Festive Fever

img_7382This face.. obviously played too hard over the Chinese New Year period and is now down with a throat infection coupled with a fever that rivals the temperature of an onsen. Don’t laugh, it’s true!

I would have loved to blog but over the long festive weekend, our calendar was packed with visiting and basically eating around the clock. As the Bub is a little older now, we are a little more relaxed when it came to her nap-times. She largely battled sleep or just took a power nap along the way. Well, what we did was to compensate her short nap-time with an earlier sleeping time in the night so that basically evened out the amount of hours her body need to clock in for the day.

For now, she’s off her fave nuts – pistachios – as well as ice-cream as she recuperates from that nasty sore throat. Good thing is that her spirits are up and she’s active although clingy when I’m around. Last evening, she basically stuck by my side when I reached home from work. Refused to sit her high chair for dinner and insisted on sitting on my lap as I fed her her rice and soup which thankfully she finished but extremely slowly. I almost lost it at one point as she was fidgeting and simply refused to eat her food. I raised my voice and pretended to be angry.

Me: Look at this face! Is it a happy or angry face?

S: Don’t be angry, Mama. Mama, don’t be angry ok?

Me: (tone softens a little) I won’t be angry if you finish your food ok?

S: Ok.. I’m sorry…

How did my baby girl know when to say sorry? I almost burst into tears when she said that. For a moment, I felt as if I was the bad guy, forcing her to eat but I didn’t have a choice for she needed to have her meds and she definitely needed food in her system.

Get well soon, my little baby girl!


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