Checking out ESORA

Finally checked out ESORA after hearing about the reviews for a while now. Well, to be honest, I could have gone for dinner there in Sept last year for my birthday but due to a ‘hiccup’, we ended back at Odette. I’m not complaining for like I’ve said, we are creatures of habit. 🙂

Located along Mohamed Sultan Road, ESORA promises to take diners on a modern Japanese dining experience. Helmed by Chef Shigeru Koizumi whose culinary experience includes that of working at Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo and Odette in Singapore, it is interesting to see how these places have influenced the way he creates food in the kitchen.

An amuse-bouche of Monaka wafers, traditionally a red bean dessert, is given a different twist as a starter and it is packed with seasonal premium ingredients along with kaffir lime zest delighting the palette in anticipation of what other goodies that are to come.

Soramame – Kagoshima uni, Hamaguri, Peas

Fried Abalone – Tottori cucumber, Coriander

ESORA Sashimi Selection

Grilled Kinmedai – Shizuoka nanohana, takenoko, fukinotou

Omi Wagyu – Okaki farm in Shiga, burdock, nobiru, chirizu

Matsuba Crab Donabe and Miso Soup

Cherry Tomatoes Jello – Palette Cleanser

I particularly thought this candied apple palette cleanser was very beautifully created. Resembling like an apple, the inside was an apple sorbet encapsulated with a candied exterior. The butterfly that was on top of apple was a cut-out using the apple as well. An outstanding dish!

The whole dining experience at ESORA was very memorable indeed. Each course was steeped in Japanese flavour but gives a different perspective in terms of using various ingredients to bring out the core Japanese ingredients and I’ll have to add that the plating takes on a bolder approach from traditional Japanese plating.

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