Home with Odette

Because of the Circuit Breaker measures imposed by the Singapore Government, many places have been asked to stop operations to limit movement. This includes going to our fave restaurants as well. 

It’s pretty depressing but in times like these, it’s also where adversity prevails and shines. Fine dining restaurants also have to evolve with the times and move to providing delivery options. It’s nice to know that there’s an option to still enjoy fine dining at the comfort of our homes. 

Masking up to head for our take-out pick-up of our dinner and meet our fave people from Odette.

Odette launched its #OdetteatHome menu and we were happy to spot a couple of fave dishes which we knew we had to order. Of course, dining at home meant that we needed to play chef and do justice to the dishes that were cooked by the team. Loved the thought that went into each dish with specific instructions on how to prepare them before putting them on the table. 

Presenting our rendition of Odette meals plated at home: 

Hokkaido Uni ‘Pain Perdu’

Whole Roaster Bresse Poularde Au Vin Jaune

One of my fave dishes from the restaurant! I’ve only eaten twice and it’s undeniably one of the best and most ‘atas’ chicken rice out there.

Pithivier ‘Grande Cuisine’

Another complex dish wonderfully executed by Chef Julien. Never quite dreamt that we will actually be having this at home! But I guess we only did the heating up and ensuring that we don’t screw up the cutting for the pie. 

Last but not the least, DESSERT! The girl really enjoyed the Trio of Tarts. Needless to say, she had the entire strawberry tart by herself. Not a single crumb was left to us to even taste or try. Guess that’s testament to a great tart!

There you have it, our lovely meal enjoyed at home by our fave team in Odette. Hoping that you all are eating well during this period too.

Keep your spirits up!


Atelier Crenn

Final Table series on Netflix got me real excited about heading to San Francisco. I really wanted to visit the winner’s restaurant but we were only in San Fran for two days and the Man worked out the itinerary for both nights. So a miss it was. That said, I was also excited to check out Atelier Crenn by Dominique Crenn who’s restaurant was also critically acclaimed by many food lovers. She was also featured on Chef’s Table and watching her particular episode got me excited about going to her restaurant (that recently received the 3 Michelin stars award). That said, we knew she wasn’t going to be there as she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. 😦

Gotta love Summers overseas for the day is longer and the sun only sets about 8 odd pm. Our first stop before dinner was drinks at Bar Crenn – conveniently situated next to Atelier Crenn, of course.

First round, bubbly to celebrate our friend’s upcoming birthday.

And we saved our bellies for a supposed epic meal but couldn’t resist starting with a round of oysters that were glammed up with keffir lime jello. Very refreshing for the palette indeed. We were later showed to our table where our epic dining experience began. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for each course was a story waiting to be unfold/ untold.

This is acutally my fave part of the meal. Something simple and humble like the perfect brioche bun paired with the prettiest slab of homemade butter dusted with beautiful florals.

Checking out ESORA

Finally checked out ESORA after hearing about the reviews for a while now. Well, to be honest, I could have gone for dinner there in Sept last year for my birthday but due to a ‘hiccup’, we ended back at Odette. I’m not complaining for like I’ve said, we are creatures of habit. 🙂

Located along Mohamed Sultan Road, ESORA promises to take diners on a modern Japanese dining experience. Helmed by Chef Shigeru Koizumi whose culinary experience includes that of working at Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo and Odette in Singapore, it is interesting to see how these places have influenced the way he creates food in the kitchen.

An amuse-bouche of Monaka wafers, traditionally a red bean dessert, is given a different twist as a starter and it is packed with seasonal premium ingredients along with kaffir lime zest delighting the palette in anticipation of what other goodies that are to come.

Soramame – Kagoshima uni, Hamaguri, Peas

Fried Abalone – Tottori cucumber, Coriander

ESORA Sashimi Selection

Grilled Kinmedai – Shizuoka nanohana, takenoko, fukinotou

Omi Wagyu – Okaki farm in Shiga, burdock, nobiru, chirizu

Matsuba Crab Donabe and Miso Soup

Cherry Tomatoes Jello – Palette Cleanser

I particularly thought this candied apple palette cleanser was very beautifully created. Resembling like an apple, the inside was an apple sorbet encapsulated with a candied exterior. The butterfly that was on top of apple was a cut-out using the apple as well. An outstanding dish!

The whole dining experience at ESORA was very memorable indeed. Each course was steeped in Japanese flavour but gives a different perspective in terms of using various ingredients to bring out the core Japanese ingredients and I’ll have to add that the plating takes on a bolder approach from traditional Japanese plating.

Zén – Singapore

Our date night adventure saw us departing from our fave restaurant to check out Restaurant Zen run by chef-restaurateur Bjorn Frantzen. The 24-seat restaurant will serve tasting menus only, priced at $450 for nine courses plus snacks (apparently the priciest in Singapore) and the food is chef Frantzen’s interpretation of Nordic, French and Japanese cuisine – his take on kaiseki dining.

Perhaps being somewhat new to the dining scene in Singapore and with the high price-tag per diner, reservations were not particularly too difficult to score when we headed down in January. The Man booked us in sometime in December 2018 and Zen only opened its doors in Singapore around November.

I’ll have to admit that doing research on the restaurant and checking out a couple of reviews before heading there, the stakes/ expectations were high.

As the restaurant took over the premises of Andre which was formerly a 3-storey shop-house, diners are expected to be moving through the different floors throughout dinner. So for starters, we had them on the first floor where we also saw the open kitchen and watched how the chefs prepped our meals using the freshest ingredients on-hand that were proudly displayed for the evening.

Our starters were all prettily plated with different servers coming to us to explain the philosophy and the inspiration behind each dish. In fact, throughout the meal, there was a lot of attention paid to explaining the concept behind each dish.

There were elements to some of the dishes which both the Man and I enjoyed very much but for some dishes, we thought it could have been done better.

Lighting was also not the very best so the photos taken in the dim light didn’t do much justice to the dishes. But one thing that served my memory well is that we walked away with a lot of rich flavours left lingering in our palette. Some of the ingredients complemented one another but sadly, there were more that didn’t.

Perhaps it’s also the teething phase that some new restaurants go through when they open their doors in Singapore or perhaps we have been spoiled by oh-too-familiar flavours by our fave chefs. One thing we do know is that we won’t be visiting Zen again too soon and perhaps let some time pass before we head back again to try out the meal.


Back at our fave place – Odette

 One would think that now that the Bub is older, we would be able to resume our normal pre-kid / dating / fine dining activity. Well, the answer is not really. That said, I guess I can’t quite complain for we do occasionally get to head out to indulge in good food and wine. It’s just a little harder cos now the Bub will end up waiting for us till we head home, refusing to go to bed. I feel for the care-givers because they are put in a spot and it’s hard when the next day is a school day.

Mag and I, we do go a long way! We got to know each other through blogging, found out we were pregnant around the same time and then just became friends the past five years. We’ve been wanting to set up a double-date for a while now so I’m really happy that the stars were aligned for us one Saturday evening to head back to our fave restaurant for some really good food.

Being a creature of habit, I prefer to head back to places where there’s a sense of familiarity when it comes to food/ wine and people. We’ve been going to Chef Julien for the longest time and there rarely (in fact, I dare-say hardly) a dull moment when it comes to going back to Odette.

Every dish served was a beautiful work of culinary art to behold. The plating was never over-the-top, the flavours of each dish always complemented one another. The memory left behind is always as good as the last meal we had. This time, in the company of good friends, we chatted and clinked our glasses as the wine poured.

A refreshing dish that lifted up my palette! But don’t let this simple outlook fool you for it’s made with fine ingredients such as abalone and foie gras cooked in a light dashi broth. I loved it for the chewiness of the abalone went really went with the soft foie gras texture.

We usually get 2 main courses – a fish and a meat dish but usually by this time of the meal, I’m stuffed. The portions at Odette are pretty reasonable but I guess with age, I just can’t afford stuffing my face at every opportunity I get, so I obviously have to pace myself.  In fact, this time around, I totally gave the bread basket a go. I usually have at least one piece of bread with their signature Lardo.

Usually when the pigeon is served, I will give the Man half of my serving. Sometimes he takes it gladly, sometimes I get the earful or the evil eye for not helping to finish my portion but well, one shouldn’t waste good food right?

Funnily, we still found some space for Cheese! Perhaps this cheese was a little special and I saw Chef Julien preparing this earlier in the morning which was Brie layered with truffles and nuts. Each bite was surprisingly light and the truffle was a nice touch with nuts nestled in each bite. Loved it!

Last, but not least, presenting the dessert for the night! One that Chef Julien specially brought out for the table – an Ispahan-inspired creation! Think strawberries with a light sponge cake and rose/lychee flavours infused in the dessert. I’ve seen this in his feed and have been really wanting to have it so I was really honored when he chose to serve us this dessert and told the Man my choice over-rode his! Aww..

It was a great night out indeed with the Angs where it didn’t take very long before the men talked shop while us girls talked about shopping! Looking forward to the next one already!! 🙂


One of the things that I really enjoy doing is eating and sussing out new food places as well as revisiting old ones. Yes, Odette remains as one of our fave restaurants.

A business associate introduced Waa-Cow to me a couple of months back and I’ve been back to the little eatery a few times thereafter. The lunch deals are a little pricer than what you might want to part with for lunch but it is nice to indulge in a treat occasionally.

One of my fave dishes to order off the menu is this Aburi Wagyu Beef Slices topped with mentaiko and served along with an onsen egg plus ebiko roe. The whole dish is very umami (delicious) and I usually go for the mini version rather than the normal size for it fills me up nicely for lunch and leaves me enough room for a small dessert.

Food and wine for the soul

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

We probably live by this mantra at home and our bellies were filled with a full heart when the Man hosted our pals at home with a Spanish feast of cured ham that he hauled back from his Spainish holiday.

That’s not all, the Man even cooked a hearty slab of beef on our Bruno using the grill plate attachment and it was so good. As you can imagine, it went straight into our bellies. No time for food shot!

Mid-week and we are dreaming up another home-cooked meal using our Bruno this weekend. What shall it be? Korean BBQ or Steamboat? Hmm…