Taking on Tokyo DisneySea

Man, feels like a long time since I last blogged. Sorry for the silence but it’s been a little crazy here trying to manage home and work. But blogging has always been an outlet for me to share my thoughts so it’s nice to head back here putting my thoughts into words.

img_9648Tokyo Disneysea! We did it and following this post where I shared the list of potential rides that we wanted to take, how did we fare?

img_0692Our trip to Tokyo was late September and although it was supposed to be Autumn season, it was strangely hot and very wet. Weather forecast for the 3 days that I was in Tokyo was supposed to be raining so you can imagine my happiness when I saw a clear sky with a hint of grey clouds at the background on the day that we headed for Tokyo DisneySea.

Journey took us about 1 hour from our apartment to Maihama station and we dressed Bubba up in Rapunzel from Tangled. She doesn’t quite know the name of Rapunzel yet but I was surprised when she could identify the different characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Chip and Dale.

img_0693Upon arrival into DisneySea at about 10am, I spotted the different characters from afar and told the Man that we should definitely try to stand in line to grab a picture with them. The Bub was really excited when she saw the life-sized cartoon characters and ran towards them to give them a big hug. The crowd surrounding Minnie Mouse was obviously the largest and even though there wasn’t  a formal queue (yup, the Japanese are orderly in that manner), the Bub squeezed her way through the crowds and posed with Minnie for a photo opp.

Alright more photo spam on the different characters that Bubba managed to snap a picture with. 🙂

img_9649With Goofy

img_9615With Chip

img_9656With Dale (or is it Chip again?)

img_9599Not sure what’s the name of this little cat so if anyone knows, please share!

img_9654With Goofy

I guess it’s also obvious in the pictures that I am having a better time than the Bub hunting the characters down and carrying her (perhaps as an excuse) for the photos.

img_4388What’s worth knowing is that the characters actually do make an appearance at designated spots at Disney Sea during the day so instead of running all over the park to look for them. It’s possible to hunt them down all in one place namely the MIckey & Friends’ Greeting Trails.

You won’t get your usual run-of-the-mill popcorn at Tokyo Disney Sea as they do have really interesting flavoured popcorn.

Like I said previously, we or rather I could not resist the Duffy Popcorn Bucket so I grabbed that in front of the popcorn stand in front of Cape Cook-off. The Milk Chocolate popcorn tasted surprisingly yummy – a tinge of sweetness from the milk chocolate coupled together with slight salty popcorn was a good combi of sweet and savory. Needless to say, the Bub loved it and could not stop stuffing her face with the Milk Chocolate popcorn. I guess it did make for a good way to distract her while waiting in line for rides.

img_0694How did we fare on rides and attractions? Well, we did the theatre experience for Turtle Theatre which on hindsight, best to skip as the voice-over is Japanese so unless you understand the language, it might not be that fun for your active toddler. The Aquatopia ride was pretty cool and the wait was less than 30 minutes so it was manageable. Like I said, stuff your kiddo with snacks if he/she gets bored of waiting. By the time we got the front, the Bub was all pysched up for the ride and we had a great time twirling around the simple water-ride.

I’ve always been a fan of Ariel from The Little Mermaid so my fave place at Tokyo Disney Sea is actually the Mermaid Lagoon where I had hoped that Bubba would spend most of her time at. But unfortunately, it was way past her nap-time, she was buzzed from the excitement, exhausted and the darkness kinda scared her, so we didn’t really spend a lot of time in there. We ended up putting her in our Tula where she promptly fell asleep not long after.

img_4384Which in return gave us some time to explore the park. Since we didn’t have the Fast Pass, we pretty much just walked around and took pics at random spots. The weather was cool with a sight drizzle at some point but we didn’t quite minded. We had intended to try our luck at the bazaar where the odds to win a stuffed Stitch toy was pretty high but we figured that it probably might give us a headache as to how we should bring the toy back to Singapore, so we decided to cop out.

img_4384 img_9638We had plans to head back to the apartment at about 4pm so as to avoid the after-office crowd so with about 2 hours left in Tokyo Disneysea and with the Bub nicely strapped inside the Tula fast asleep, we decided to try queueing at one of the more popular rides, namely the Toy Story Ride. The estimated wait was 90 minutes and we figured it couldn’t be that bad except we didn’t expect the ride to break down when we were nearing the front of the ride.  I simply could not believe our luck! Sheesh! But thankfully, the staff were pretty cool about it and everyone who waited in line before the ride broke down scored a complimentary Fast Pass each. That’s like scoring a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Factory which I’m certainly not complaining! Hehe.. However, if this same situation happened in Singapore, I’m almost sure that people will be throwing stuff at the staff and demanding for compensation.

img_9646And we decided to call it a day at close to  5pm with more photo-taking around the Park. We were half-deciding if we should stay on for the water parade that’s to take place at about 5.30pm and then rush back to the city, but felt that it might be too rushed in terms of timing so with the magical memories that we have created for the day as a family, we went home with a hop and skip in our step belting out Disney tunes on the ride home.

Our 12day Japan itinerary include:

Day 1: Travel to Tokyo – Haneda (PM Flight)
Day 2: Tokyo DisneySea > Dinner at Sushizanmai
Day 3: Shopping at Isetan Shinjuku > Dinner at Ropponggi Hills Club
Day 4: Shinkansen to Kyoto > Dinner at Kichi Kichi > Downtown Kyoto
Day 5: Day trip to Arashiyama > Nishiki Market > Downtown Kyoto (again)
Day 6: Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine > Shinkansen to Osaka > Kuruomon Market > Tombori River Cruise > Lucky Owl Cafe > Kushiage Dinner
Day 7: Nara Park > Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan > Shopping along Dontobori > Dinner at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M
Day 8: Universal Studios Japan > Dinner at Izakaya
Day 9: Shinkansen to Gero > Sightseeing around the Town > Onsenji Temple > Kaiseki Dinner
Day 10: Gero Onsen Gasshumura > Foot bath at Yuamiya > Kaiseki Dinner
Day 11: Shinkansen to Nagoya > Downtown Nagoya > Dinner at the Strings Hotel
Day 12: Home Sweet Home

We used pocket wifi from eConnect from Kyoto for the duration of our trip. Complimentary pocket wifi was provided by our host as part of the Air B&B service.


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