Decor for the ‘I want adventure in the great wide somewhere’ Birthday Party

So, the Bub turns three this coming week and I decided that it will be nice to throw a little birthday celebration for her at home. When she was much younger, the Man had wanted to throw a birthday party for her, but I figured she would not have much memories of the occasion and honestly, it was more for the parents.  But it’s kinda different now that she has more friends and for this Mama, it was nice to commemorate this occasion with family and friends who have seen her grow up.

The venue for the party was to be held at home, a week just before her actual birthday. Since our garden was big enough to fit a bouncy castle, I thought it was a good idea to rent it so that the little ones can jump around in the garden. On timing of the party, I decided to hold it in the morning cum early afternoon. Party-planning started as early as March/ April (well, simply because I like to plan things ahead where I can) and when I told the Man of my idea, he rolled his eyes and exclaimed, ‘Who throws parties so early in the morning?!’

To be honest, I don’t understand why no one wants to throw parties in the mornings then? My rationale for doing so? Kids hardly ever want to sleep in. In fact, they will wake you up at 7am in the morning usually demanding for a milk feed followed by play. Having a party in the morning means that they will be sufficiently occupied and hopefully burn off all that raging energy so that they will be suitably tired for their afternoon nap giving their parents some peace in the afternoon.

That said, I did have to do a market survey of sorts so I went round to ask the Mama friends I was going to invite and most said that they will turn up for the party if we hold it at 10.30am – 11am so I eventually settled on the timing for the event.

Next, on the theme. This was kind of tricky especially with toddlers who you think would know what they want. Bub was quite a Beauty and the Beast fan from Feb/ Mar this year, so I took a chance and decided that her party will be largely centered around the BATB theme with colour schemes of Blue and Yellow that will be featured on the party decor.

For the invite, I could go with the ‘Be Our Guest’ theme but I thought the Adventure theme would be a little more apt given that the Bub could practically sign the whole verse from Belle’s reprise of the movie. So I used the verses ‘I want adventure in the great wide somewhere’ as the overall theme for her party and incorporated the decor to suit the theme.

On the backdrop, I’ve always been quite fascinated with the paper wheel backdrop and it seemed like it was something that I could replicate at home. So I ordered these paper wheels ahead of time from TaoBao and stashed it aside till it was time to do up the backdrop. To mount these, you can use the 3M mounting hooks (thanks Bowlerena for the tip) and just play around with the placement of the different sizes.

Enlisted the help of my helper so this took us about 1.5 hours to mount on our wall. We had extras so we did up the side wall too with a simple display.

Putting together the elements to fit the theme. The felt board was a lovely item to add as part of the decoration. Or if you have a lightbox, you could also include this as part of the decor. The other Beauty and the Beast related merchandise such as Lumiere (was loaned by Mama Libby) and the Mrs Potts and Chip tea-set was purchased ahead of this party to be used for the home. Have to add that it definitely came in handy. Lastly, a birthday pinata would be a fun item to have for the kids. So the hot air balloon with the Belle doll in it is actually a customised pinata that I made specially for the event. Turned out to be a fun decor to add around the house too!

I need to add that our house isn’t entirely child-friendly and with nearly 16 children majority of them being under the age of 6 under one roof, I did have to try and make it friendly for them. So we shifted our furniture a little and this heavy coffee-table to the corner of our living room. It didn’t turn out half as bad for I managed to find more Beauty and the Beast related merchandise to add on the table. This eventually became our default gift table for me to place the gifts that our guests brought as well as the goody bags that I have prepared for the little ones.

On her cake, I was worried about her changing her mind for you know how it is with toddlers, they can hardly make up their minds. One day, she would tell me that she wants a Rapunzel cake, the next day, she would request for a My Little Pony cake. Thankfully, the days leading up to her party, she was fixated with Belle again. Enlisted the help of Mayvis from The Pastel Pantry (search her IG account) to conceptualise a birthday cake from a scene with Small town Belle in it and it was a gorgeous cake creation. The birthday girl gasped and exclaimed ‘This is amazing!‘ when she laid her eyes on it with her tiny little hands covering her mouth. Witnessing her joy and marvel at the beautiful cake was such a magical moment and I’m glad we did splurge a little on customising this one-of-a-kind cake for her. I hope in years to come, she would remember it for I do remember some of the birthday cakes that my mom had specially ordered for me during my birthday parties.

I’m going to finish off this post on decor for the Bub’s party. Am still waiting for the photos from the party from our photog, so I will share more of those when the photos are all. The Bub was also very lucky to receive this hand-illustrated print by Kat (IG account: LetterSoiree) as a gift which definitely was put to good use as a decorative piece for the party.

Till then, I’m recovering from the Bub’s party and it’s round 2 come Friday when she celebrates it in school. Well, at least it will be a cosy crowd.. I just need to convince her that she now needs a My Little Pony birthday cake instead of a Belle Cake for I ordered a rainbow cake for her. GULP! Wish me luck!


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