Ikea Hack – Children Kitchen Set

Pinterest Mom – I’m not, but I do love using Pinterest for creative ideas. So when Mama Libby showed this DIY Ikea Kitchen Hack idea, I was slightly swayed to join in the fun madness in doing one for the Bub too.

Okay, you may be wondering why let go of our awesome Kid Kraft Vintage Red Kitchen set for an Ikea one? Well, it did have sentimental value  because it was the Bub’s first birthday present and the Man and I spent a good 3 hours putting this together. But the kitchen stuck out in Bubba’s playroom (which came before the kid) and we thought this compact children’s kitchen set (with no frills) will fit in quite nicely in the designated area for her kitchen space.

So with a suitable amount of encouragement and egging on by the supportive Mama Libby, I did my very first Ikea Kitchen Hack. πŸ™‚ Sharing what you will need to put together your very own customised kitchen if you wish to take on this creative project. Special thanks goes out to Mama Libby who also shared the tips on where to get the items too! Thank you! πŸ™‚

Ikea Children’s Kitchen Hack

Here’s what you will need for this project:

Time spent : Estimated 1 full day or about 2-3 hours set aside each day for about 3 days

1471995521614There are several ways that you can do up the kitchen set. So according to Mama Libby, decide on the theme that you would want – is it contemporary, country, pastel, modern, etc? The colour combi would vary for each theme. For us, we wanted what we saw on the first picture – white and robin blue cupboards with copper ware for the kitchen. Something that’s kinda vintage but definitely in trend now. I probably wanted this theme for a kitchen now but that’s probably not possible given that I don’t foresee moving anytime soon. This play kitchen also blended in with the current furniture that’s in our guest-room that has since turned into Bubba’s play-room with a lovely shade of blue that adds a nice pop to the room where a light pine-wood is featured strongly.

img_7930Prep work! First, set aside time to rearrange the pieces of the Duktig furniture after you open the box. This is somewhat a 2 persons job so enlist your loved ones and friends to help if necessary. The Man was out sick so thankfully, my helper was game enough to help me! Credit duly given to her when we presented the kitchen both to Bubba.

We spent some time deciding on what needs to be painted with the different colours and then we put those pieces aside marking clearly on a masking tape stuck on the pieces with the colour so as not to confuse ourselves.

img_7929For the hob, sink, faucet and the hooks, we wanted a copper look but I think the colour tone achieved after the paint job was a rose-gold look which thankfully worked too.

Tip: let the items air-dry about 1 to 2 hours if you can before turning to the other side to spray. I have to admit I was too hasty in wanting to spray the other side that some parts of the paint stuck on the newspaper and it resulted in a blotchy paint job. Also, try to evenly spray the pieces by going left to right in one direction instead of going in various directions. We obviously learned the hard way.

img_7935Next, after all the pieces of furniture that you have painted are completely dry (takes about a couple of hours), you can start assembling the kitchen set together. Together with our helper, this took us about 1.5 hours to put together. Wasn’t too difficult and pretty manageable if I may add if you follow closely the instructions laid out by the manual.

img_8184My proud Mama moment was unveiling the kitchen set to Bubba in the evening when she came home from school. The Bub’s eyes lit up when she saw her new kitchen set (didn’t even asked about the old one – sheesh) and then exclaimed ‘I like it! Mummy and Jie Jie do for you! It’s so glittery!’ 

I guess that’s all the validation this Mama needs that’s definitely music to my ears. Well, It may not be the best paint job that I’ve done. Trust me, it was kind of hard and I kept second-guessing whether I did it correctly. There were incidents where the spray paint splattered and my poor helper suggested scraping the paint and starting all over, but lazy me decided that it was just too much work for us both and figured that the Bub probably won’t tell be able to spot the difference with her little eyes.

We dressed her slightly grown-up kitchen set with the existing toys that she had previously. Coffee machine and juicer are from Kid Kraft and the toaster was from Mother Garden Toys. The Ikea Kitchen set is smaller than her previous set so in terms of storage, it’s not as spacious. But I guess that also helped us to decide what are some of the toys that we really wanted her to play with and what are those we should store aside.

img_9003OPTIONAL – Marble top & wall

Well, there were a couple of touch-ups left to do for this kitchen set even though it wasn’t very necessary but I wanted a marble top as well as a faux wall for the set so I enhanced the set further when Bubba was away.

Mama Libby very kindly passed me some marble contact paper/ decal which I was supposed to install the marble counter-top before assembling the kitchen. But now that I’ve assembled the kitchen, installing the marble contact paper might prove to be somewhat challenging. But with my helper’s help, we eventually managed to stick the decal on the counter top. It doesn’t look perfect for the lines don’t join but I guess it mirrors most marble tiles in real life.

Also, because this kitchen set is next to a book-shelf in her playroom, I thought of installing a faux wall so that the cooking utensils will not be hitting the glass portion of the shelf. The faux wall would also serve as a backdrop for the set. Using the same concept for what we did for the marble counter top, I wanted a faux brick white wall this time round. So I managed to find the design online and purchased enough for 2 faux walls.

Now, what kind of material should the faux wall be? I initially thought of sticking a kapaline board on the back of the kitchen set. After enlisting the professional help of a dear friend, we decided to use a forex board which was light enough to be stuck on the kitchen set.

img_8173I couldn’t be more proud of my very first Ikea Hack!! Not sure if I will attempt another hack but perhaps with sufficient ‘convincing and spurring‘ I just might.

And if you are thinking about attempting this hack, well, do it! I was sitting on the fence and got promptly pushed over by my dear Mama friend. Like they say, the rest is history. Also, if you need some tips, feel free to comment  below and if I’m able to help, I will do so.

3 thoughts on “Ikea Hack – Children Kitchen Set

  1. Stella says:

    Thanks for sharing. I will be moving to new house and setting up my baby (she is much younger than Sophies.) first room and of course kitchen. This is so lovely and practical, not forgetting mummy purse friendly. May I know where can I purchase the marble or kitchen top decal? Will paint and sink paint comes off after several wear and tears?

    • Lady J says:

      You can get the marble decal from Carousell, just search for marble decal. I can’t recall what’s the name of the seller for now. As for the copper spray paint, it will come off after but depending on how rough your child is. We probably will need to spray it again but let’s see. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

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