Back at our fave place – Odette

 One would think that now that the Bub is older, we would be able to resume our normal pre-kid / dating / fine dining activity. Well, the answer is not really. That said, I guess I can’t quite complain for we do occasionally get to head out to indulge in good food and wine. It’s just a little harder cos now the Bub will end up waiting for us till we head home, refusing to go to bed. I feel for the care-givers because they are put in a spot and it’s hard when the next day is a school day.

Mag and I, we do go a long way! We got to know each other through blogging, found out we were pregnant around the same time and then just became friends the past five years. We’ve been wanting to set up a double-date for a while now so I’m really happy that the stars were aligned for us one Saturday evening to head back to our fave restaurant for some really good food.

Being a creature of habit, I prefer to head back to places where there’s a sense of familiarity when it comes to food/ wine and people. We’ve been going to Chef Julien for the longest time and there rarely (in fact, I dare-say hardly) a dull moment when it comes to going back to Odette.

Every dish served was a beautiful work of culinary art to behold. The plating was never over-the-top, the flavours of each dish always complemented one another. The memory left behind is always as good as the last meal we had. This time, in the company of good friends, we chatted and clinked our glasses as the wine poured.

A refreshing dish that lifted up my palette! But don’t let this simple outlook fool you for it’s made with fine ingredients such as abalone and foie gras cooked in a light dashi broth. I loved it for the chewiness of the abalone went really went with the soft foie gras texture.

We usually get 2 main courses – a fish and a meat dish but usually by this time of the meal, I’m stuffed. The portions at Odette are pretty reasonable but I guess with age, I just can’t afford stuffing my face at every opportunity I get, so I obviously have to pace myself.  In fact, this time around, I totally gave the bread basket a go. I usually have at least one piece of bread with their signature Lardo.

Usually when the pigeon is served, I will give the Man half of my serving. Sometimes he takes it gladly, sometimes I get the earful or the evil eye for not helping to finish my portion but well, one shouldn’t waste good food right?

Funnily, we still found some space for Cheese! Perhaps this cheese was a little special and I saw Chef Julien preparing this earlier in the morning which was Brie layered with truffles and nuts. Each bite was surprisingly light and the truffle was a nice touch with nuts nestled in each bite. Loved it!

Last, but not least, presenting the dessert for the night! One that Chef Julien specially brought out for the table – an Ispahan-inspired creation! Think strawberries with a light sponge cake and rose/lychee flavours infused in the dessert. I’ve seen this in his feed and have been really wanting to have it so I was really honored when he chose to serve us this dessert and told the Man my choice over-rode his! Aww..

It was a great night out indeed with the Angs where it didn’t take very long before the men talked shop while us girls talked about shopping! Looking forward to the next one already!! 🙂

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