Social Media

For the longest time, the Man has been asking me to catch Black Mirror on Netflix especially the episode called Nose Dive. He said that it would be relevant to me in today’s day and age. Perhaps, he thought I was headed to becoming a serious social media addict given that I was quite consumed/ obsessed with social media platforms like Instagram for a period of time. Wondering why my picture didn’t achieve the desired number of likes and scratching my head to generate content that would acheive the most number of likes.

Looking back, it’s actually kind of scary to think how these would affect me. Thankfully not for long as I begin to take stock of what really mattered. The real relationships/ friendships versus the reel and the online ones. It was nice meeting people online, chatting with them on similar topics and don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually made some really nice friends online. Some stayed, some didn’t because life caught up and it does take work to maintain relationships/ friendships. I don’t feel bitter that those didn’t work out. We had our time and I’m thankful that our paths crossed.

Social media… it’s a double-edged sword. If you put too much of yourself out there, while some may be supportive there’s always another group of people who can’t wait to rip you apart. People think they know you because you have chosen to give them access into your life be it through writing or pictures. And while I take everything with somewhat a pinch of salt and would like to think the best of everyone, sadly,  not everyone thinks that way. So sometimes walls are built for privacy and protection of those who that remain close and dear to me.

I’ve been blogging for a decade.. 10 years.. that’s long. I’ve experienced my fair share of likes and ‘haters’ out there and for a while, it did weigh me down. Have I considered removing all content from my blog? Not at this point in time, this online journal still serve many fond memories of different stages of my life. One that I would like to possibly share with the little one when she’s older. Those that I’m not comfortable sharing publicly, I decided to privatise those posts instead because writing is still an outlet for me.

So who reads blog these days when one gets instant gratification from checking Instagram feeds instead? I don’t know. But I’ll just do what makes me happy and blogging does help me…


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