Confessions of a shopaholic mom

inked on the national papers last month!
It was kind of nice actually to be part of this lifestyle article where we shared why we would choose local brands over some of the mainstream brands for the Bub. Well, we did come a long way – window-shopping, surfing the internet/ Instagram to look at different brands or designs to fill up the Bub’s wardrobe. So during our 3 year journey with the Bub, it’s nice to see the fashion scene for children’s clothing come to life and marrying comfort with style. That’s not all, the prices are often really pocket-friendly too.

Here are some of our fave local brands to shop at:

  • Sea Apple for its organic cotton clothes, original prints, quality fabrics and modern styles
  • Elizabeth Little Co for its pretty dresses fashioned from Liberty fabrics
  • Leia + Lauren Shop for its cute veggie prints on their soft and comfortable terry cotton rompers that’s perfect for our climate and play
  • Little Bow Company for the specially curated items (think dresses, bows, accessories and now Princess dresses that toddlers would want to wear and prance around in)
  • HappieTings for handmade bows in a variety of candilicious colours for one can never have too many bows!


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