Seoul with my sistas

This was a long overdue trip that I had planned with my girlfriends since June. Long overdue in a way as the four of us have not gone on a holiday since like 2005! These ladies were a huge part of my life in my 20s and perhaps over the years, we may have lost touch with one another but it’s good to know that we can pick right off where we left off. Sure, things may have changed but the familiarity of hanging out with one another fell almost right at home when we all met up in Seoul.

To be honest, Seoul was not on my top list of countries that I would pick to go but my 2 other girlfriends were quite bent on heading back there. They had gone to Seoul last year and planned on making in their annual girlie trip incorporating a whole slew of hair and beauty treatments. Well, not to be the wet blanket, I decided alright I will give Seoul another go. I didn’t quite enjoy it when we were there in 2010 for I was SEOUL wasted (days of my “youth”) maybe this time round it would be different.

For this trip, we planned on getting our hair and a semi-permanent make-up done. Upon a recommendation by a Korean Mama-pal, we eventually decided on heading to Juno. I decided since I was going to be turning 40, I needed a new change in my hair-do. Very adventurous! I’ve heard alot about the Korean perm so decided that there isn’t a better time to do this than during the trip. The colour and C-curl perm cost me about 380,000 won which is a little hefty but I really did like the look. Maintenance wasn’t all too bad either for some days when I crawl out of bed and am lazy to have the perfect curl look, I just let the curls hang wild and loose.

Another thing that my girlfriends were bent on doing was eyebrow embroidery. Sure, you could get it done in Singapore but my girlfriends swore that the one done by the Aesthetic Director of the Lee Na Young Beauty Academy was the best. So we took her word for it and did our brows. I also tried the semi-permanent lip tattoo as I was tired of touching up my lips with lipstick during the day. I have to add the lip procedure was rather painful and to be honest, when I told my friends I did this, they couldn’t really tell because that’s how natural the lips would look with a light pink effect. Would I do it again? Prob not worth the pain. Will have to see if it will really last for 3 years!

For my surprise birthday dinner with the girls, the Man booked us a sumptuous dinner at Gaon. He had been to the restaurant I think a month back when he was in Seoul and thought that I would enjoy this with my girlfriends. Being a serious foodie, he was definitely right.

From the start of the meal to the finish, we were bowled over by the presentation of the meal and how traditional Korean dishes can be elevated using fine dining techniques.

I was very impressed with this fresh Kimchi salad which was essentially using fresh cabbage and vegetables tossed in spicy sauce. Each bite was refreshing and if you are not particularly a Kimchi fan, this dish might change your impression of Kimchi altogether.

The extremely mouth-watering beef that simply melted in our mouths. Check out the marbling aka fats on each slice. Super sinful but super good. No one spoke as we gingerly placed the salt crystals on each slice of beef and carefully placed it in our mouth.

The restaurant also specially arranged a traditional Korean birthday cake for me but the company was superb, not to mention, they had these kicka$$ soju which packed a high alcoholic content!

Last but not the least, a girls trip is not complete if we didn’t shop. Seoul is quite a shopper’s haven for it’s beauty products, fashion and food. I think I fared pretty well and did not burst my baggage quota. My Seoul haul included my fave BB compact cushion from Hera, some clothing from Dongdaemun Wholesale Centre as well as SPAM. Have you tried SPAM (luncheon meat from Korea)? It’s actually very good and not too salty either! I think the next time the Man heads there, I’m going to ask him stock more of these up!

And this pretty much sums up our 4D/3N trip to Seoul with the ladies. Our next holiday with us four will probably be in the next decade! 🙂


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