Diner en Blanc in Singapore

Over the weekend, we took the night off to attend Diner en Blanc – the all fancy white picnic supposedly under the stars at a secret location. I’ve read all about this event (yes, including the SG fiasco that happened a couple of years back) and thought perhaps it would be fun to just attend one just to see what it would be like.

Well, just a couple of weeks back, Mama Libby asked if we would be keen to attend Diner en Blanc for Mama Gwen managed to score a slot and could extend the invite to her friends. In the spur of the moment and in the spirit of having fun, I agreed to join in the picnic (without realising the mammoth logistics surrounding it).

Okay, I may have exaggerated it a little but this was one event that you would practically have to prepare everything on your own. You’ll need to pay a registration fee to attend the all white party but the fee includes attending the event. Transport, food and drinks would have to be purchased separately.

That’s not all, you would have to ensure that apart being dressed in white (from head to toe), the items that you bring along (eg: the picnic table, chairs, cutlery, etc) will also need to adhere to the white colour code.

It was kind of a nightmare for me when I realised that we have to get the food, the table/ chairs, picnic basket, outifts all sorted in 2 weeks. That kind of timeframe doesn’t sit well with me for I like to plan in advance the logistics, if I can help it plus I had to work over the weekend so that means I have less time to get things arranged.

Thankfully, my mama friends came to the rescue. Gwen very kindly sorted out our stylish hats for the evening. Personalised, no less. Pretty right? I kinda can’t wait for our next beach holiday to put this on again.

Libby and KX helped to get us chairs and napkins for the event. We were freaking out about where to get the picnic table and then I found out that my MIL has a spare make-shift table that we could borrow. Thank goodness! I managed to get a secondhand picnic basket off Carousel and was going to wrap it with some white cloth hours before our event. But the Man stopped me and said that we should just carry along our Coleman which could store more items. Well, I wished he had told me that before I bought the picnic basket. I guess that can still be used as part of the Bub’s birthday props.

Okay, I won’t go into the specifics on the event logistics just in case you are ever keen on going to one of these Diner en Blanc events but let’s just say when we arrived at the location, we were just glad that it was not in the middle of some park with no proper toilet facilities.

That’s my Mama Crew showing off our outfits before the dinner started proper.

And here are our outfits for the day. Love the rest of the outfits on the girls and their picnic baskets all wrapped up with lace. As for me, I don’t own many white outfits so thank goodness I have that one white dress that I could pull out from the wardrobe for this event. I had planned on wearing a simple nude flats but the invite read WHITE only, so I rushed down to H&M to grab a pair of white lace espadrilles (thanks Libby for the tip!).

It was indeed an all fancy affair and most of the food that we decided to bring along for this dinner was whatever I could order from Red Mart – think cheeses, dips, a charcuterie board and chips! Thank goodness for online grocery shopping! I don’t think I could deal with running to multiple places to get the stuff. Funnily, in the end, the Man managed to bring in white pepper crabs as part of the main course. Gotta give it to him for spontaneity!

With my mom crew and our other halves before the mayhem started. It was a very warm evening so the complimentary fans given by the organisers were definitely put into good use. And I guess if we are ever invited or going back again for next year’s event, we know to bring along next time. Or perhaps, we might just order a fancy take-out and eat it off our fancy cutlery.

Thanks for the fun night out where we crept home only at 1am (still sober and afer a midnight supper)! Can’t even recall when was the last time we had supper after clubbing at 10pm! Haha..


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