Disney Churros

Disneyland will always remain special to me – even as an adult. This year, we had grand plans for the family. We wanted to go on a Disney cruise with the kid and our friends. We planned for it to be a celebratory trip of sorts before the girl starts her formal education next year. But well, plans went awry because of Covid. Needless to say, we won’t be embarking on any cruise in the near future. Goodbye Disneyland in US of the A.

So when Disney Parks released their Churros recipe, I felt like I had to recreate and inject some Disney magic back home. Disney Churros like their famed popcorn will always be one of the themed food I wouldn’t mind piling on the calories for.

Having done a bakery run recently to stock up on bread flour and plain flour, I was really itching to try out the recipe.

I have to say that the portions for the recipe are quite a lot and while I tried to reduce and half the portions, how does one actually portion out 1.5 eggs instead of 3. So that was my challenge. I ended up making everything and then gifting it to a friend.

The other challenge that we had was that we didn’t have the right size of piping bags so we ended up making skinny churros instead of the fatter ones which I believe would taste better.



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