The girl in the mirror

Little girl is growing up way too fast. I’m sure this is a sentiment echoed by most parents. Though we spend most of our time together, a large part of the day is also spent at work/ school/ running errands, etc – getting through routines and schedules.

Her passport is due for renewal and I attempted to take a picture for submission. When I told her she needs to look at the camera and smile for the new photo as we needed to update her baby picture in her current passport. The poor kid burst out in tears and bawled “But I want to be a baby! I want the baby photo in the passport! I don’t want to be a big girl! I want to be a baby, otherwise you all won’t love me anymore!”

I hugged the kiddo tightly and reassured that she will always be my baby no matter how big she is. It took a while to convince her but she eventually calmed down. Seeing her react that way about growing up brought back memories for as a young girl, I also had similar issues growing up and growing old plus dying. I remembered bursting into tears for fear of my parents growing too old. But as the saying goes, time waits for no man. I can only store these memories in my heart.

And like my mom shared, little girl’s mannerism and character is like mine. I guess it really is like looking in the mirror and seeing a part of me in my little girl.

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