I received a call from the Bub’s teacher who told me that they have progressed from tracing letters and numbers to actually writing them. She told me that Sophie found it a little challenging having to write out the letters and numbers on her own without the tracing tool as an aid and that she ended up crying most of the time rather than actually doing the work.

Should I be concerned? Perhaps. But more than that, all I wanted is for my child to enjoy her time in school. I get that the school is more academic driven but I know that child takes time to get used to writing or to fall into a rhythm. Positive reinforcement for me was more important than trying to force her to finish the task at hand. I asked if the school would look at mixing tracing letters and having her write out the words in the same worksheet instead of just dismissing her ability to write out on her own. The teacher said that she will try this approach.

Everything has its time and its place is what I like to believe. I believe that if she tried hard enough and with time, she will get better at what she does. This is how I’ve been brought up and perhaps what I would like to teach my child. Don’t be too quick to dismiss your little ones, instead, encourage them to continue trying and one day, they will achieve their goals. Even if it’s a simple task at hand.

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