Todzilla strikes

When your toddler is about 2 years old and can’t make out full sentences yet, the tantrums are usually in the form of abrupting lying on the floor and screaming. Now that the Bub is 3.5 years and can form full sentences, throwing tantrums have gone up a notch.

Just the other morning, she wanted to have bread with jam and topped off with sprinkles. Since she hasn’t been well, I agreed to the treat of sprinkles. It’s been awhile since she wanted to even eat bread and she did enjoy them with sprinkles. After preparing her breakfast, she took a bite of her bread and then said she didn’t want to eat the rest. I was peeved of course. I told her that in other parts of the world, some children don’t get food on the table. A concept that she has yet to grasp.

So eventually I told her, “You have to eat your bread before you get to read your book!” To that she then replied “FINE!”, picked up a piece of her bread and stuffed inside her mouth.

It has happened! The phase of my toddler answering back has dawned upon us! Help me!

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