Christmas gifting with Our Lifestyle Shop

Came home to this special bundle from our fave folks over Our Lifestyle Shop gifting us with Eco-PY Flying Insect Killer Refills for the home. Super handy to have around given our living area is so prone to mozzies now that the rainy season is upon us!

I’ve also recommended friends and loved ones to check out products under Our Lifestyle Shop because they really work and are eco-friendly to use. Christmas is also the perfect time to share these products with loved ones and stock up on what you really love for the home for their specials are pretty much unbeatable! I do most of my stocking up in Dec too! Hehe.

Here’s what you need to do to gain access into Our Lifestyle Shop special Christmas closed door sales!! Register your interest and sign up here .

There will be 4 bundles available for grabs! Here’s what to expect:

🎄Bundle 1: Mix and match your favorite and receive a free Safe Hands Sanitizer.

🎄Bundle 2: ECO-PY Dispenser + 2 Automated ECO-PY Flying Insect Killer Refills + B-Sanitised+ Safe Hands Sanitizer.

🎄Bundle 3: ECO-ON odour neutralizer refuels (bundle of 4) + FREE ECO-ON Refill

🎄Bundle 4: ECO-PY Flying Insect Killer Refills (bundle of 3) + FREE ECO-ON Refill.

That’s not all! All Christmas bundle orders will be lovingly wrapped by the elves over Our Lifestyle Shop with a special gift bag and a personalized gift card with each order. How sweet of them!

Love how so much thought and effort goes to make this season of gifting extra special. So make your Christmas shopping a hassle-free one when you shop for the home with  Our Lifestyle Shop!

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