Show and Tell: Making of a 3D tree

So we get a weekly email from the Bub’s school teachers informing the parents some of the activities that the kids are involved in for the week. Occasionally, we do get emails from her teachers requesting for the parents to work with the child on specific projects to prep the child for their show-and-tell segment.

Well, some of the projects ain’t too difficult. Usually, there’s a theme and we have to try our best to involve our child in the activity. Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest too where ideas on how to bring some of the projects to life can also be readily sourced for too.

Our upcoming project for the Bub’s Show and Tell segment involved a 3D craft tree, possibly to get the little ones interested to care for nature. When I received the email from her Mandarin teacher, I kinda shuddered. “Man, these show-and-tell challenges are getting harder and she’s only in N1!” But I decided that in the spirit of being creative, these craft projects should not be looked upon as a chore but more like a fun thing to do with the child, plus her teacher was really quite sweet to share some examples of what sort of 3D trees the parents could possibly make with the child as examples in the email.

So I started researching or rather surfing for ideas on what I wanted to do. The Man’s idea of a craft tree was simply to repurpose an old toilet roll with some crushed green paper and a couple of red dots (for apples) to hand up as her assignment

img_8289Then I came across this 3D Paper Tree Craft over at Craft Palette which I thought would make for an interesting exhibit for the Bub’s show-and-tell. It did entail a little more work and crafting done in it but it does look kinda pretty if I manage to pull it off. So I decided that this will be the 3D Tree that I will attempt to make for the Bub!

img_7941My initial idea was to recycle cardboard boxes for the trunks of the tree and get the Bub to do finger-painting for the leaves of the tree.

img_7891The idea in my head seemed like it would work except that it didn’t quite work out the way that I had planned. Here’s why! The cardboard stock was simply too thick for the trunk. I had trouble even cutting out the shape of the trunk. Next, it was tough trying to get the Bub focus on painting specific colours for the leaves. We were literally all over the place. She wanted different colours for the leaves and the fruits of the tree. In the end, we made a mess of colourful prints which totally was not what I was looking for. But well, we had fun making the mess.

So off to Plan B in order to execute the craft tree ahead of the deadline!

While she took her nap, I zipped off to the nearest Popular Bookstore to purchase the items for the crafting of the tree. The Man was highly amused when he saw how focused I was to get the tree done for I still have some time but I usually like to give myself ample time to get things done ahead of deadlines. So to construct the tree wasn’t all too difficult. All that was needed was proper card stock, green crepe paper and craft glue.

img_8122I used the template that was provided on Craft Palette for the tree and cut the shape for the tree trunks. It was team work for the Man was also involved in helping to assemble the tree – sticking all the different portions of the cardboard – while I finished with the cutting of the leaves.

img_8123The almost-finished tree! I decided to salvage some of the Bub’s fingerprinted craft work by adding apples on the tree.

img_8126Getting there with some apples on the tree. Decided to call it a night after spending 1.5 hours seated on the floor to come up with this craft tree.

img_7887Well, it still needed more apples to make the tree look a little more vibrant so I engaged the Bub in another finger-painting activity the next day. Again, she was more interested to have purple and orange apples instead of red ones so we did a rainbow spectrum of apples just for her amusement.

There you have it, the final product for her little show-and-tell segment with her little friends. I wondered how she fared at the session but from the pictures, it does look like the kids had fun.

img_4904One down and another project for this Mama to complete before her next Show-and-Tell that’s due in 2 weeks! Gulp….

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