Reflection on 2017 and wishes for 2018

What a year this has turned out to be especially in the last quarter where everything almost becomes a blur. As with most of the year-end blog-posts, it does start out to be quite reflective and contemplative as I wonder if I really did make the most out of it. I know I probably did for this year has turned out to be pretty amazing.

So I’m thankful to be able to go on a flexi-working arrangement with the Company. I work on 3 days and spent the rest of the 2 days hanging out with the kiddo (at times), running errands (most of the time) and just appreciating the time I have on hand. That’s a luxury. If you are sitting there wondering, how lucky I am. Well, it doesn’t quite come at a cost. I took a pay-cut and decided to put my career on a back-seat. It’s a hard pill to swallow as I see my other peers doing better but if I had to choose between my family and my career. I guess I choose the former. There are only those few more years that I will get to enjoy the Bub when she’s little, so I might as well make the most out of those years. Plus the Man’s work schedule is quite punishing so having the days off does help.

2017 has also been quite a milestone year for I partnered one of my dearest friends, Libby to launch an e-store and latter secured the rights to distribute BRUNO in Singapore. Before even going into partnership, I thought long and hard about whether we made the right choice. The road into this business partnership isn’t going to be paved smooth for us. We haven’t quite got the faintest idea but we believed in the brand, the products and we knew that those who purchased the products would love it. Of course, juggling a full-time job, our homes and then this business wasn’t quite a walk in the park but we did what we could. I have been really wary about entering into the venture because at the end of the day, the friendship mattered more than money and I would hate to think that we would fall out over work. Of course, I tend to overthink matters at time and so far, while there are ups and downs in they ways of working, the open communication is key to making it work. So for 2018, I pray that the open communication between us as friends and partners would stay central to how we conduct our business.

Apart from this, I’m thankful for the love showered upon me and the little one from the Man and my family. For the times that they believed in me when I doubted myself, for the times that they spurred me on and for the times they just stood by me and gave me strength. I’m also extremely grateful that in 2017, I managed to travel a little more compared to the year before. Travel has always been something me and the Man enjoyed doing and it did take a back-seat when the little one came but now that she’s a little older, it’s nice to travel with and without her. I hope in 2018, I will be able to do the same.

On to resolutions for 2018, somehow those get forgotten along the way during the year, so I’m keeping it simple and wishing for good health and happiness to those closest and nearest to me. Health is something that we often take for granted and as my parents age, I really just want them to be happy and healthy. With more time on hand, I hope to be able to be around for them more. I also hope that our little business venture will take off smoothly and the kinks will all get sorted. I’m excited to see how we can grow our brand further! Last but not least, on family time, I still want to be there to witness the Bub’s milestones so work-life balance is still something I strive and aim to achieve and I hope that in the coming year, the Man will also spend more time with me as well as the Bub. He works/ golfs loads so I hope we will still find some time to spend with each other to continue growing our marriage. This relationship is for the long run and yes, it does take some work at nurturing and growing it.

From all of us here in the Lim Fam Bam, it has been a wonderful 2017, we embrace the good as well as the not-so-good and look forward to a brand new 2018 filled with hope and happiness!

Happy New Year!!!

xx: j0anne


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