Bedtime convo 

Just the other day, a friend asked me when am I going to let Bubba sleep with me until? To that I answered, probably until the day she tells me she wants her own bed. And my friend’s eyes just widened. Well, it’s hard not to pass judgement but different strokes for different folks. The same applies for parenting methods.

img_2785For now, I’m just contented to snuggle next to Bubba at night, play a round of peek-a-boo using the blanket, hold hands before she drifts off to sleep.

A couple of nights back, the routine was pretty much the same, except that she kicked off the blanket and did not want to be covered. I whined and went “But, but, Mummy is COLD…. BRRR!!!” The little one heard this and proceeded to cover the blanket over me.

Me : “Thank you Sophie, it’s very nice of you! Mummy is warm now.”

Bubba: “You are very welcome, ok?”

Man, did my baby just grow up to become a little lady overnight? Well, at least she minds her Ps and Qs. 🙂


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