Being a cheerleader

As a kid, my mom used to sign me up for art classes and I really did love them. In fact, I enjoyed colouring and drawing a lot growing up. So now that the little one is slightly older, I got her a jumbo set of colouring pencils that we try to bring out to occupy her instead of screen-time.

In church today, we had these colouring sheets where I distributed to the kids and her older cousins helped to colour. The little girl felt a little dejected when she saw that her colouring wasn’t as good as her older cousins. She’s kinda free-spirited by nature so I guess it shows up when she colours. She picks up different colours depending on her mood and the colours are often not within the lines. Even though I’m a tad bit OCD (meaning I would love for her to colour within the line and frame), I let her be. She does give up a little when she sees her colouring a little haphazard and messy. Today, she came up to me with tears streaming down her cheeks and told me “Mama, I’m not good at colouring. Help me…”

My heart broke a little when those words came out of her little mouth. I told her to just give it her best shot, try harder and not give up. On our way home, I reminded her of the times when she didn’t do too well in a certain task, but she tried over and over again; and got better as time went by. She nodded and then we repeated our little cheer to “Never Give Up!”

Perhaps this is my motto to live by too.. to never give up, to keep trying and soldier on.

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