Online shopping for Sparky with KOHEPETS 

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Before the Bub came into our lives, we have a first furkid named Sparky. Ok, he doesn’t make an appearance so often these days but well, he’s still very much a part of our lives. Life goes on as per normal with him around but it’s kinda mayhem when you throw in a young child into the mix.
We don’t have many opportunities for any blog-reviews when it comes to Sparky these days. Actually, it’s more because we are cautious about what his diet. He’s turning eight soon and let’s just say, he has been subjected to various allergies which is the primary reason why we keep him on a strict diet with limited snacks. Even when it comes to his snacks, we stopped buying off-the-shelves packaged pet food because of the preservatives or some additives used that might flare up his skin allergies.
Yup, poor puppy here has a skin allergy which actually sees him in a perpetual “cone-of-shame” because the moment the cone is removed, he immediately wants to nip and bite himself. 😦

So when KOHEPETS approached us for a review, we were rather apprehensive about accepting the sponsorship for I was worried about the items that would be sent to us for the review and whether it would be appropriate for Sparky given his delicate condition. When I shared my concerns and the challenges that we had, Urusula from KOHEPETS put me to ease with her prompt replies and then recommendations for types of snacks/ products for Sparky given his skin allergies and condition. With that, we decided to accept the offer to review products purchased under KOHEPETS.

I guess the timing was perfect too since we were running out of snacks for Sparky. We don’t feed him a lot of snacks at home because the vet prefers for us to keep Sparky on a strict diet so that he doesn’t become too bottom-heavy. Our poor baby had dislocated his hip joint when he was a puppy, undergone surgery so we are really careful about his hips, so it’s important that he doesn’t gain too much weight that might give him greater discomfort on his hind legs.

Here’s what Ursula from KOHEPETS recommended for Sparky and what we got after I surfed on their site and spent a good 30 minutes or so analysing what I should get for the fur-kid. Man, they do have a lot of different types of snacks for both dogs and cats. Have to say that one is really spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping at KOHEPETS.

  • Yappetizers Wild Salmon and Herring Dog & Cat Treats : Natural air-dried fish treats from Canada, this smelled like the real thing. Sparky could hardly stop himself from lunging towards me when I popped open a pack of this to fish out a snack for him.
  • Zeal Free Range Naturals Veal Meaty Bites Dog Treats: We prefer to get Sparky bite-sized snacks these days compared to chewy tendons and beef ribs which he used to love. Perhaps it’s his age or perhaps he’s just more sensitive but we found out that the length of the ribs used to irritate his throat when he doesn’t chew them up properly and he ends up vomiting as a result of chomping too quickly. These bite sized treats are more manageable for his system I guess.
  • Funkie Buddie Original Beef Dog Treats: This came highly recommended by Ursula who almost guaranteed that Sparky would fall in love with the treat for it not only smelled good but also tasted good. Well, it’s true. Short of me popping one of these treats into my mouth because it smelled like beef jerky, I think Sparky found his new fave snack! Size wise, this was also perfect for Bubba to feed Sparky. Occasionally, she would ask for us to give her a treat so that she can give it to Sparky. Sibling affection! 🙂
  • Wellness Crunchy WellBars WhiteFish and Sweet Potatoes Cheese Recipe Dog Treats: Made in Canada, these treats are oven-baked with no corn, soy, artificial colours or flavours. They look bland like a cookie but they do pack a punch when it comes to smell. On taste wise, I ain’t going to test it but Sparky lapped it up the moment the Bub placed a square on her palm. I will try to take a photo of it but again, everything happens in pretty much a flash so I don’t really have time to get them to re-enact the scene.

We also got Sparky a new leash – this Zee Dog Slip On Dog Leash. As Sparky is a huge dog and sometimes can be a little hard to handle for myself and my helper, we prefer to keep him on a choke-chain collar plus leash. I know you probably think it’s cruel and yes, we know that it’s not entirely ideal but having some control over him ensures our safety given that he can literally drag us across the road if he wanted to. This Slip On Dog Leash looks like a softer approach that we can take on Sparky instead of the metal collar. Love that it’s black so it looks rather sleek too. 🙂

Oh and KOHEPETS stocks vitamins as well as daily necessities for pets. As Sparky’s toothpaste was running out and the nearest pet store wasn’t in sight, so I decided to pop the Excel Dental Care – Canine Toothpaste in Mint Flavor for him. Yes, we brush Sparky’s teeth every other night so he’s pretty used to us stuffing a toothbrush into his canine region. We used to start out with liver-flavoured toothpaste but once he got used to the whole brushing regime, we decided to change it to the mint flavour.

KOHEPETS really offer so many products (from dog food, cat food, grooming products, vitamins, pet accessories, etc) that I had a field time popping things into my shopping cart. Like I said earlier, one is really spoiled for choice. I liked that stuff that you can get on KOHEPETS are different from what you can get from the generic pet shops. That’s not all, if you do a price comparison, you will find that some of their products are slightly cheaper than what you can get out there. Free delivery with S$60 spent which in my opinion is rather achievable when it comes to getting good, quality products for your pets. I have to add that delivery was super quick too. We ordered late in the night and received notification that the parcel will be delivered the next day by 9pm. That was rather impressive and I think KOHEPETS will be our next go-to e-store whenever we need to top up Sparky’s snacks, vitamins and grooming products.

For the latest news and promotions, do follow KOHEPETS on Instagram. PSST, there’s a giveaway coming up real soon on their IG account too once they hit 2,000 followers and that’s pretty soon if you do join as one of their followers.


Note: Lady J’s musings received shopping credits from KOHEPETS to get the above-mentioned products for the purpose of this review. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the service. 

Lucky 7 Sparky Boy!

IMG_4703The Mom guilt is real! I was archiving my photos and I realised that I did not do up a post for Sparky! Yikes! In between work, managing a sick child (yup, the Bub is running a fever and is sick, again) and celebrating Sparky’s birthday, it slipped my mind to do this for him. Well, not that it mattered to him for he won’t be able to read it, but it did bother me for a bit for I felt bad for neglecting him.

IMG_4709Of course, you can imagine the cake-cutting ceremony and the entire birthday celebration for an impatient dog who looks like he has not aged a day was mayhem. We did not manage to take any decent pictures at all. That’s despite us telling Sparky to sit and stay while holding his delicious wild salmon grain-free barkday cake from The Snoring Dog Bistro in front of his face. Continue reading

Little Miss Bossy Boots

It’s funny to see how Bubba is now behaving around Sparky who thankfully is very patient around her. The things she say to him include:

  • No, Sparky! This is not for you! 
  • No, Kor Kor! Drink water!
  • Feed Sparky biscuit?
  • Sparky, go where?

1461595828683Because of Sparky’s sheer size and him being almost 3 times her weight, we have yet to let her hold the leash and walk him yet as we are afraid he may end up dragging her. For now, we are just letting her hold the leash and take that couple of steps supervised under at least 2 pairs of watchful eyes.


Happy 6th Barkday to Sparky!

IMG_30064th of July always hold a special place in our hearts for it’s the day our fur-kid was born! 🙂

IMG_3012Some have commented that his appearance on this blog and on my social media channels have vastly been reduced ever since we had Bubba. All I can say is that we do not love him any less. Our hearts have just been filled with more love to go around.

IMG_3013For Sparky’s barkday, I specially got Jenn from The Snoring Dog Bistro to whip up this Cookie Heaven Barkday Cake. Sparky has long been a fan of The Snoring Dog Bistro’s Milky So Good treats and a whole lot of other treats that Jenn so lovingly makes on her own for fur-kiddos everywhere! I knew his cake would be in good hands for almost everything that Jenn has whipped up so far for Sparky, it has been polished off from his bowl within seconds.

Can’t believe how beautiful the cake actually looks! She even specially customised and handmade a Sparky figurine to be placed on top of the cake. A display case is given along with this figurine that is later used as a keepsake once the furkid finishes his cake.

IMG_3043It was kinda hard trying to get Sparky to sit still just for that second to take these pictures. As you can imagine, he was raring to sink his teeth into the cake! He couldn’t care less for any pictures. Which also explained why we didn’t manage to get any family pictures as well. One person had to calm the fur-kid. The other had to hold the actual kid and the last person? To take pictures of the entire scene.

IMG_3044This was basically the best that we could do. It took all of Sparky’s will and probably mental power to stay still enough for me to take the pictures.

IMG_3047Our littlest joined in the fun as well. We had to remind her that it wasn’t her smash cake to play and that it was her fur-bro’s one. Thankfully, Sparky has a kind streak in him and didn’t go all territorial when she touched his food. That said, we still need to be careful around them both when it comes to food.

IMG_3059Happy Barkday our dearest Sparky!!

xoxo: Daddy, Mummy & Bubba

Our first Christmas tree!

After working last weekend, so glad to have one weekend off before the next big weekend event for the year. Phew.. it’s been a busy period after returning to work and weekends are oh-so-much more precious now that Bubba is here.

We had a task this weekend… that is to set-up our very first Christmas tree! Bubba’s first Christmas with us! 🙂 The Man got us a reasonable-sized pine-tree from Ikea that cost about $50. The base for the tree is not included in the purchase and it cost us about another $30 odd to get it.

So bright and early in the morning, the Man got busy with the tree. First task at hand? To saw the base of the tree evenly and then put it up. The Man did that in under an hour. 🙂 Yay..

IMG_0820Next up? To go shopping for ornaments to decorate the tree! We brought Bubba along even though she probably couldn’t help us to pick up the items but it’s more fun bringing her along when we head out these days. I can’t bear to leave her behind if I can help it.

Bubba is also growing too fast.. we transitioned her into the 6months system for the Baby Zen Yoyo. Feels a bit nostalgic looking at her sitting upright in her stroller and observing her surroundings in wonderment instead of just lying down.

Orchard Road was of course crazy mad now that Christmas is just round the corner. So I say, we did pretty well braving the crowds. The Man baby-wore Bubba most of the time while I pushed her stroller and was a mess, according to the Man. Sigh.. oh well.

IMG_0821We started off at Tangs first at the Christmas department. This being our first time setting up a tree, we weren’t quite sure what to do. We went round looking at other trees for inspiration before deciding a theme for our tree – a Red and Gold themed Christmas tree. We got the lights and a couple of gold baubles to deck our tree.

Halfway through the shopping, I then thought of another colour scheme! What if we went with a Purple and Gold theme instead? A Red and Gold one is classic but the purple one would suit our home colour scheme. Shared it with the Man and he agreed! Since they didn’t have much purple Christmas decor over at Tangs, so we braved the crowds and headed over to Takashimaya to check out more Christmas stuff. Thank goodness for us, they had more for us to choose. We got the purple decor, had coffee and then headed home to adorn our very first tree!

IMG_0788Presenting our tree decked in Purple and Gold accents! What do you think? Not bad for our first effort, I’d say! IMG_0793Now to fill it up with presents for Bubba as well as Sparky!

IMG_0794It’s going to be a magical Christmas.. one that I can’t wait for it to come!

Another one bites the dust

Heard that iii Cafe, a pet cafe that we love popping in to occasionally had ceased its operations as they were not able to get their premises license renewed. I’ve blogged about this place previously.

IMG_9646It’s actually kinda sad for they are fewer and fewer pet cafes that specially cater for our furry-friends and their humans.

IMG_9652This place will hold fond memories for us as we first met Horlicks here and even though we don’t visit it as much as our pal, Horlicks, we really liked the fact that it was close to home and a nice place to hang out should we ever wanted to spend time with Sparky in a nice cool place with simple snacks.

Sigh.. how many pet-cafes are there actually left in Singapore now? It’s a real pity this one in the East had to shut its doors. 😦


Best pals in the making?

Many have asked how has Sparky taken to Sophie. Some have even noticed the ‘disappearance’ of Sparky’s presence here and my IG feeds ever since Bubba’s arrival. They asked if I had neglected Sparky.

Truth be told, yes, while I haven’t neglected Sparky, but time spent with him has been significantly lesser. I feel bad that I no longer dish out hugs and kisses so readily because I hold on to Bubba more often. But she’s tiny now and in time to come, she will get used to him and then we can all dish out the hugs and kisses.

IMG_9226The initial couple of weeks were really tough on all of us. The presence of Sophie threw the family dynamics a little. Sparky would bark constantly when we were upstairs fussing over little human. He would also be very fascinated with her socks and often end up jumping at Sophie in an attempt to chew off her socks. She was so tiny then so we tried to minimise the contact with the both of them since he’s so huge.

IMG_9228Things have somewhat improved. She’s grown and we try to get the 2 of them to spend some time together on a daily basis. So before she takes her morning bath, we will get Bubba to pet Sparky or to lie on him just for him to get used to her and vice versa.

IMG_9234It will take a while before they become best pals but we will get there. I just hope Sparky will not get too jealous of Sophie and he will end up protecting her instead.