Food for thought

It’s been a little quiet here because I have been struggling.. struggling to keep afloat, to keep it together at work, at home, to maintain relationships/ friendships and to not feel guilty about taking some time off for myself.

Been thinking quite a fair bit about “What drives me?”. At work, mainly. What do I do what I do? To ensure that there is purpose in the work that I do and the work that I deliver. To ensure that through it all, I learn something from it. Learning is a lifelong journey and there are no set ways in getting the results that you want. One way may work better for some, but it’s also about adaptability, how to get better at what you do and achieve the results faster. To be humble and that it’s not my way or the highway.

At home? What drives me? To the best parent that I can be to my child within my capabilities. To understand that as a parent, I’m not always right and that my child can also teach me life-lessons. To see the world through the eyes of my child and to be present for  her. To raise my child with the right set of values that can carry her through her life. To let her know that one must work hard to get where they are and not everything will fall on her lap. To let her learn that it’s ok to fall and not win all the time. If you work hard enough, you will eventually get there.

So yea, that’s food for thought… reflecting on what I’m seeing in today’s world at this point in time.


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