Show and tell in school: eye Care

Bubba’s school will dish out home assignments to parents occasionally very often around a simple Show and Tell which the parents and child are strongly encouraged to participate in. This was our 4th Show and Tell for the year and the theme was around Eye Care. I have to add, some of these themes are not easy so we often have to crack our head to prepare something fun and creative for Bubba to present during the segment. Also, it was never about competition (ie: which kid presented better or which parent did a better job at the theme), the whole point about having a Show and Tell session at their age is to really encourage them to learn and experience public speaking – an important skill that they will use throughout their life.

Here’s what we did for her little Show and Tell segment around eye care.

img_2241 I didn’t want to do up a poster because we did that previously for one of the themes. Also, doing up a poster seemed like a lot more work and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure of what to put. While looking for inspiration and possibly throwing out the mailers, this particular card stood out in terms of size, so I decided to recycle the card for the submission of the project.

img_2880Wasn’t too difficult either. Since the theme was around eye care, for the card’s main visual, I took inspiration from an eye-check chart and stuck googly eyes (purchased from Daiso) on the front of the card.

img_2242As for the inside, I simply used whatever leftover scrapbooking material I had previously for the project and selected some key tips for Bubba to share with her little friends on how to take proper care of their little eyes.

img_2243I started out this project feeling a little flustered as I was not sure if whatever I produced would make sense to Bubba but after the completion of the card and rehearsing with Bubba what she should share with her friends in school, I was filled with a sense of pride when Bubba could repeat what I taught her after looking at the pictures in the card.

This exercise also taught me about how we often take simple things like looking after one’s eyes for granted. Taking care of one’s eyes starts young and the amount of technology that these little ones are exposed to these days compared to my times, it’s even more important for them to observe these useful eye care tips before their eye conditions start deteriorating.

On to 2017, wonder what parent-child projects are in stored for us as Bubba heads on to Nursery 1.


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