Show and Tell: The Healthy Plate

One of the Show and Tell activities that the Bub had to do revolved around Healthy Living. The school introduced the concept of healthy eating to the kids and the parents are encouraged to reinforce the messages back home. For instance, get the child to identify the different types of healthy food so as to instill good eating habits. This culminated into a Show and Tell activity where parents are supposed to create a Healthy Plate collage/ poster for the child to share with their friends.

Well, we did acquire several shots of the Bub eating and I did have some free time on hand when she went to bed. So I decided to put together some of her fave healthy snacks and stick photos on them as part of her Show and Tell segment.

It wasn’t too difficult to do really. All I needed to do was to keep aside her fave snacks when she finished them, clean them and then stick the photos of her enjoying her fave milk, fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc on the snack.

The finished product! We had some fake fruit – grapes – lying aound too so that served as a prop in her little box (which was also recycled). 🙂

And to get the Bub all excited about her little segment, I found some fruit and food stickers lying around so I got  her involved in the activity by dressing up her snackbox with some of these stickers.

Now, this wasn’t too hard and in fact pretty fun to put together. Try it if you need to put together an activity with your child to encourage healthy eating/ snacking habits. 🙂


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