Hello 2017!

img_6108Sheesh, it feels like it’s been a while since I posted something. Had meant to post a review of 2016 but of course, I never got round to doing it. Christmas came and gone and ushering 2017 was spent with my loved ones unwrapping gifts and clinking glasses of chilled moscato when the year turned before hugging my little one tightly to bed. Nothing fancy, just with people who we hold and love so dearly.

img_6228Also, the lack of updates is largely due to a heavy workload with a huge event that’s coming up this weekend and whatever free time I have left, I’m usually either running errands or spending time with the above face. Solo-parenting is also coming to an end with the Man returning from his world time later this week. Feels like forever, in between poor wifi connection, most of the convos that we had with a couple of minutes via Facetime (usually more for the Dad to look at his precious daughter) and the rest via What’s App. I’m sure he will have loads to share about his epic trip.

In the meantime, please do stick around here for we hope to bounce back into bloggin action soon! 🙂


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