Happy Birthday to the Man!

img_6589Guess who turned 40 over the weekend? Hehe.. the Man! But I think he doesn’t look like his age at all. The weekend was filled with festivities and loads of feasting with family and friends. Well, as much as I tried to plan a surprise for him, he always manages to guess it. Likewise, when it comes to planning surprises for me, he says that he feels compelled to reveal the surprise to me because I always look like I can’t wait to know what’s coming up.

This time round, I tried to keep the dinner location a secret but I let the Man in on the guest list. Days before his birthday dinner reveal, he asked me point-blank where the dinner bash would be. Just as I was squirming in my seat, hemming and hawing to fish out a response, he said he guessed that it would be Odette. I stared at him and asked “How did you guess?!” He gave a knowing look and said that he would be surprised given our friendship with Chef Julien, he would be appalled if I chose somewhere else to hold the bash. Well, I guess he was right. The Man: 1, Me: 0

img_6752img_6588The menu that Chef Julien created for our small group was indeed ‘outstanding’ with a couple of new variations injected into his creations. The capellini with egg yolk and black truffles was a hit around the table as well as the pigeon. The wine selected to be paired with the menu was also superb. We all went home with a very happy belly and in high spirits.

img_6616The next day, the party continued but mostly time spent with the little one. Since I planned the programme for the day, we started the day with a Paw Patrol themed birthday cake.

img_6635Hehe, very kiddy for a 40th birthday but one thing we come to realised that your birthdays aren’t quite the same when the kid is around. They kinda think that it’s part of their birthday too and will claim all rights to blowing the candles off your cake. Do not (I repeat), DO NOT even attempt to blow off your own candles for it will incur the wrath of your child.

img_6670Of course, I couldn’t quite let him celebrate his birthday without setting off some fireworks (this is legal, btw) on his cake. It created quite a stir but I have to say, all eyes were definitely on the birthday boy Man for sure!

img_6733-1Once again, blessed birthday again to Sparky (aka the Man and Daddy)! Wishing you the best of health, joy and happiness as you enter into the next decade! 🙂


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