Gold Coast for Christmas

Christmas is often spent with family and loved ones. While I am not super big on the holiday, I still love the magical feeling in the air, the company of my family and the sometimes quibbling we get while ripping apart our wrappers next to the Christmas, not to mention the feasting.

This year, the Man decided to embark on his round-the-world-trip. I was a little crushed when he told me of his plans for I had hoped that we spend the holidays as a family, but I also knew that once he’s made up his mind, there’s no stopping him. Rather than have a disgruntled husband who’s probably going to assume the role as a Grinch over Christmas, I might as well let him go on his holiday alone and I make my own plans to spend the holidays with my family – the noisy bunch.

Turned out to be a great decision! It did take a little convincing my parents to spend the holidays overseas but because Christmas fell on a Sunday and we had Monday off, it allowed me to take some time off from work. I also knew my parents would love to spend some time with the Bub so the family holiday was perfect for bonding with my side of the family and her cousins whom she only gets to meet once a week.

When it came to deciding the country we should all visit, Japan came up as the preferred choice but I knew that travelling in a group of 9 with 3 young kids could potentially be challenging for Tokyo. Where are we to find an air BnB big enough to accommodate us all. Air BnB/ apartments are still preferred on family trips as it would allow us to prepare meals for the kids and my dad who may sometimes prefer the home-cooked food. Plus, it would be cold and the logistics of moving a big group via public transport seemed like another challenge to tackle on the list. So I suggested Australia as the next choice of destination. It was vetoed by most of the family members as December was Summer and it was going to be hot. I was a little crushed but after discussion, we decided to head down to Gold Coast. We had the loan of an apartment by one of my Mom’s bosses and Gold Coast seemed like a child-friendly destination for both the young and old. Plus, it has been ages since we last visited there so it would be nice to head back there and see what Gold Coast has to offer.

img_5428This is the whole Sim FamBam before our trip. I hope to be able to do a short post on what we have done over the 10 days which seemed long at first but it went by so fast. It’s true what they say, time does fly by when you are having fun!

img_4696In the meantime, leaving you this cute pic (well, at least I think she’s cute) of the Bub attempting to cast a magic spell on me. I think I need some magic around here to work on all my posts.

Looking forward to the upcoming New Year break but also feeling a little nostalgic about how quick the year just went by.

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