48 hours in Bangkok (#SophiesMombiesTakeBKK)

It’s been a while since I last took an all-girls holiday. With a kid in tow, now, let’s call it a Mama’s Much Needed Vacay where we could sleep in, eat with both of our hands and perhaps swap caffeine for alcohol. Oh, let’s not forget massages and spa!

So when the Man is on his bonding vacay with Bubba, I thought perhaps it was time for me to get a little R&R. No point twiddling my thumbs at home and hoping that time will pass faster. Shared with Mama Libby on how nice it would be to go on an all-girls holiday which she agreed and it somewhat happened quite quickly.. there was quite a good deal that Singapore Airlines offered during the weekend that we planned to go to Bangkok, so we scored that deal, settled on our hotel and got all that out of the way.

When it came to planning the programme, I have to admit, I wasn’t quite organised and we basically wanted to keep it free-and-easy. The whole point of the Mama trip was to rest and relax right? So we discussed what we wanted to do broadly, did up a quick plan and waited for the actual trip to happen.

So here goes our weekend getaway in Bangkok! It sure was a whirlwind holiday but I had fun! Eating, shopping plus massages thrown in daily with a girlie/ Mama companion. What’s there not to like??

img_9375A Mama’s Guide to 3D/2N in Bangkok

We took the 5pm flight from Singapore to Bangkok and arrived into Bangkok at about 7ish in the evening. I had meant to book us on a slightly earlier flight but clicked on the wrong option. Thankfully, Mama Libby wasn’t too fussed about the boo-boo I made. Thank you again!! 🙂 We didn’t want to deal with the crazy PM traffic into the city so we decided to take the express train into the city and then hop onto a cab to our hotel. Note: be prepared to pay the taxi-driver the fare that he quotes if he refuses to turn on his meter. We were kinda desperate for our spa booking was at 830pm and we wanted to be on time.

Yunomori Onsen came highly recommended by another Mama friend so we decided the first port-of-call should be a much-needed massage. We booked ourselves in for the Yunomori Signature Spa experience which was supposed to be 3 hours long but since we were nearly 1.5hours late for our massage, we had to opt for another treatment. Oh well, a 90 minute massage was still very much a treat and no one’s complaining. Except that we were both super hungry as we started our treatment at 9.30pm and by the time everything ended, it was nearly 11.30pm.

We managed to find a random Japanese eatery who accepted last orders up until 12am. Food wasn’t all that fantastic but the company was superb. Ordered a round of Calpis Makgeolli with some light bites before heading back to the hotel to sleep.


Perhaps it was no longer hip but it was one of the places that I had wanted to go. So we went in search for the much-raved about Karmakamet Diner. We were amongst the first customers for the day and so we took our time going through the menu before deciding to swap coffees for cocktails. Yup, you read right! Cocktails in the morning – well, simply because we can (while we are on holiday, of course).

img_9387It was actually funny because when our drinks came, the both of us decided to indulge in a flat-lay shot knowing that if we were there with the men, they would probably give us the dagger-look and tell us not to waste their time on random product shots. See, things that only your Mama-friend may possibly understand.

img_9544I did read a couple of online reviews on Karmakamet Diner and many remarked that the food fell short of expectations. Not that I’m a food critic but our breakfast items were all pretty decent. It was my first time trying out eggs en cocotte (eggs baked in cream) and I really enjoyed the whole mix. Our only complaint was that the eggs were done too well for this dish. As for the crab patty eggs benedict, I practically wolfed down my share within minutes for I thought the crab patty alongside the runny eggs and hollandaise sauce suited my taste-buds better than the normal ham.

img_9396Even though our bellies were somewhat full, I badgered Mama Libby to make space for this instagram-worthy ‘Strawberry in the Clouds’ dessert. Just think, a huge ball of rainbow cotton candy set atop a deconstructed strawberry cake of ice-cream and cookie chunks. It was hard to not to get our fingers dirty while eating the dessert and we both shuddered at the thought of dealing with our girls if they consumed the giant cotton candy ball.

After the hearty brunch, we braved the heat plus the train-ride to Mohit station where the Chatuchak weekend market was.

img_9431Spent a good 2 hours odd navigating the weekend market that’s filled with tourists and ended up with the pretend produce that looked oh-so-real for the girls. I guess you can never take the mom life out of mommies despite being on a holiday. We were fascinated with our realistic the fruits and vegetables looked that we merrily bagged them home. I think these all cost about SGD 15 – 20. Those wooden plates are also all the rage now and this was only SGD6.50! I bet it will come in handy for plating tiny gourmet meals served at home.

I guess, gone are the days where I would slowly window-shop and leisurely check out what each stall would offer. Plus, I realised that not everything is significantly cheaper at Chatuchak Market so do pick and choose what’s really worth buying. We decided to call it quits after 2 hours and decided to head to Siam Paragon in the hope of bagging some delicious brownies from Vanilla Industry to bring home.

img_9413 img_9419Since we managed to walk off a couple of calories earlier at JJ Market and was not feeling particularly hungry, we made a quick lunch of fries served with truffle dip and ebiko roe mayo plus the obligatory greens (to make ourselves feel a little better). Vanilla Industry has also a lovely brownie package that made for a good gift (different from the food gifts that you will get from Bangkok), so either try your luck at the cafe here or you may have to order at least 1 day in advance to get the brownies.

We had plans to take a cab back to the hotel to dump our shopping from JJ Market and to take a quick shower, but the queue for the cab was nearly impossible. Since our hotel was about 1 stop away from Siam, we took a train back, scrubbed up and went back to Siam Paragon again for our dinner and movie date!

img_9545A simple dinner at Crab & Claw – another recommendation that we found by Daniel Food Diary. Between the two of us, we polished off a lobster roll, crab dip and fried oysters and washed them down with craft beers.

img_9450I have not eaten many lobster rolls to tell if they are good or not but I do like the one served at Crab & Claw. The lobster meat was tender and succulent. The flavour was buttery but yet light and the rolls were perfectly toasted. The toppings of lemon grind were smart as it helped cleanse the palette given that almost everything else was laced in butter.

We had plans of checking out the night market scene previously but after our experience in JJ Market where we emerged more like wilted vegetables instead of victorious on shopping, we decided to can the idea. In place, we opted for a ‘platinum movie experience’ for 1,000 baht (approximately SGD 40) which included a snack + drink, a gold class ticket to watch Bridget Jone’s Baby and the best part of this? A complimentary 15-minute MASSAGE before the movie. The night certainly shaped up well. The hubs will probably not watch Bridget Jone’s Baby with us so the chick flick with another Mama was much of a better choice. 🙂

img_9468DAY 3:
Slept in a little usual than our morning wake-up call but you know what, we’re on holiday so that’s fine! Our flight was in the evening so we managed to get a late check-out from the hotel.

The plan for our morning was to head to Central World for some shopping at Zen (department store) and to fill our bellies with actual Thai food this time round. We ate like the locals – having a bowl of pork noodles that I found on a street stall near Central World, shopped some more for the girls plus picked up some cute homeware for our respective homes before rushing back to the hotel to pack up.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-58-18-amWe had about two hours left in the city after checking out. Flight was at about 6pm in the evening and we had plans to take a taxi for the airport latest by 3.30pm or 4pm. So we were focussed with what we had to do to make the most out of our holiday and to check the remaining boxes which involved – more Thai food and another massage!

It’s been ages since I last visited Bangkok and it does look like the city has more to offer in terms of shopping, food and massages. I’m sure that there are loads more to do but for now, we are pretty pleased with what we have achieved over the weekend that we were there. That said, the whirlwind vacay with Mama Libby was a lovely one! Thank you for being a wonderful travel companion! I sure had fun!

Looking forward to the next Mama/ SophiesMombies holiday already! Where to next year?? 🙂


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