Upcycling our old IKEA step-stool

Our Ikea Step Stool has been with us as long as I’ve been married. It was one of the items that we purchased and I popped into the containers when I relocated to Tokyo then. Thought it would be useful to have around the home if I needed to climb and reach the cabinets. We moved it from house to house when we shifted and till today, it remains as one of our older fixtures around the home. We like using it as a stool occasionally when I sit next to the Bub and blow her hair. While the helper likes using it as a ladder when cleaning our room. To be honest, after 11 years, it was looking a tad bit dirty but we never got round to getting rid of it because it was actually very sturdy and looked like it could last.

So after deliberating and seeing how fun upcycling of old furniture can actually be (thanks to Mama Libby), I finally got round to purchasing some paints from French Chic Paint to embark on my refurb project.

Okay, why choose French Chic Paint over other types of paint or even spray paint that you can get off the counter? Here are the reasons why after seeing what Libby did with some of her stuff, I was sold! It really does help when your Mama pal share the information which is what I’m doing here as well. 🙂

  • Frenchic Furniture Paint is fabulous for transforming any piece of furniture whether you are into that shabby chic, retro or industrial look.
  • I like that different looks can be created simply by using their eco-friendly range of waxes and Frensheens or finish with a Finishing Coat to add an extra level of protection to your furniture.
  • Best part? Their paint, waxes and finishes are all natural and non-petroleum based with no horrible odour.

After putting the Bub to bed one night and as I was solo-parenting, I got down to painting our stool. It was pretty easy painting this and the best part was that it didn’t really matter that the brush strokes needed to be uniformed if it’s the rustic look that you are trying to achieve on your pieces. The paint had no foul smell and this meant that I could do my painting in the comfort of my own room while supervising my sleeping child. The paint also dried up rather quickly. I painted the first coat in Mother Duck and then let it dry for about 15 – 20 minutes before applying on the second coat.

Thereafter, I let the stool dry overnight before putting on the Finishing Coat the next morning to seal the paint for the stool. We used about 2 coats of the Finishing Coat on the stool and in between each application, I do let the coat dry from about 2 hours before applying the next Finishing Coat on the stool.

Presenting our stool with a fresh coat of paint! And what a difference the coat of paint made.. love the duck-egg blue (Mother Duck) colour that we chose and it stood out among our white furnishings.


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