72 hours in Hong Kong

After nearly 3 to 4 years of not visiting Hong Kong, I think I’ve hit my annual quota of visiting Hong Kong with a whirlwind weekend trip in under 6 months. I’m not entirely crazy about the country but the first was with my cousin in March, the second was with the Bub in May to check out Disney and the recent one was with Mama Libby for bizz-ness – totally legit.

Because our trip was booked rather last minute, flights to Hong Kong were sky high! $900 on SQ, $700 on Cathay. The only reasonable airfare that we were going to pay for was about $300+ and it was a toss between United Airlines (does not have the best rep at the moment) or Tiger Airways. We chose the former and hoped that we will not be dragged off the plane. Thankfully, we made it there and back in one piece.

Coffee is always a good idea especially at 4am in the morning. A most ungodly hour but our spirits were high as we are excited with all the plans that we have for Cote Maison. Since we technically don’t have to run around after our kids, ditched our Mom bags for a second and swapped them with not-so-friendly kid bag.

Fresh off the plane, filled our tummies with some food and headed to work almost straight away. This was us checking out the not-so-popular part of Hong Kong but it was definitely an eye-opening one, we needed to understand the basics.

While our short trip was rather jam-packed with meetings as well as site visits to check out displays, it wasn’t all work and no play. Thanks to some pushing from the Teos, I got to check out the Peak walk with the pair on Saturday and ticked off one of the things to do in Hong Kong on my list.
The short nature walk was rather enjoyable except that it was kinda stressful as minutes before we embarked on the nature trail, I dropped my portable mobile wifi device in the cab. My heart sank horribly as I feared the worst that it would be lost and I would have to end up paying the penalties for this. But thankfully, we managed to locate the name of the cab company and eventually the driver and retrieved the device. Phew! I guess there’s a reason why insurance for such items are loaded in the rental. Might be worth looking at this in future.

And in the evening or rather night when we are done with all the business talk, we would head to the nearest supermarket, grabbed a bottle of wine/ cans of beers, head back home and then select a movie where the 3 of us would huddle around and watch along with some junk food. The 2 movies we watched over 2 nights were 30 Days of Night (zombie genre) and Spectral (sci-fi genre).

On food while I would love to go on a food trail and gain all those calories, time wasn’t particularly on our side. But I must add that we did pretty well with majority of the restaurants that we headed to to fill our tummies for our core meals. Egg noodles with parboiled liver with noodles that were springy at Ho Hung Kee (1 Michelin Star) as well as a scrumptious dinner of glammed up dim sum at Dim Sum Library.

The cocktails were a killer. One glass was all it took for Mama Libby and I to be grinning widely for the rest of the evening. Well, all’s not a lost for we each scored a new pair of Repettos on sale!

With one precious day left in Hong Kong, we thought we will be able to squeeze in most of the things that we had planned on doing before scooting off to the airport at 5.30pm. We had grand plans – a leisurely morning walk at Dragon’s Back followed by brunch with egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery, a spot of shopping and ending off with high-tea at Upper House. We didn’t get to realise our plans. We woke up to grey skies and an alert of Typhoon 8 hoisted over Hong Kong on Sunday morning.

Hike at Dragon’s Back were shelved and exchanged for brunch. We were going to be good Sunday Catholics and attend mass but when we reached church, we saw a sign displayed to say that mass services have been temporarily halted due to the Typhoon warning. The shops were pretty much closed and that’s when Libby turned around and said “Guys, this is bad! We need to head home, pack our bags for the airport else we may not get a cab down!

Well, we procrastinated and ended up doing Sun Salutations relicating the stance by these round male figurines found at her place and I guess it worked. The rain somewhat stopped and we saw the sun peeking out.  We decided that this was probably our last chance to head out and play before we go back home. After much persuasion from Papa Teo who was very eager to bring us ladies to Sai Wan Swimming Shed for that perfect Instagram shot, we decided to YOLO and head there. Afterall, he was the one driving!

The drive there was short but the walk down to get this shot was scary and as you get close to this structure, you will notice water leeches on the ground. Beware and keep on moving! We were creeped out but all it took was a couple of seconds to snap 3-4 pics before we huffed on up the flight of ancient stairs.

And the weather eventually cleared up for us to head to Tai Cheong Bakery to grab some yummy and buttery egg custard tarts. Yum! Thanks Teos for being such great travel companions with and without kids! 🙂 The Man was very pleased that both Mama Libby and I had a baby-sitter along for the trip for he will definitely have no patience for this.

Now that the trip is over, there are loads to be done for Cote Maison.. watch this space… 🙂







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