Bringing the Spa to your home..

Truth be told, I really do love my massages and every other week, it’s the couple time that the Man and I would possibly indulge in. Putting the kiddo at my Mom’s place before heading off for a much-needed 90 minute massage. Yes, it’s a luxury but because I hardly ever exercise, those knots in my lower and upper back get so tight so the weekly massages to relieve the tension does help.

In December (yes, you read right, last year), I was treated to a home massage session from The Outcall Spa and it was seriously divine. I did not need to even step out of my home to enjoy a massage for they brought the spa right to my home.

I was very impressed with the services that they had to offer, not to mention the attention to details paid in replicating the entire spa experience in my very own home. The massage bed was set up promptly at the time of my massage. Everything you see in the picture below was prepared by my therapist (also named Joanne) who even brought along her own portable speakers loaded with all the soothing spa music that accompanied the session.

The 90-minute session was indeed very enjoyable in the comfort of my own room. The Bub was sleeping so that was an added plus! I think the services provided by The Outcall Spa are simply fantastic for moms or even young couples who often find it hard to leave home for a massage for you can book a massage at 10 or 11pm in the night after you put your kids to bed. Yes, the mom guilt is real but it’s also important to treat yourself and take some time for yourself. It is only then you will be able to give your best to your child, family and whatever you do.

Did I also mention that after your massage, you also get to enjoy a warm cup of ginger tea (just like some of the spas that offer this)! So you are totally not missing out on the full spa experience when you utilise services from The Outcall Spa.

If you are looking for a gift idea for your loved ones or friends or event a treat for yourself for 2018, I’m certain a massage or even a nail service treatment from The Outcall Spa would be greatly appreciated.

Simply quote “TOMAMAJ” to enjoy 15% off all services. This discount is also extended to the purchase of gift cards. Prices start from S$50 and the promotion code is valid till 31 Jan 2018 (only 15 more days to enjoy this).

Thanks to The Outcall Spa for ths massage and my lovely therapist Joanne for kneading those dreaded knots away.


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a massage session from The Outcall Spa to review their services.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the services. 

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