Convos with Bubba at 2.5 yrs

Bubba is quite the chatterbox, not that I’m complaining but it’s quite funny to see how quick her mind works when I try to reason with her. This was a recent convo that took place over dinner and just thinking about this often brings a smile to my face.

img_6798Scenario: Bubba fussing during dinner, not wanting to eat her food

Me: Sophie, eat your food! Stop throwing it around! Look at Mummy’s face now? It it happy, angry or sad?

S: It’s angry! Mummy, you don’t be angry ok? You must be happy! (then turns to Dad and said the same thing)

And just like that, that look of anger somewhat dissipates and turns into a wide smile.

Even my mom and my MIL who witnessed this couldn’t stop laughing!


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