The bitter pill to swallow

The Man’s travel which largely incorporates work and golf has been punishing and he has been zipping in and out of the country. Coupled with my work plus business, the only time we possibly spend with each other is the waking and resting moments of the day. With our anniversary just round the corner and endless work dinners, I didn’t think we would even make it out to celebrate. Not that I am whining, over the years, we just accept and make do with what we can.

So the dinner at our fave restaurant started with the best of intentions but went horribly wrong as I went on to pour out my feelings to the Man because you know, I just wanted a listening ear, some advice on how to sort out my problems and really, to move on. I was emotionally and mentally drained from all that has been going on but it was taking a toil on me, because I know that I can’t do anything much about it.

The conversation went horribly wrong with me in tears as I stared at this Man across the table who vividly reminded me of my dad when he got angry. The flared nostrils, that frustrated look on the face and the fast-moving hand gesturing that almost signaled that of flipping the dinner table over. At that instant, I morphed into a helpless woman and I stood up, walked away after taking a couple of deep breathes. I knew this was not how we wanted our evening to turn out. I also knew that he didn’t want to behave the way he did but he was probably exasperated with having to tell me time and time again the solution. I would have reacted probably better if it was down in a more amiable tone but perhaps with age, there isn’t time nor patience left when dealing with an adult who’s probably experiencing mid-life crisis.

But the lashing did wake me up, it was brutal and a bitter pill to swallow but perhaps I needed it. I can’t change the problem nor the people (because no one can and will change unless they want to) but I can surely change my behavior since I am in control of that. It’s not easy but I know I will be able to do this ultimately. I will be okay.

Precious photos for the Christmas holidays

We’ve done our family portraits with Hart from Tomato Photo since the Bub is 7 days old and have gone on to take at least 2 more other shoots with him. We haven’t quite done a shoot with the Bub when she was between 2 to 3 years old so when Hart asked if we wished to update our family pictures. I thought it was timely to do so since we were also celebrating our 11th year wedding anniversary.

A photo-shoot with a 3.5 year old child wasn’t as easy as compared to when she was a newborn or a little toddler just learning how to walk/ run. Halfway during the shoot, she would have a mini meltdown, but all through it all, Hart was always very patient. We booked ourselves a staycation at the Ritz and so it served as a location for our photoshoot as we didn’t want to move from place to place. As compared to our previous shoots, I also wanted something a little more dressy so we decided to dress up in matching shades of red.

I’ve also kept my hair  a little longer now so I opted for a more feminine style this shoot and tied mini French braids. Do quite like the effect and wish that I could tie my own hair daily. Haha..

We even managed to sneak in a couple of shots with just the two of us while the Bub ran off to do her own thing for a little.

Super pleased with all our shots from Hart.. such precious keepsakes as we know update our photo-wall with these beautiful photographs coupled with happy smiles all round.

Curveballs in parenting

Having a child does throw a curveball in our marriage and if we thought we had it easy, managing a sick toddler can be challenging . Case in point, recently, the Bub was ill and we had to force her to take her antibiotics which she simply refused to do so. We thought how difficult could this powder form of antibiotics that didn’t render any kind of smell nor taste mixed with 20ml of juice be?

Turned out the Bub was way smarter! She obviously knew the mixture was doctored and immediately she clammed her mouth. What would normally take like less than 1 minute of force-feeding her meds took us almost an hour trying to spoon-feed her watered down medication via the syringe. It was simply mind-boggling to say the least.

One evening while we were out dinner, I thought why not mix the antibiotics with watermelon juice and get the Bub to drink it? Again, Bub was ahead of one step and refused to drink the meds. Worse thing about antibiotics is that once you start, you’ve gotta follow-through the course.

So said child was upset, threw a fit in the restaurant and REFUSED to drink her doctored juice. As much as I was exasperated, I knew the best thing we could possibly do is to bring the juice back and then use the syringe to ‘force-feed’ her. The Man, on the other hand, frowned, threw napkin on the table in despair. When I asked ‘What’s wrong?‘ The Man shook his head violently in anger.

Here you go! Child: 1, Parentals: O

This is only the start of what other curveballs Bubba may throw us along the way and well, we all learn to deal with our emotions differently. Openness, having the courage to face challenges and perhaps accepting that you may not always have the upper hand in it all is  also one way to get through parenting. What say you?

If you are wondering whatever happened to the watered down watermelon juice with antibiotics. 15 minutes was what it took and a whole lot of cajoling before Bub drank it (unwillingly, of course).


Staycation at Ocean Suites

img_1919We decided on a staycation to celebration the Man’s birthday. We’ve been wanting to stay at the Ocean Suites over at Resorts World Sentosa for a while now but the price-tag on the room was so prohibitive! In the end, we decided to splurge since it’s a birthday celebration for the Man and what better excuse than to do just that.

We brought the Bub along because neither one of us wanted to be away from her given that we are going away on a holiday real soon without her, I was worried about the severe Mama separation anxiety!

img_2057Check-in time was 3pm and we took Bubba out of school at about 3odd. By the time we reached the island and sorted out the logistics for check-in, it was about 4pm.  We were shown to our suite by our personal butler (apparently there’s a 24-hr butler service available on-hand) and when he opened the door and the little one ran in, she was super thrilled with the view that greeted her. She exclaimed loudly ‘FISH!! FISH!!!‘ We had a quick room tour and the little one wasted no time to chomp the grapes in the complimentary fruit platter we were given.

img_1890After our butler left, we marveled at the view and almost didn’t want to leave our room given that it was expensive but we weren’t too impressed with the room service menu and the little one looked like she was hungry, ordering us to feed her ‘GRAPES, GRAPES’! We thought it would be best that we settle dinner outside and for her to run around in the open then mess up the room.

img_2058So we took advantage of the complimentary buggy service and headed to the main area of Resorts World. Bubba took in the new sights and oggled at the huge ‘Universal Studios’ signage. She ran towards the gift kiosk and begged Daddy to buy her a Minion balloon. The Man nearly caved in but I stopped him. Thankfully, she can still be distracted with other methods.

img_2060Such as terrorising the cute figurines at Candylicious and the Hershey’s store! She also loved the mini shopping cart and would be visibly upset with me when I try to stop her from ramping her mini cart into other customers. All I can say is do not underestimate the fury of Bubba-hurricane! Dinner was a simple affair settled at Din Tai Fung which ended up disastrously because all the Bub wanted to do was to eat her noodles using her fingers and to fling the things she didn’t want to eat all over the place. Thankfully, no major meltdowns, she loved the underground buggy ride and squealed ‘Whee!’ all the way back.

img_2059One of the attractions of the Ocean Suite also included this indoor bath with a full view of the marine creatures right in front of your eyes. Our butler helped draw the long bath and guess which 2 people could not wait to jump inside it. The little one enjoyed the bubbles while I took in the view of a happy Father and Daughter bonding moment and the graceful rays that swam by our window.

img_1891After putting the Bub to bed, that’s when us parentals came out to play! The hotel gave us a complimentary birthday cake and we brought along a vintage bottle of 1977 wine for the occasion.

img_1851We made ourselves comfy and enjoyed the awesome view of the majestic marine creatures swimming by our window. I tried to identify them but failed horribly. The Man, being an avid diver once, did a far better job of educating me what fishes or rays or sharks they actually were. That said, we both agreed that it was very therapeutic just looking at those fishes swim by and sipping our wine in the comfort of a lovely room with Bubba fast-asleep at the background.

The flood lights of the massive aquarium goes off at about 11pm and there’s where the action happened. We noticed that the fishes, rays and sharks were visibly more active and there wasn’t a dull moment that went by right outside our personal viewing gallery. The Man and I chatted and just sat there admiring the view. We contemplated putting down the blinds while we slept for we didn’t know if it was going to be too bright in the morning. Thankfully, we didn’t. We let the schools of fishes swimming outside our window lull us to sleep and when Bubba stirred from her sleep the next morning, the first word  that came out of her mouth wasn’t ‘Mama!‘ but ‘FISH!’

img_1870We settled our breakfast at the Equarius Hotel. The international breakfast buffet spread was a simple affair but had what Bubba would normally eat, eggs, cornflakes and fruits. We walked around the grounds of the hotel for a bit and Bubba pretended she was behind the wheels of the buggy (our main mode of transport during our stay).

img_1899We were super duper lucky to have secured a later than usual check-out. Usual check-out time is 11am so we rounded up the very precious hours of our staycation by dipping ourselves in the Outdoor Jacuzzi in the living room patio.


Needless to say, the Bub definitely had more fun during our stay. It made for the perfect birthday weekend get-away for the Man and our little family. In fact, we felt so rested and had such a good time just looking at the spectacular views that the aquarium had to offer, we thought that perhaps this could be our annual weekend get-away without physically hopping on a plane.


9 years on…

IMG_7424Life as a parent in a marriage is different from life sans kids. These days, we sleep less, we get kicked in the face a whole lot more, we travel a whole lot lesser, hold hands lesser and the convos largely centre around Bubba. But our hearts are fuller when we see Bubba babbling and running to us with her hands wide-opened.

Just the other night, I was asking the Man what he would like as an Anniversary Gift. We are practical people like that. He simply told me to save my money and then we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a bigger manner. I took it as that and life just went on.

IMG_8217Last weekend when we were trying to settle the Bub before lunch, the Man decided to bring her to walk around while I sat around to wait for the food. Minutes later, both emerged. Bubba holding a plastic bag and the Man telling her ‘Go give Mama.’ It was the Apple iWatch, the combo that I wanted and was waiting to utilise the Man’s voucher to get it next year. I was surprised because he had been dissuading me not to get it as he thinks it would be a white elephant. Maybe that’s his tactic.

So no fancy celebration this year, just a simple one as we sit down, enjoy our food and then try to figure out a couple of decisions that we will have to make. How very exciting!


A few weeks back, we did another shoot with Hart from Tomato Photo. This time round, we wanted to try out an outdoor shoot. During the session, he looked up from his camera and asked the Man and I, ‘Shall I take photos of just the 2 of you?‘ The Man and I looked at each other, and realised that with Bubba’s arrival, we hardly have photos of us both now. It’s always Bubba and me or Bubba and the Man or the 3 of us. It’s rarely photos of us these days. I think we probably took all of 10 shots but the 2 -3 photos that were sent to us are perfect.

I guess that’s what a marriage is all about.. neither of us are perfect, we will never be. But “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

 Looking forward to many more years ahead!

Another year (older)

For a good number of years, we usually like to celebrate my birthday overseas. Not that it was intentional but it usually coincided with a long trip that we will take that spanned across 1.5 to 2 weeks if we can help it. This year, our upcoming holiday is a lot later so we stayed in the country to celebrate the occasion. A rather muted one but that’s fine because I just needed a little break before the upcoming not quite know it’s going to be a holiday – holiday (haha).

IMG_1813Decided to take the day off and we had plans. Grand plans in fact. But we had to activate BCP when hazy conditions persisted. Woke up in the morning and greeted with a kick from Bubba who cried in the middle of the night and landed up in our bed because the Man said, she wants to be close to Mama on her birthday. It was actually cute because the Man snuck a birthday card that he had done up on Bubba’s behalf documenting how she has been with us for the past 15 months. Aww.. indeed.

IMG_1903 And the grand plan originally included a quiet dinner for two but we changed it to lunch for two. The company was all that mattered and the food at Wild Rocket (my first time there in like 5 odd years) was lovely.

Part of the plan was also to pick Bubba up from school and head down to Gardens by the Bay to check out the floral displays. But when we went to school, her teacher shared that Bubba appeared to be having the runs. The Man was afraid that it was something more serious as the night before she vomited her food out. So we headed to the clinic instead to have her checked out. Turns out she could possibly be having a mild case of food poisoning, so we decided to just head back home after running a couple of errands.
IMG_1951And it was a happy mail day too! I received this pineapple dress from White Filly which I had purchased from Kookies and Milk. Love the quirky design and you know, it would be great for Chinese New Year despite it being white with black graphics because it has pineapples all over the dress. Pineapples signify wealth so this would totally fit in for the occasion. Haha! It’s still too big for Bubba for now as she’s literally sweeping the floor with the dress but in a couple of months time, hopefully it will fit her better.

IMG_1949And we fooled around for a bit before heading to a simple home-cooked meal and a birthday cake blow-out. 🙂

IMG_1993As for presents, I’m blessed! The WC Tula that I scored just under 2 weeks ago arrived on my birthday exactly! Coupled with online purchases that I made for Bubba, a rainbow swirl power-charger I scored at an Instagram contest and lovely gifts from my family and friends, I’m one happy Mama!

Now am looking forward to our trip to Italy where the real shopping begins! I’m making out my list and picking out my birthday presents then. Hehe…

Marriage Blooper #01

This convo took place over dinner last night where we brought Bubba to No Menu restaurant. We didn’t realise that the place isn’t exactly baby-friendly (ie: no baby chairs). Thankfully, service was good and the people genuinely went out to make us feel comfortable when they saw us pushing our pram. We were also super lucky because Bubba fell asleep and decided to take a 1hr nap while we breezed through our starters and mains. While we clinked our glasses of wine and I looked at Bubba soundly asleep in her stroller… This took place:

Me: I’m so excited! It’s going to be my first Mother’s Day!

The Man: Yay! Tell that to Sophie ok? I hope she does something nice for you!

Me: (speechless for a bit) Erm.. It will be a while before she can make me those cards you know..

The Man: oh.. I’m not supposed to do anything for you right?

Me: (speechless moment continues) ….

IMG_8171So Bubba, no.. I don’t expect that you will do anything for me this Mother’s Day but it will still be a memorable occasion for me..