So the Man bought a brand new spanking iPhone 7 plus fresh from his trip to Tokyo simply because they happened to have stocks the last day that he was there. We were excited because the end of the road was near for both of our iPhones 6 which bore the brunt of heavy usage for the past 730 days. We both wanted the Jet Black version but the Rose Gold version was available and I didn’t mind taking it while he ordered the Jet Black version which took a while longer to arrive given the limited stocks.

The day came to swap phones and boy was I excited! Finally, I get the iPhone 7 plus with the much talked about highly improved camera capabilities! I could not wait to take pictures with the phone, so I started backing up my old iPhone 6 and then attempted to transfer the files over to the new phone.

img_3378Nightmare #1. My back-up file was corrupted and it took about 3 hours one night to try and back-up the file only to learn that it was corrupted when I connected it to the new device. My heart sank! I knew that was 3 hours that I could not get back and that I had to restart the entire process of deleting all back-ups stored on the computer and to create a new one. I took a deep breath and went through the entire process again which was hard reset on the iPhone 6, ensured that it was updated with the latest iOS, then backed up my data (which took 3 hours btw). When that was completed, I had to restore my new iPhone 7 to factory settings then connect it to iTunes using the lightning cable to restore my last data back-up (which took nearly 45 minutes) before I could use the new phone.

Okay, now that I have the somewhat new phone on hand, what do I do? Take pictures of Bubba of course! So I happily did that only to realise that it made this super loud clicking sound whenever I took a picture or grabbed a screenshot. It drove me nuts! I don’t want people to know when I’m taking a picture (I’m not a creep) and the screenshot function, I actually use it quite a lot so imagine people around me giving me the eye when they hear the camera click. I went on a rampage and trawled the world wide web to find a solution! Someone out there must have had the same problem and the possibility of resolving this issue could just be out there.

img_2866I read on the online forums that you can’t mute off the camera sound function for iPhones purchased in Japan because it’s a legislation passed by the Government to prevent secret filming and other privacy issues. I could only gasp in horror when I read this and hoped that it was not true. I desperately searched for other methods to see if the problem be resolved.

But unfortunately, no. I tried the steps listed which was to mute the phone and to turned off the silencer, sadly, it didn’t work. The next best thing for me to do was to contact the Apple Support team. Thankfully, I had a really nice lady assigned to my case and when I tried to describe the problem to her, I clearly sounded exasperated. I even added a disclaimer to my convo and said “Please don’t laugh at me for having this problem but it’s really killing me not being able to turn off the camera sound on the somewhat spanking new iPhone.” She laughed but from the other side of the line, she genuinely wanted to help me. So we tried restoring factory settings of the phone, which apparently won’t delete my other files. When that didn’t work, she recommended that I backed up my phone, restore the phone to factory settings and then set up the phone as a new one with the back-up.

Well, I’m not hopeful given that the reports that I’ve read all sort of suggest that the camera shutter sounds in Japan are mandatory. GAH…

img_2249Because a pic of an angsty toddler probably looks better than an exasperated Mom. Now, the only solution to end this is to exchange phones with the Man. Well, he didn’t have an issue with the camera shutter sound previously, so this better work out!

img_3488Here’s to another 3 more hours spent trying to fix this technical hot mess!

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