Sophie’s first catwalk show

Gosh, this seems like a while back but I never got round to posting it so I decided that it should still be posted despite the <gulp> three months lag.

We were invited by the lovely parents of Leia + Lauren to participate in the runway show at SuperMom Deluxe sometime in Feb. We were quite excited as this was the first fashion show that the Bub was invited to be in and it was quite a fun thing to do given that this Mama loves and breathes shopping/ fashion.

We were also stokked that our BFF, Mama Libby and Sophie-Rose was also involved in the show. It does help to have a familiar face around and you know with toddlers, anything and everything can happen. Expect the unexpected, that saying is true for sure.

Our make-up call was rather early, 12-ishpm to be exact and the showtime was only 3pm. I was kinda worried about the Bub missing her nap and I know the meltdowns that can possibly morph and spiral out of control when she doesn’t get sufficient rest, but it was near impossible to get her to nap with all the buzz going around. I had my Tula but it didn’t work for sure. I also preferred if the girls didn’t have any make-up on for it was tough trying to tell them not to rub their eyes and smear their make-up on their outfits.

When it was show-time, the kids all lined up in a single row and waited for their turn to walk down the runway. Bub was one of the last few and by that time, she was already getting restless. By this point, I’ve already lost count of the number of white chocolate marshmallows and boxes of raisins that she had consumed. She was literally on a sugar high, all ready to get on stage but well, I had to reign her in.

Well, eventually it was her turn and boy was it hilarious! She wouldn’t walk on her own so I had to get up on stage to cheer her on and get her to “shake her little bum” when each child had to stand in the corner and strike a pose. Her bum shaking caused a stir in the crowd with huge laughs. Phew.. thankfully, no cries!

It sure was memorable indeed. Thanks Peter and Amber for having us again. It was quite the experience and this Mama will hold on to the memories and relate them to the Bub when’s she’s older.


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