Mochi waffles with the BRUNO Hot Sand Maker

My first post of 2020 and it’s already in April! I guess I didn’t really expect to revive my blog but now with the Circuit Breaker fully in place and having a little more time on hand, I can now go back to experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.

It’s Day 5 now and I’m learning to slowly understand the new norm though I can’t help but feel frustrated. I guess it’s God’s way of telling us that everything is in his time. We can only wait and hope that eventually things will all fall into place.

Staying at home also brings upon a whole new meaning. Suddenly, we have lost the freedom of doing the things we used to do. My weekend ferrying of the kid for her classes, the in-between mani/pedi/facial treats, the long leisurely meals we have at our fave restaurants. All that is halted for the next 3 weeks. So back to the kitchen I went to put my restless energy into good use!

Thanks to my mama pal (Little Bow Girls), I found a new use for Mochi Rice Cakes. These can be found in Don Don Donki. We used to only use it for grilling or for steamboats. But now I realised that they can also be used on the BRUNO Hot Sand Maker using the waffle attachment. All it took was 2-3 minutes and the mochi cake expanded into a fluffy and crispy rice cracker.

It made for a great snack during the day. Not too difficult to do and the results were very satisfying. The best part is that it is both adult and kid-friendly.

I whipped up a small batch of salted caramel earlier in the morning. My very first time making salted caramel. Again, I was worried that I would end up burning the caramel but I studied the instructions very carefully and with some patience thrown into the mix, my salted caramel turned out just the way I wanted.

So the mochi waffle rice-cakes along with the salted caramel made for a deadly but delicious afternoon treat. I guess we all need something sinful to survive this month-long Circuit Breaker.

While we have turned to Instagram mostly for our updates, I do enjoy documenting our thoughts and penning our recipes down on this blog. I guess searching for things online is a lot easier when it’s clearly categories on the blog.

Hope you all are keeping well during this period. Stay safe and healthy!

2 thoughts on “Mochi waffles with the BRUNO Hot Sand Maker

  1. Shanti says:

    Being on a nation wide or more like world wide quarantine brings out the writers in us. So glad to come back to the free WordPress and read my favourite blogs like yours again.

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