Review of Club Med Tomamu

Finally found the time/ energy to blog about our winter holiday to Hokkaido. It’s been probably 2 years since I last went on a ski/ snowboard holiday. Not that I am a hardcore sports enthusiast but the Man did remark that it’s been ages since we went on a winter trip. Largely because we also thought that the little one would like to have a change in scenery when it comes to family holidays so we decided to bring her to a country where it would actually be snowing. Guess where’s the closest country that came to mind? Why, Japan of course!

Club Med Tomamu located in Hokkaido was newly opened and we did have a good experience with Club Med years ago, so we decided to give it a try. One of the reasons why we decided on Club Med was also because they have a child-minding service where we paid for a fee to put the little one in while we hit the powder in the day. As Club Med offers a full-board service, we didn’t have to worry about our meals for it was provided for throughout the day, including alcohol.

The little one did seem to enjoy being in the Petit Club but only for a day or two. After the third day where she pretty much figured out that we were going to leave her there after her ski lesson, she was a little sad. So on Day 4, I decided to take a break from snow-boarding to keep her company. Petit Club pretty much ran like a day centre for kids. There were minders that will tend to the little one’s needs and also feed them during meals. They also planned several activities to keep the little ones busy and occupied. Best part? Naps are also part of the routine so it was reassuring to know that the little one clocked in sufficient snooze time even on holiday.

If your kids are above 4, then they can be placed in the Mini Club where they can opt to take ski or snowboarding lessons in a group. Because the kiddo is not 4 yet and we were eager to get her started on skiing, we signed her up for private ski lessons for an hour for three days. Her first lesson was with Coach Mitch who she absolutely adored. The skies were also so blue and made for the perfect backdrop for her to play around in the snow with. The second day, he was busy so we signed up with Coach Sam which we realised she didn’t take an immediate liking to. I guess this girl clearly like male teachers so on the third day, we asked Coach Mitch if he was free to take her on as a student. He was really quite sweet as it was his off day and he still took her on.

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