Mommy car woes 

One of Bub’s fave shows currently is Team Umizoomi and apart from the cartoon’s main characters (Milli, Geo and Bot), Umicar often makes an appearance in the show. Bub gets a kick when Umicar comes on and she would often go ‘Umicar!’ in unison with the other characters. Well, it did teach her some proper safety tips and she knows that she needs to belt up when she’s in her car-seat. As a result, we decided to name my car ‘Mummycar’ (I know not very inventive) when I bring her out for a ride.

img_5934This morning, on the way to school, this sign flashed on my dashboard. My heart sanked a little for I suspected that a nail had probably punctured my rear tyre. I’m usually quite clueless when it comes to matters relating to the car and the Man usually handled the matters. But now that he’s away, I had to kinda figure what to do (besides sending him a SOS What’s App message while he’s miles away).

img_4550This was the second incident that we had with Mummycar in the past 2 weeks or so. A day before I was scheduled to fly off for our family trip to Gold Coast, the windscreen of my car cracked. I had parked the car at Bubba’s school the entire day and suspected that either a small rock fell on it or it could be something else. I panicked not knowing what to do. Thankfully, my BFF helped and guided me along; had the help of a friend too who basically told me that I needed to call the car insurance company, report the incident and then send down the car to the assigned workshop for them to replace the windscreen. Turnaround time for this was 2-3 working days which he had helped sort out once I got the paperwork in order.

Now back to punctured tyre.

I had two options. One, which was to send the car back to Mercedes which would probably take a week or so to sort out the problem and perhaps recommend that I change the tyre which would cost me a bomb or Two, to drive to the nearest tyre workshop to see if the tyre could be patched. The second option seemed more viable as I tried looking for the nail but could not find it with my naked eye.

img_5936Then, I recalled a colleague having the same problem a couple of months back and she shared a contact for ARS Recovery so I decided to contact them to see if they could help me patch my tyre.

img_5938Turned out they could and on the spot too for a fee and they were quick too! The incident happened when I was on my way to drop Bub in school and it took under an hour for them to come and fix the problem. My tyre repair which also came with a warranty cost me $100. The Man says that we probably need to bring our car in for servicing just to make sure that everything is ok. Well, I will let him sort that out when he’s back.

img_5940For now, this nail will serve as a memory and hopefully put an end to all our car woes!


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