Mother’s Day 2017

No grand celebrations but in fact, I decided on a series of events to mark the occasion and to indulge in a little tender loving care for myself.

First up, a gift to myself! I had my eyes set on the Coach Mercer Satchel with souvenir embroidery the moment I saw how cute the patches were on the bag. I don’t usually buy white/ cream coloured bags for I worry about how I should maintain them but this one was too cute to pass up.

What I really liked was that for Mother’s Day, every purchase of the bag came with a bag tag and complimentary embossing. It was hard narrowing down the emoticons for the tag but I eventually settled on a blue tag with the letters J and S which can signify my name, the Man’s name, Sparky’s name and the Bub’s name. Pretty efficient huh? 🙂 And I couldn’t decide between the bow or the unicorn but picked the unicorn in the end because Bubba is born in the year of the horse, so I guess that’s kinda close to a unicorn.

Next, Mama Libby and I decided that we totally deserve a gift for ourselves, so we went ahead and bought this sleek eMicro scooter after upgrading the girls’ scooters recently.

I was a little nervous about getting an adult scooter but the eMicro One is one cool, hybrid electronic scooter. It’s lightweight and easy to use – no throttle or funky buttons to worry about when powering up the electric mode. I was really quite excited to get my hands on this new transportation device. I don’t cycle for nuts and I was worried about whether I could even handle this scooter on my own. But, thanks to the encouragement by my Mama pal and the Man, I decided to take on this personal challenge of balancing on the eMicro and using it to get round the neighbourhood for coffee runs instead of relying on the car.

I thought it would take me a few weeks before I could even balance on the eMicro but I’m really proud to share that after one evening spent learning how to scoot on my own on the eMicro, I DID IT! I managed to balance and actually scoot up and down the road. I did almost 20 minutes on the eMicro the next day on a double-girls date with the little one and I sure am eager to see if I can go further on the scooter. Stay tuned or follow us on Instagram for more updates. 🙂

This Mother’s Day, we also did a little joint celebration with the Bub’s godma as well. I signed all of us up for a baking session over at Spur Box with the kiddos where we bonded over baking of butter cookies decorated with fondant.

I was actually worried that Bubba would not eb able to listen to instructions and would get bored halfway during the 90- 120 minute session but we survived. I was most impressed when she placed the butter into the bowl and used the stirrer to mix the flour. She also rolled out the dough and used the cookie cutters to make the cookies. Never mind that the cookies were not perfect, it’s the effort that truly mattered.

The session was also nicely broken up to include an interactive story-telling with puppets by the facilitator. I think that was a nice touch for I know how short a child’s attention span can be so the story-telling helped pique their interest while we waited around for their cookies to be baked.

Suffice to say, the Bub did have fun in her very first baking class that she had with me. I’m kinda proud that she did well in the session and I really do look forward to signing us up on another class to spend the time and interact with her.

And on Sunday, I was greeted with these little handmade cards and a beautiful bouquet of flowers by the Man. I guess it’s true what they say, it’s the littlest things that take up the most space in one’s heart. And that was exactly how I felt when the Bub held the bouquet and the cards and walked towards me with a little smile.

Dearest Sophie, you are still very young to know this but thank you for making me your Mama. Everyday spent with you over the last three years is truly a blessing and such a joy. I wish only the best for you, my little darling. I know I may not be the perfect Mama but I will strive to be one for you. Love you so very dearly and so very, very much!

And just like that, my Mother’s Day is perfect!


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