Burger Land!

It’s been nearly 9 years since we last visited San Francisco and this time round, we headed back to the Bay area with our friends. The Man was on a Pro-Am tour and the golf wives tagged along while the husbands swung their golf clubs at Pebble Beach.

Burgers are a staple in the US and when we were there, I guess we couldn’t quite pass up a burger. So here are the two famous burger joints that we checked out during our stay around the Pebble Beach area.

Had my first In-N-Out Burger nearly 9 years ago, I didn’t think it was that great but with Shake Shack opening in Singapore and a crazy wait of at least 60 minutes and up, I thought to give In-N-Out another go.

For me, burger was pretty basic. Patty was juicy, the proportion of meat to the veggies were just nice and the buns were soft and toasty. Size-wise, it was good enough for a meal on-the-go.

Fries were not entirely impressive. In fact, after finishing our burger, the fries turned limp. In the end, we just left half a pack of the fries untouched. So go for the cheeseburger, if you must, make a meal with fries. But otherwise, if your stomach has enough space, go for two burgers then.

On our second visit to In-N-Out with the men, I didn’t feel like having carbs on my burger, so I swapped the buns for a lettuce wrap instead. Yeah, they do have veggie wrap options so speak to the server and explore other alternatives. I’ve also learned of a “secret” menu (not so secret now that I’ve decided to blog about it). There is an “animal” style option that our friend insisted we try. I got a little confused because one of our friends ordered their burger “animal” style and got more veggies plus onions with it. That’s where our lead ended. So if you do know what the “animal” style option entails in the burger. Pray tell.

Our friends who went with us on the trip have been raving about Five Guys burger joint. We were not sure if we would stumble across one so we were pretty pleased to find the Five Guys burger chain at Sand City (approximately 15-20 minute drive from Pebble Beach).

One should probably steer clear of Five Guys if you are on a diet for the portions here are true to what one can expect – ie: American sizing/ portion. The dining experience at Five Guys ain’t fancy but it’s a fun one for you get to pick and choose the variety of toppings that you would like to be accompanied with the burger. The concept is pretty close to how Subway does it for their subs but for burgers at Five Guys.

What I really enjoyed about the burger from Five Guys is that it was truly juicy with every bite. The toppings that I picked ranged from mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, pepperoni, etc is what I would like to be placed for my burger. I also liked the attention to detail paid on the packaging. Using foil to wrap the burger may not necessarily be environmentally friendly but guess what, given how generous the toppings were and how thick the burger eventually became, the foil helped kept the burger intact (unlike paper packaging) while I tried to gracefully finish my burger without looking like some hungry maniac.

I hear that Five Guys maybe making its way to Singapore sometime this year. This would be a place to look out for. I doubt prices will come cheap but it’s definitely worth checking it out at least once.


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