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A couple of weeks back, Nat from FussPro approached me to find out if I would be keen to find out more about their cleaning services. I quickly scanned through the email and replied to say that I was interested but am also wary about professional cleaning services as brands such as Delphine and Rainbow have actually offered to come to our home to clean our beds and sofa but they would try to persuade us to purchase their products which we are not particularly looking for at this point in time.

The proposed cleaning services offered from FussPro would be something that I was more willing to explore given that we are not interested in purchasing heavy-duty cleaning machinery that very often ended up becoming white elephants because of their complicated methods of usage.

I was put to ease by Nat’s response who gave more information about FussPro whose mission is to provide affordable, yet comprehensive professional cleaning backed with scientific methodology to solve new parents and pet owners cleaning problems, through a simple online booking process, at a transparent pricing, in a secured and convenient way. He added further that they do not have any packages nor any products that they would push their customers to purchase. Pricing is transparent and indicated clearly on their website.

A date was set for FussPro to come to our place to help professionally clean our sofa, our bed and Bubba’s bed. Actually, I was most worried about the condition of our bed, our bed is about 5 years old now, prior to Bubba’s arrival, the fur-kid was sleeping mostly with us on our bed at times. Now, we co-sleep with Bubba and our bed has bore the brunt of her vomit when she’s ill and pee when her diapers are simply too full. I shuddered at the thought of the amount of unseen dust and dirt that the naked eye could not see.

our experience with fusspro

After a date was set, I subsequently received a confirmation email with the booking details of when the FussPro team would come over. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now and had moved nearly 4 homes with us. That’s not all, the material of the sofa is slightly different from what you can now get from the market, our sofa cushion was filled with down feathers so I knew washing it would also pose a potential problem for FussPro. Luckily, they addressed my concerns. I shared with them pictures of my sofa as well as the cleaning labels that we managed to find on the sofa. Despite it being in Japanese (well, we got the sofa when we were living in Japan), the FussPro team managed to get that translated and during a service call before the actual day of the cleaning, they briefly shared what they would be using to clean our sofa as well as the bed.

Mattress Deep Clean

I was told that the whole cleaning process would take about 3 to 4 hours with another 2 hours that you will probably need to factor in for the mattress and cushion to fully be dried before you put on the sheets for the former. So my preferred time for this was of course the morning. Prior to the team coming, we were also told to remove our bedsheets  so that they can get to work straightaway when they arrive which was what they did basically.

After a thorough inspection of our mattress, no bed-bugs (YAY) but isolated patches of stains primarily centred in the middle and top part of the bed (I know, gross pic but well, to be expected given that Bubba sleeps in the center), Vernon and Ken from FussPro wasted no time and got straight to work immediately. They told me that the stains have been on our bed for a while now so they would try to extract whatever dirt they can from the stains and if it’s effective, it will be lightened.

Do you know that all mattresses contain dust mites and its allergenic feces? In fact, if it has not been professionally cleaned for more than 6 months, there could be millions of them lurking in your mattress right now. No matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way you can completely rid your bed of the debris that accumulates through regular usage. Thankfully, after an inspection by Vernon, he revealed that our bed was not infested of the dreaded dust mites.

That said, we shouldn’t be complacent as well. Given that we spend an average of 9 hours daily on our bed and we do shed dead skin cells while we sleep, it’s recommended to conduct regular deep cleaning on your mattress so that you can enjoy good quality sleep.

img_1706I won’t go into detail the entire process on how the FussPro team conducts the deep cleaning for the mattress for you can find out more on their website. But after witnessing the careful process of how Vernon and Ken cleaned our mattress and seeing for ourselves the amount of dirt plus grime that went into the mattress, I think we went to bed that night feeling a whole lot better knowing that our mattress is now cleaner. Oh and that anti-dust mite spray that they spritz on your bed after the cleaning smelled really good too! Guess what? Accidents do happen, just the day after, Bubba’s diaper was full and part of her pee ended up on our bed! Can’t blame her for now but we are just glad that the deep layers of dirt have already been deep-cleaned.

Upholstery Cleaning

Next, without taking any break, both Vernon and Ken got straight to work on our 4-seater L-shaped sofa. Our sofa has been with us for nearly a decade now. It’s moved with us from Tokyo and to almost 3 homes in Singapore. When the Man purchased this sofa, it had a cream cushion cover with down feathers filling. Okay, down feathers filling as a cushion for a sofa probably wouldn’t be most Singaporeans’ choice for the weather here is humid and warm so caring for a sofa like that would naturally be a little more challenging.

I guess their concerns were not unfounded so what we did when we returned back to Singapore was to make additional cushion covers in darker colours for our sofa and I think we ditched the cream ones. As Bub and the fur-kid do sit on the sofa regularly, our helper does vacuum it at least once a day.

Again, that’s surface cleaning and what really lurked beneath those covers can’t be seen by the naked eye. So I was truly appreciative of this upholstery cleaning service offered by FussPro. Prior to them coming down, they proactively reached out to me and asked me to send pictures of my sofa to them so that they can access if their cleaning materials would be suitable for use on my sofa. I voiced my concerns on the type of filling that our sofa had and they asked me if I could send more information on the cleaning instructions for the sofa. I liked how meticulous the team at FussPro is when it comes to treating your furniture with utmost care. During the session, I chatted with Ken and found out that the reason why FussPro was established in the first place because the team know the importance of valuing good furniture and wanted to provide an alternative cleaning service to people who also held on to the same belief.

img_1846Again, I won’t be going into detail with the cleaning process for FussPro has clearly shared this on their website the entire process for upholstery cleaning. Pictured above is the spot stain treatment process which can only be picked out after Vernon ran a UV light test against our sofa (yup, kinda like what you would watch on CSI or Criminal Minds!). I was just glad that there were no strange patches of stains that were picked up by this light only those that were left by the fur-kid and the Bub. Hehe..

img_1849The thorough cleaning of a 4-seater sofa took up about 2 odd hours of the FussPro team’s time with the deep cleaning of the dry shampoo taking up majority of the cleaning. The process was actually an eye-opener for me and my helper too for we were initially worried that the shampoo would not dry on time and worse still damage the feather filling. But after a couple of hours, the sofa was good to be used again.

What makes FussPro different from other cleaning companies:

  • Before and after service phone calls are conducted to customers
  • An onsite explanation of cleaning methods to customers are provided
  • They share their processes on social media to encourage continuous learning on hygiene
  • They are a National Environment Agency (NEA) licensed cleaning company (License No. NEA151052/7499Z/N01)
  • All their Hygiene Professionals are WSQ Certified
  • FussPro is insured with $1 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • What I really like is that they offer transparent nett prices (No hidden fees!)
  • They use scientific  and advanced cleaning processes and eco-friendly chemicals – safe for pets and little ones!
  • Even though they are established in 2015, they have already served more than 150 corporate and individual clients to date in 2016
  • Booking is easy via our on-demand booking platform with secured payment (https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro)

A special offer for you!

The first 3 readers who book their first cleaning session with FussPro will enjoy a S$50 cash discount* on their booking. This is only valid for booking values above S$250.

Simply use coupon code “LADYJ16” upon checkout at https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro

Terms & Conditions:
– The S$50 cash off discount is only valid for booking values above S$250.
– Promotion is valid up to 3 months from 25 October 2016.
– Not valid for corporate bookings.
– Not valid with other offers or discounts.
– Fuss reserves the right to vary or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
– All information stipulated is correct at the time of post and may subject to changes without prior notice.

Our verdict

FussPro did a great job of cleaning our 5 year old mattress and 10 year old sofa. Given that we have a young child and a fur-kid who sleeps on our bed and practically owns the couch, I’m always concerned about dust-mites and germs so knowing that these precious furniture that we sleep and sit on everyday is thoroughly cleaned and treated with cleaning products that’s safe for kids and pets puts me to ease. Pricing is also reasonable and I like that they are transparent with what you get with each item. We will definitely consider using FussPro services again when it comes to keeping our mattress safe and clean.

I’ve put together a little video clip showing what FussPro did when they visited our home to do the deep mattress and upholstery cleaning. Hope it does provide you with some insight on what goes on behind those pictures. Thanks again for FussPro for keeping our home clean and I do hope this review will encourage you all to consider using their cleaning services. 🙂 Thanks also to Char from Missus Chewy for thinking of us and recommending us to FussPro!

For more information on FussPro, please head on to: www.fuss.sg/pro
Here are the other links for easy access:
FussPro pricing details : https://www.fuss.sg/pro/pricing
How to book your FussPro session: https://www.fuss.sg/bookingpro

Note: Lady J’s musings received complimentary cleaning services for a king-sized bed and a 4-seater sofa from Fuss Pro. No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the service. Any queries on the products / services  should be verified with the provider or party in question.

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