Self care: Learning something new

One of the things that I’ve been told that I like to advocate is lifelong learning. Well, there seems to be some truth in it. Probably because of my inquisitive nature, I do want to learn new things, whether I am able to masterfully grasp it, that sometimes remain to be seen.

So we signed up a for a session of watercolour painting as part of our recent team-bonding activity. It was pretty fun but I’ve often thought of painting and art as being therapeutic. It was something that I would like to continue and so after the 2 hour workshop, I bagged myself and went home with new paints, brush and art paper. I was raring to go – transforming ideas that I had in my head to paper. That didn’t turn out too well, unfortunately.

Refusing to give up (for now), I decided to pick myself up and then relied on the internet to read up more ideas. It seemed to work and I do enjoy coming up with new artwork for the little one.

So I will get there with more practice. It is my hope one day to just paint food illustrations of the food and drink that we get acquainted with during our travels. A friend of ours has done that and I often marvel at her work. So I hope to achieve that one day.

Presenting my art journey (in order of sequence, so hopefully you can see the improvement):


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