Bubba spells

img_7496On our ride home yesterday, aside from singing 5 Little Monkeys for the umpteenth time, our convo went like this:

Me: Sophie, can you spell your name for Mummy?
S: Okay! <I laughed because I thought she wouldn’t be able to do it!>
Me: Let’s go! S
S: O <pause> P <pause> H <pause> I <pause> E <pause>14

My jaw nearly dropped as the letters OMG flashed by and I thought to myself, “Did my child really do that? Spelled her name?”

Well, I guess she did! I tried asking her again and she would repeat it (if she’s in a good mood). Also, sometimes she may miss out the I and E but you know what, I think at 27.5 months to be able to do this, it’s pretty amazing!



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