’.  Will let you know how that goes and will also share the recipe if it works for me.

IMG_5756Also picked up more stuff for myself and Bun.  The Earth Mama Angel Baby, New Mama Bottom Spray is supposed to be a life-saver especially for post-partum bottoms.  Not going to quibble with that so decided to treat my bottom to some TLC and when this arrived, it went straight into the hospital bag in case I forgot.

I was also looking around for hand sanitizer to be placed in the Bun’s room before we handle Bun and a portable one for when we are on the go.  Didn’t want to go for commercial brands like Dettol nor Kirei Kirei for I read that they are pretty harsh on one’s skin.  So I decided to check out some of the offerings available on iHerb.  The babyganics alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer looked pretty decent so decided to give it a try and got the 50ml one to pop into the diaper bag.

I am still on the look-out for a decent hand sanitizer so welcome any recommendations that are baby-safe and not so harsh on the skin.

iHerb indeed is a treasure trove, sometimes to the extent of being mind-boggling since they have so many brands and different types of items available.  If you are planning to stock up your vitamins, health supplies, groceries, baby stuff or pet-related items, you should head on down and check them out.

Here’s a shopping offer for you if you have yet to jump on the iHerb bandwagon 🙂

Shop iHerb.com. You can save $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or $5 off orders less than $40! just by using my Rewards Code CJV852

Catching up…

I tire easily these days.  Energy levels have dipped and instead of running from place to place and packing all my appointments within a day, I’ve learned to take a step back and just admit the fact that I need to rest.  Many have asked if I intend to take a couple of weeks before Bun’s arrival to rest or just have the time for myself.  Nope, not going to do that.  Instead, I’ve decided to work till I pop and then save all the leave for maternity. Managed to also take a couple of days here and there off work for medical appointments and to meet up with friends who run a flexible schedule in the day to catch up with me.  Am actually thankful for their flexible schedules to accommodate the preggie me!

IMG_5642Finally nailed a date and time to catch up with Min after postponing a couple of times when the Man was hospitalised.  Decided to head for brunch at Nassim Hill Bakery since it was a little off town and possibly a little quiet in the mornings.  The Man dropped me off after our check-up and the newly addition of Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Bits Waffle called out to me!  I decided when Min arrived I was going to have just that.  Was getting a little sick of sweet waffles and didn’t mind trying a savory one for a change.

IMG_5643When Min arrived and we finally decided on the orders, the server told us that the savory waffle that I had set my eye on was sold out!  Damn!  So I went back to the safer choice of ordering the Wholemeal Belgian Waffles with beerbeiser sausage.  The waffles were crispy and went well savory with a small slice of sausage bit or sweet with maple syrup drizzled over it.

IMG_5644Min ordered the Almond French Toast which we shared.  Loved the use of brioche for french toasts and if I were to make it at home next time, I must remember to get brioche buns, somehow it’s a lot fluffier.

IMG_5654It’s nice to catch up with the girlfriend.  Even though we don’t meet as much as we used to, it’s nice to pick up where we left off and share the going-ons in my life with you.  Thanks also for the gifts that you picked out for Bun… that’s not all the haul that you gifted but I could squeeze these into a frame.  Super love those blue shoes you got her which I’m sure she will kick them off, but I’m still going to dress her up in them.  Psst.. there’s a matching headband that I got for her that will go so well with the shoes.  🙂

My wish for you…

IMG_5764To be best buds with Sparky!

I heart this pic of Sparky sleeping and me placing his paw on my 37+ week Bump telling her who this furry guy is and how he will be looking after her when she’s out.  Feeling overwhelmed with happiness and contentment just by looking at this pic.  🙂