Travel with kids to +852

Wait a minute?! Didn’t I just come back from an all girls trip from Hong Kong? Yea, I did. But it’s not like I’m loving Hong Kong so much to want to bring my kid there. I still think while Hong Kong offers a lot in terms of shopping and food, but for kids (especially toddlers), I’m not quite certain about it being a holiday destination.

So this Mama and girls only holiday was a bit of an impromptu trip as our fave Mama-and-girl duo was due for a trip to visit her family and because I’ve been yearning to bring Bubba for a mom and bub holiday so on a quick whim (on my part actually), we booked our tickets, accommodation to Hong Kong for an all-girls trip only to Disney.

The Dad was happy when he heard this, he thinks I’m the real Disney Junkie here hiding under the guise of the Bub and he thinks that this trip should allow me to get Disneyland out of my system once and for all.

Well, we just returned from our amazing holiday and we have so much to share about the trip. Not so much in terms of shopping but what we have achieved in Disney. Just give me a couple of days to recover from just the 4D/3N holiday with the Bub. Once I get sufficient rest, I’ll fire up the keyboard and share the tips. But first, I really need to SLEEP!


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