Bubba’s fave Disney Princess…

Growing up, my fave Disney Princess has gotta be Ariel from The Little Mermaid which made its debut in 1989. I probably was a teenager then and a tad bit old to be dressed in costumes but that didn’t stop me from pronouncing her as my fave princess for she had a rebellious streak that probably is the reason why I could relate to Ariel.

I have to admit that having a little girl, I would want for her to choose her own Disney Princess to fall in love with. I do love all things Disney and I had hoped that she would walk the same path. Well, it didn’t look like she was falling head-over-heels with Disney when she was about two plus, preferring cartoons with a more generic theme like Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi and even Blaze & the Monster Machines. I was quite certain that we will be raising a tomboy soon. Oh well, I wasn’t too bothered, I guess in time to come, she might discover the world of Disney.

It was until a playdate that we had with Mama Libby and Sophie-Rose one day that revealed the Bub’s affection for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. That was what she told Mama Libby who in turn told me. I didn’t quite believe it for we hardly exposed her to any Disney cartoons and not Beauty and the Beast for it wasn’t top of my list.

So I decided to test her out one day, asking her which Princess she actually likes. To my surprise, she replied Belle. I guess that was my cue to hurl and unleash all things Beauty and the Beast unto my little girl. 🙂
Timing was perfect as our fave store – The Little Bow Co – launched an exclusive Once Upon A Time princess collection collaborating with Tulle Love by Gwen. I caved in for I knew the Belle princess dress would either be a hit or like what the Man said ‘a white elephant’ in her wardrobe. Seeing how keen she was on her fave character Belle, I decided to take the risk and order the Belle yellow gown for her.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about getting her her own costume. I’ve seen off-the-shelves princess costumes and they really don’t look comfortable at all. The tulle is often scratchy, the sizing is ill-fitting and the quality probably won’t last long. But my worries were put to rest when I laid my hands on this Princess Belle dress from The Little Bow Co. The tulle is soft and flowy, the fabric used for the gown is perfect for our weather and the Bub actually loved wearing her gown. In fact, she “begged” the father to let her wear the gown out on their staycation when I was away. One week before we are due for our Japan trip and I was worried whether it could even dry in time for our holiday.

I guess it’s true on what they say about little girls. Dressing them up is indeed loads of fun. And I guess this Princess phase is just going to be for this moment when she actually enjoys playing dress-up. Their childhood is going to pass by in a flash so I might as well let her have fun with the Princess costumes before she decides that it’s not going to be cool next time.

And of course, having a fellow play-mate to play dress-up with doubles up the fun. That said, Mama Libby and I have just booked ourselves a holiday with the girls to Hong Kong Disneyland. Yup, can’t get enough of the happiest place on earth.

 So, who’s your fave Disney Princess and did your little one walk down the same path? 🙂

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