Valentine’s Day

Hello there..

Nope, not expecting anything special for Valentine’s Day but it would still be nice to mark the occasion with a little something extra for my little family (one whom I love dearly).

And what better way to commemorate the highly-raved day (one that’s probably created for retailers to sell more stuff) with this customised photo-printed marshmallows from MarshSG. I chanced upon their IG account and thought they would make a really cool gift for both the Man and the Bub.

When she presented the gift (on my behalf) to her Dad, the Man was touched by the gesture but the ultimate beneficiary of this gift was clearly the Bub who couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into her fave sweet treat.

I mean, just check out that face. That said, she wasn’t selfish in wanting the entire box for herself. So she distributed them all to the rest of us.

While she happily chomped down her square marshmallow which we told her would make up her daily quota of sugar intake. In fact, it was slightly more than what we would have given her but well, it was a lead up to Valentine’s Day so I felt indulgent as a mother. 🙂

img_8187We all know that the prices of flowers would usually cost slightly more during this time and while I will not be expecting a bouquet of flowers to land on my lap. I thought it would be nice to just hold on to a bouquet and just grab a pic with my little one. [Note: Bouquet was kindly loaned to us by my sis who received the bouquet from my future bro-in-law! Hehe] That said, my mini Valentine definitely fared better than the Man for last Thursday after her Berries class, she came up to me and said 妈妈,我爱你 (Mummy, I love you!) and that was simply music to my ears!

img_8220To my mini Valentine, your face lights up my world! Regardless of whatever expression you may have! 🙂 Daddy and I will always LOVE you…

And to the Man, Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you always tell me you don’t celebrate the occasion and I shouldn’t be expecting anything, but it’s still nice to give you a shout out on this special day where millions celebrate the day of L.O.V.E! MUACKS!


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